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Zhaydakbaeva L.K., Toktarova A.B., Abdimanapova G., Esenkulova Z.Z.

In this article, the teaching of computer science and geometry of Natural Sciences and Mathematics classes taught in professional-oriented in the direction of the information reported on the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teaching with information technology.

In “Program for Development of Education” for 2011–2020 years of the Republic of Kazakhstan: “The main goal of the education – knowledge, skills, skills not only to apply this knowledge, self-education, living in the era of effective changes, development of work skills and have the ability to select a personalized education programs for students. Creative Services and will be given a special place in the development of the individual. The desire to learn the creative use of the knowledge gained, the world, society and expand the standard concepts of the person, will be provided to the in-depth development” [1].

In General standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan 6.3.2 “Mathematics and Computer Science” chapter of education shows: referred to the secondary level of education depends on the geometry of the course:

– practical problem solving specific forms of lengths, areas and volumes, it is necessary to take into account the case with the use of the calculation of the reference materials;

– geometry reports Math and algebraic geometry, based on the properties of figures hardware, as well as coordinate with the use of methods to produce;

– formulas and figures to be able to study the properties on the basis of practical situations;

For Computer Science at the rate of:

– to learn new software;

– to know graphic programs;

– to know fundamentals of vector images;

– the concept of multimedia technology [2].

General standard of education and science and on the basis of the annual plan for the discipline of geometry, natural sciences and mathematics classes taught in professional-oriented in the direction of interdisciplinary teaching effectiveness is infinite So far, the process of learning the existing “traditional learning” methods illustrations students through the use of information technology will be able to see not only increase the interest and abilities. For example, information technology still does not penetrate into the education system, school geometry course imagine geometric shapes, wood, glass work carried out by the figures. Even beads chips figures points and threads to build Streams Stereometry figures plains and through the cross sections have to imagine it оr seeds and matches the usual geometry figures compiled by using plain paper.

Today, taking into account the efficiency of interdisciplinary communication, to show the geometry in the course of computer science classes.

For the professional classes, as shown in the annual plan for the discipline of geometry, during the training course, first of all, there will be a lot of commenting on the left, that is the definition of parallelepiped, pyramid correct entries and multilateral issues of computer science course on 3D MAX multimedia and implementation of Auto Cad programs.

For example, demand in modern society who strained to go to high school students in a variety of engineering drawings, as well as to take part in during the lesson shapes drawn graphic with open interest, through the use of ICT can be no problems in the implementation of the coverage.

In “Teaching in the dictionary” defined by the interdisciplinary approach to understanding the mutual consent of the educational program. To determine the relationship between the various academic disciplines and education and training is one of the requirements of the contract. Interdisciplinary training in communication and education, with the deep horizons of the students in the education system, and help to increase the effectiveness of teaching is recognized as evidence in research and teaching. Students should be able to understand the various disciplines of the theories in their minds of the general cognitive actions of the terms of the creative impulse of the property and all of the systematization
of knowledge.

Only calculate the geometric shapes of the line, but it also illustrates what students in any of the following people, beautiful and absorbing it is important to make it clear conscience.

Interdisciplinary connections are convinced that it’s impossible to maintain the integrity of the use of ideological opinion. Interdisciplinary found that it is difficult to implement, because it is not only his knowledge of the teacher, the depth of the culture as a whole, focusing subjects required to be notified to install the interdisciplinary connections. Vocational training – general education and training of the next generation of high-personalization of the school, pupils socialization, as well as the high school level and in secondary and higher vocational education system to prepare for the implementation of continuity.

As for the so-called goal-oriented implementation of the training and he was in secondary school, high school students, taking into account the specific needs of the labor market is to create a special system of socialization [3].

Oriented structure of the teaching learning process, by changing the content and organization of the development of the ability to more fully take into account the interest of their students, their professional interests and high school students to continue their studies in accordance with the orientation with regard to education is a tool that allows you to create conditions for differentiation and personalization.

With this in mind, natural sciences and mathematical disciplines of computer science and geometry school students with interdisciplinary training of future interest to the profession, increase the ability and inclination.

Professional disciplines of computer science and geometry classes interdisciplinary teaching students logical thinking is the key to the development and expansion of horizons. The unique requirements set by children in a comprehensive way
to develop a reasonable and healthy.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Priority directions of development of science and technology”, Italy (Rome), April, 10–17, 2015, came to the editorial office

оn 12.03.2015.