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Guremina N.V. 1 Zhivotov V.A. 1 Smirnov V.P. 1
1 Far-Eastern Federal University
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Dynamically developing in the resent years, Primorsky Territory is more and more being positioned in the global geopolitical space as a large world logistic center, as a link between accomplished long ago Europe and Pacific Part of the Globe. The innovative way of the global development has already got obvious and non-alternative for everyone. In this context identification of the strategy of innovative activity of Primorye, equally considering today’s and future economic, social and other types of resource abilities of the Primorsky Territory, dynamics of integration processes and trajectories of migration of the world’s leading centers, becomes extremely important.

As matter of principle, there exist 3 possible variants of region’s innovative strategy typification. The strategy can be of “developments-production” type – when the main activity is directed to development of innovations, and the region “makes” money by bulk selling of innovations produced here. The strategy may have an “industrial” character – when the region mainly buys the innovations and widely uses it for modernization of producing economic sectors, and the basic region’s income is formed through the growth of gross product by increase of “innovative component” in the overall production. And finally, the last possible type of strategy is an “intermediary” one, when the region is not involved either in mass production, and targeted to provide a dynamics of innovative movement through the region, making the profit of broker’s intermediation margin for the services in providing high pace and progressive motion pattern.

The region, which chosen the intermediary strategy of development, is responsible for formation of innovative markets, and not only inside of these markets, but also outside of them. It should be mentioned that none of these strategies could be applied in their “pure form” in the region. Even if one strategy will dominate over others, it will have the elements of the rest two types for sure. It is in identification of the prevailing strategy, where the problem lies.

The Primorsky Territory being the great Russian scientific-educational center, in Soviet times produced considerable number of developments, many of which are fore sure significant innovative products of good pretty good level. Alongside with that we have to admit that these are single developments, without having mass production and high prime cost. That’s why the course to positioning the region as a producer of innovative developments won’t be able to provide an inflow of material resources, required for accelerated pace of development. Besides this, orientation to a “developer’s dominant” will require the structural changes in the regional science and high material and span expresses.

The positioning of the region as a mass consumer of innovations (“industrial” strategy) is closely connected with the prospects for development of “producing” economic sectors. At the current times, the region’s economy has a resource nature. Great natural resources of the Far-East and also the presence of neighboring countries, mass producing hi-tech equipment of quite high level to meet the needs of “raw-material economy”, are not a great impetus for production diversification, creation of requirements in modernization having an innovative character. That’s why we can anticipate that there will be insufficient demand for innovations for a long time.

The Primorsky Territory for many years has been conducting mediation activities according to plans of the region’s administration and will just developed to future. These include both transport services and existing types of transport (sea, automobile, air and railway), one more type will added, namely – pipeline transport, and intensively developing tourist business. Traditions of mediation activities, a kind of intermediary – oriented way of thinking, stereotypes and procedures were formed long ago in the region. Nowadays Primorsky Territory is positing as a large logistic center of the world level. It would be quite natural to strengthen this positioning by adequate innovation component [1]. In doing so, it is reasonable to have the same-types strategies, complying with the general conception for different economic sectors of Primorye.

That’s why the intermediary type of the innovative strategy is an optimal one for the region. Adoption of the “intermediary” strategy implies that the region creates the mechanisms and tools to provide dynamics of innovations movement, engaged in this movement its own developments and getting from the movement innovations for implementation in own enterprises.

This is proved by the following facts:

1. Developing of APEC-oriented innovative infrastructure absolutely meets the interests of Russia in the Far-East.

2. Development of the innovative activity of the “intermediary” type in Primorsky Territory absolutely complies with the priorities of the social and economic development.

3. Vladivostok has the highest potential for intensive development and promotion of the hi-tech innovative business in the international level.

4. The most important for Russia and for regional economy directions have been set at the most prospective from the viewpoint of scientific, production and personnel potential for development in Primorsky Territory.

5. Increase level of financial and economic sustainability of the region minimizes the risks related to financial aspects of the strategy realization.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Prospects of development of university research” Sochi, September 23–27, 2014 came to the editorial office оn 11.09.2014.