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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972
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The problems of teaching biology to foreign students at the preparatory faculty of RSMU and their solutions

Voloschenko O.I., Zadorozhniy V.I., Roginskaya A.A., Abakumova L.V.

Many years experience of lecturers of the General biology and Anatomy Department of the preparatory faculty shows that foreign students have some typical problems, the main of them are the language barrier, the low level of basic knowledge, and the late arrival.

The first problem could be easily solved by the lecturers who possess the intermediate language. However, the practice shows that student groups are international, so it is difficult to communicate in one intermediate language. But, most importantly, the presentation of the educational material in the intermediate language inhibits the formation of motivation to learn Russian, which will be an obstacle to their further education at the Institute.

The second problem also influences the complete and high-quality work of the lecturer, as in groups with different levels of basic training he has to adapt the training material, focusing on the “average” student.

The third problem can be solved by the training schedule adjustment aimed on unification of the subject material that increases the intensity of the training session, and, therefore, extends the load of the student and the lecturer.

In case of insufficient language competence of international students the use of various means of nonverbal communication (pictures, charts, models) that serve as visual support for mental activity is playing an important role. The substantial assistance in the mastering of the theoretical material have the created in the framework of the educational and methodical complex training manuals and methodical works approved by the Health Ministry.

Thus, the creation of the educational-methodical complex in accordance with modern requirements to the content of education, which would take into account the specifics of working with foreign students of pre-University training, serves as an effective tool for the organization of educational work at the Preparatory faculty and allows to eliminate the contradictions in the educational levels of students from different countries.


The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Problems of education quality”, Indonesia (Bali), February, 17–25, 2015, came to the editorial office оn 27.01.2015.