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Normative-legal basis of municipal personnel policy is formed of federal, regional legislation and regulative documents of local authorities.

One of the basic legal acts that regulate municipal personnel policy is federal law dd. 02.03.2007 № 25-FZ “On municipal service in Russian Federation”. It defines basic principles of staff policy [1]. Even brief analysis of case 28 shows us that functions of personnel work have expanded significantly. The range of problems that stand before staff service is differentiated and detailed. Nowadays it regulates not only staff problems such as picking, selecting, and rotating employees, preparing projects of orders on problems of passing municipal service, but also problems of organizing municipal service and personnel management – performing competitions, attestations, etc., problems of controlling and overseeing over employees – checking data on income, following limitations and prohibitions, social problems – maintaining social guarantees, legal problems – consulting employees on law.

Staff policy of local authorities is also formed according to Federal law dd. 25.12.08 № 273-FZ “On reaction to corruption” that sets basic principles of reacting to corrupt practice, legal and organization foundation of preventing corruption and fighting it, minimizing and neutralizing results of corrupt violations [2] and it refers to republican regulative basis and, first of all, law dd. 16.07.07 № 453-z “On municipal service in Republic Bashkortostan” that is aimed to regulate relating in the area of municipal service within authorities of Republic state bodies, fixed be Federal law № 23 and does not keep force for status of deputies, members of the selected bodies of local authority, selected placemen of local authority, members of election commissions of municipal formations who act on regular basis and are legal people with the right of deciding vote, since the listed are not municipal servicemen [3].

A defining aspect of staff policy is the fact of accepting order of President of Republic Bashkortostan dd. 02.10.12 № UP-378 “On concept of personnel policy within the system of state bodies and local authorities of Republic Bashkortostan” [4].

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Fundamental and applied research. Education, economy and law”, ITALY (Rome, Florence) September 6–13, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 11.09.2014.