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Lukyanenko V.P. 1
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Ten major delusions in understanding challenges of teaching the “Physical Culture” general education school subject in the system of the general secondary education in Russia have already been presented. Widely their dissimilated, as among both practitioners, well as researchers, scientists and scholars, having concerned with the school physical culture challenges, has a very negative impact on the performance by this school subject of their educational functions and its effectiveness. These are the delusions on the issues: the inclusion of the main motive of the “Physical Culture” school subject in the number of the basic general education disciplines and its main purpose in the general system of the general education; on the values of volume and the intensity of physical activity in the classroom; on the place and the role of physical culture school subject at the lesson in the general system of the forms of the schoolchildren physical education in schools; on the role and the methods of teaching the theoretical section of the program; on the priority directions of the content of the training sessions in schools; on the essence comprehension of the educational orientation of the physical culture lessens; on the place and the role of the special knowledge of sports in its content and the methodological foundations of their teaching, the ratio of the motive and cognitive components in its content; on the major reason of the low efficiency of the schoolchildren physical education; on the role of the independent and self – studies of the physical exercises; on the main factor, having conditioned the leading role of the physical culture lesson in the system of the physical education forms; on the strategy and tactics of the challenges solving recreational and health – improving nature. The presented above delusions are completely discredited the existing system of the general education in the field of the physical culture. Moreover, they are led to the conclusion, that the full of value general education on this school subject, as in Russia, well as in the most other countries of Europe and the World is virtually absent.
general education
“physical culture” school subject
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The delusion, which is shared
by majority, does not cease
to be a mistake.

L.N. Tolstoy

The unsatisfactory state of the general education in the physical culture, in my opinion, is conditioned by the presence of a number of widespread and unusually well – established delusions in the understanding of its essence. Most of them are closely interrelated, mutually dependent on each other, and they are the quite serious impediment in its further development.

So, one of the most actual and urgent challenges in the present time is all the possible measures taking for the hidden and obvious delusions removal, concerning the essence of the “Physical Culture” general education school subject, which is necessary for more efficient use of its real and potential possibilities.

Thus, the delusion on the issue of the main motif is included the “Physical Culture” school subject in the number of the basic general and educational disciplines.

This is the most significant delusion, which is a kind of the “fundamental” basis and for many the others. The gist of it is as follows.

The fact is the well – known one, that in Russia the “Physical Culture” school subject was given the status of the basic general education discipline many years ago.

Moreover, in accordance with the curriculum and the content of education in the upper senior stage of the secondary school, this school subject has already been included in the list of the most significant educational and academic disciplines of the federal component, which should be taken their place in the curriculum of any of the profiles, regardless of their specificity.

The federal basic curriculum (BC) is practically suggested such their minimum set: “Russian language”, “Literature”, “Foreign language”, “Mathematics”, “History”, “Social Science”, “Natural History”, and “Physical Culture”. So, the rest school subjects are being studied by their choice.

At first glance, it would be seemed, what could be better still to desired, in regard to this school subject. But the euphoria by this reason, it is very impending the realization of the fact, that in the whole history of the general education system existing, exactly, this is its function – the general education one, this school subject actually has never been performed! It does not perform it and at the present time. If we start from the positions of the principle, the common approach to the assessment of the significance of the most important general education school subjects, then it is surprising, that this is the very important circumstance has not been the obstacle for the inclusion of the “Physical Culture” school subject in their list.

In my opinion, the whole thing here “the double standards”, in relation to the “Physical Culture” school subject and the deep delusion on its content essence and the nature of the main mission, having laid in the motive basis of its inclusion in the invariant component of BC.

The essence of the delusion is due to, on the one side, the believe in the general education inferiorities of this school subject, which ostensibly is connected to its particular nature essence.

One the other side, it is as if they “forgive” it this disadvantage against the background of the solid demonstration of the confidence in the fact, that it could be more than compensated by other significant function fulfillment – its indispensible role in the further promoting health and the motor preparedness of the schoolchildren, through the direct trains and health effects, having achieved, as the result of the physical activity at the physical training lessons.

Having presented in our researches, the materials are allowed you to be seen the very different and, in many ways, the directly opposite picture pattern [V.P. Lukyanenko, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2014].

They are suggested, that such ideas and presentations on the possibilities and functions of the “Physical Culture” school subject are in the direct relation to its general educational potential of the deeply flawed, and in relation to the role of the further promoting health and motor preparedness increase are very, very exaggerated.

Never the less, the “Physical Culture” school subject inclusion into the invariant part of BC – is absolutely the right decision. Only the grounds and reasons for this should be quite different.

So, the inclusion into the number of the basic disciplines BC must be due primarily awareness of the availability of this school subject matter is unique by its nature and the essence of the most powerful on the content of the general educational potential, which are the envy of any of so called, the “real” general education school subjects and disciplines.

The most significant, unique peculiarity and unprecedented specific feature of the “Physical Culture” school subject is not consisted in the motor coaching procedures (for which it is “appreciated”, above all), and in the present state of his potentials for the formation of the special competences, expertizes, practical and methodological skills, ways of knowing your own organism, and expedient effect on its functions. So, all this can only be realized in the process of its teaching, as the full–fledge comprehensive general and education discipline.

At the same time, the originality and uniqueness of this school subject content is expressed in the fact, that it is directed not so much to the mastering of ways to convert the surrounding world, how many – on the student’s own(!), on the cognition and mastering of ways of purposeful influence on the processes of further improving his own physical nature, and that is provided the basis for his own transformation and, moreover, the most significant condition of the successful adaptation to any kind of useful socially activity.

Exactly, all these unique features and unprecedented possibilities of the “Physical Culture” school subject, having consisted in its general educational potential, and not the illusions about the miraculous direct effect of the physical activity in the process of the lesson on the health and physical activity, and they should be considered, as the main motive of its inclusion in the invariant part of BC. In this regard, it is significant to pay attention to the fасt, that only with such understanding its functions and the purpose of the “Physical Culture” school subject can be saved from the inferiority syndrome and the role of the “black sheep” in the invariant disciplines system.

The Delusion on the Issue of Volume and Physical Activity Intensity Role in the Classroom.

The above – presented delusion has been saved, as the basis for a number of the others. In the first place, to the number of those should be included unusually deep and well – established in the general education system and in the public mind and consciousness the already mentioned, but it is being required a more thorough examination, the idea and its presentation, that the main content of the “Physical Culture” general educational school subject must be large the physical activity in volume and its intensity.

Its reflection in the practical activity, this delusion is found in the very popular slogans among the practitioners: “The lessons of the Physical Culture are existed, in order for children to move, and are not engaged in the conversations”; “The effectiveness of the gym class is determined by the amount of sweat, having spilled in the process of its carrying out” and etc., which are clearly indicated, that the hypertrophy representations about the direct coaching and health effects, that, supposedly, are achieved through the motor activity in the classroom for the physical culture in schools.

At the same time, it is expressed, in my opinion, unwarranted and largely bearing the demagogic, populist, the claim, that the study of theory, even further exacerbating the physical activity shortage challenge, may be adversely effected the health indicators outcomes of the schoolchildren, who already disappointing.

Unfortunately, all these ides and representations are not often only without adequate methodological – theoretically, methodological and practical reasons, but also, often, contrary to the elementary logic, common sense, and also the laws of Nature.

So, it is high time, finally, to understand and with all the certainty to declare, that the objective existence of these laws is conditioned and led to the absolute futility of the attempts to the direct exposure with the trainee or further improving health orientation, having organized in terms of the school physical education class [V.P. Lukyanenko, 2005. – The Sections 1.6.1 and 1.6.2].

In this regard, let me, with the full responsibility for my words, to express the “subversive” thought. In my opinion, there are very good reasons to argue, that even the complete removal of the physical education lessons in their form, in which they are carried out at the moment, practically does not affect the health state of the schoolchildren.

The perspective of the successful further development system of the general education in the field of the physical culture entirely is depended on, how soon in the specialists’ and experts’ minds, and then in the public mind will be able to overcome the above mentioned unusually well – established socio-psychological stereotype, in understanding the nature and main purpose of the physical culture lessons.

The Delusion on Issue of Place and Role of the Physical Education Class in the General System of Schoolchildren Physical Education Forms.

Among the significant section of the professionals, the opinion has already been formed and is becoming more widespread one, that a lesson in itself, as the special form is “…the master node of the contradictions between the modern theoretical and methodological attitudes and realities of the school physical culture” [V.K. Balsevich, M.P. Shestakov 1997. – P. 232–237]. For all this, the doubts are expressed, on whether, on the whole, the modern school is needed the “old” physical education class.

It is interesting, that one of the main arguments, having justified the legitimacy of such doubts, is the fact, that “…the academic lesson possibilities, as so necessary for the schoolchildren physical education, mastering by them the intellectual component of the physical culture, practically, are not used in our schools” [Ibid.]. Really, such argumentation is looked, at least, strange and very similar to the one, that is proved the necessity of the cutting of the head, for the sake of getting rid of the headache. And, indeed, it is clearly, that all these possibilities are absolutely necessary, it is more logical to look for the ways of their further realization, but not to be eliminated completely from the challenge solution.

Thus, there are quite good reasons to consider the above – presented opinions and judgments, not only, as unjust, but deeply flawed and mistaken. The justifications that have already been presented in the above – mentioned monograph. [V.P. Lukyanenko, 2005, – The Section 4.2]. Here, only it should be emphasized, that the poor efficient performance of the academic work on the physical training and culture at school not the lesson is “guilty”, and its further filling it with the content, to which it does not perfectly fit, and the denial of it, exactly is that the content, for which it exists.

Many people underestimate the role of the lesson and the “Physical Culture” school subject, in comparison with the lessons for the other school subjects of the school curriculum. For all this, the will, the desire, the legal grounds for the raising this lesson on the school subject at the fitting level alongside with the other general education disciplines are now more, than enough.

The whole essence of the challenge is its filling quite uncharacteristic for it the content (e.g. RPT, PST, training sessions, and etc.). Exactly, for all these reasons, the physical education class has already been broken away from the academic life of the school, in fact, it has been ceased to be the school subject of the general education, and, consequently, the main form of the physical training, and it has already become, by the apt remark of the famous in Russia expert and specialist in the field of the school physical culture G.N. Satirov in the appendage, the pedagogical value of whom it is quite difficult to grasp and pupils, and subject – teachers, and parents [G.N. Satirov, 1975, P. 9–11]. Therein, the true reasons are lied for the underestimation of this school subject, and, sometimes, openly the contemptuous attitude to it.

So, the challenge solution is to fill it with such content, that no one will doubt, that this is, really, the lesson in the secondary general education discipline. The corresponding informative potential of the “Physical Culture” school subject, is definitely there, but it has never adequately used in the practical pedagogical teaching.

If, in the future, the radical change will not be happened in attitude, towards the use of the unique comprehensive general education features and possibilities of the “Physical Culture” school subject, then no regulations and orders, having emanated from the administrative authorities of the arbitrarily high level, to change the existing attitude will be quite unable to it.

The Delusion on Issue of Role and Methods of Teaching of the Program Theoretical Section.

The most significant damage to the formation and further development of the genuine education in the sphere of the Physical Culture has been had and is being continued to have the delusion, in the form of the construction, as to the rank of the immutable postulate, methodological principle, according to which the teaching of the theoretical material must be carried out only in the process of the practical training, at the unconditional preservation of the high level, while continuing their motor density.

The strict adherence to this principle for many decades throughout has already been led to the factual evisceration of the very actual educational essence of the “Physical Culture” school subject, and it has been the main factor – barrier, having constrained the further development of the efficient educational technologies, having allowed to be provided the necessary level of the physical culture of literacy at the graduates of the general and educational Institutions, as the main condition for increasing the level of the physical culture of the country’s total population.

It is very significant to realize, as the intellectual and motor spheres of the sports education are supposed the use in the pedagogical process of completely different means, methods and forms of the training sessions’ organization, having involved the various orientation of the influence, required the voltage of different psychophysiological systems, and etc.

There is no doubt the fact, that the impact on the physical nature of the man (e.g. the physical nature) should be carried out, in accordance with the laws of the physical training of the body, the regulations of the further development of the adaptation processes to the physical stress.

Not less certain is the fact, that the formation of the special system of the sports knowledge (e.g. the intellectual component of the physical culture) is connected with the impact on the psychic set up, intellect, and it shall be carried out, in accordance, primarily, with the psychological and pedagogical laws of the knowledge mastering.

The attempts of the simultaneous following one and the other laws are not able to be led to the quite positive results, due to their practical incompatibility, as the mastering any serious information can hardly be possible “on the run”, “at full tilt”, and “skipping”.

At the same time, it must be noted, that all these very obvious facts are completely ignored in the current approaches to the educational process organization of the physical culture in the schools, what is, in my opinion, lies one of the main reasons of its low efficiency, in general.

Thus, the correct way out of this situation is to be organized the classes of three types: the theoretical, practical and methodological, and practical ones.[V.P. Lukyanenko, 2007. – P. 55–59].

The Delusion on Issue of Priority Direction of the Content of the Training Sessions.

One of the most common now is the notion, that the idea on the education priority or one of the other types of the training sessions orientation (e.g. the educational, training, recreational ones) already in themselves are quite mistaken, as in this case, “There is making too narrow the objective of the physical education and reducing it to only one of the main objectives of the physical education” [V.E. Lyakh, 1993, – P. 3–10]. The supporters of this approach, the challenge solution is to be seen by them in the common goal formulation – to provide the formation of the comprehensive and harmonious development of the personality in the process of the physical perfection. In their view, such goal can be accommodated all the possible approaches and, thus, the challenge is, as it were removed from the day’s agenda.

In my opinion, such position is the example of the incorrect understanding and presentation on the goals challenge in the school physical education, one of the private consequences of which were the intentional or not the concepts substitution and the mixing essentially two different, though very similar challenges.

Indeed, with respect to the integrity process of the physical education of this challenge does not exist. Here, the main principle is consisted in comprehensive approach to the further implementation of all the kinds of the orientation, where each of them is significant and should be, to the necessary extent, implemented. So in this case, the postulate is just fair on the necessity of the comprehensive of all the challenges solution: educational, educative, health – improving, developing.

However, when the speech is come to the further implementation of some forms of the physical education and, first of all, the physical culture lesson, the challenge is not only the primary focus of the case, but it is also taken the key character. Here, already for the main principle – the absolute priority one of the orientation types, when the realization of other is presented itself the positive consequence of the successful, pedagogically competent implementation of the leading orientation.

It is quiet obvious from the foregoing, that in relation to the implementation of some separate forms of the physical training, the above – stated postulate (e.g. on the equal importance of all the kinds of the orientation) is not applicable. If they, all and always, in the same degree of the significance, then the specifics determining challenge of the physical education forms is quite unsolvable. It is appeared, they all alike.

At the same time, the whole sense of existence of the separate forms of the plurality (e.g. the total number more, than two decades) is conditioned by the fact, that each of them is deferred only in its inherent characteristics. Otherwise, the existence of any of them does not make sense, And, if it is so, then each of the forms is solved their specific challenges, which are inevitable implied the priority one or another (e.g. “own”) primary focus.

From this above – mentioned, it does not follow, that do not need to pay attention to other types of the orientation at the lessons: education, health – improving, and developing. But it is also true, that the decision, having related the challenges with them, should not be the main thing, the immediate content of the lessons.

The main content of the lesson should always be remained educational. However, with the proper organization of the educational process, in one way or another, the challenges of recreational and health – improving, educational, developing orientation are always solved, which is the inevitable consequence of the efficient, methodologically competent organization of the educational process.

We solve the recreational and health – improving challenges, having reported the information on the impact on the body of the physical exercises in the process of the theoretical lessons, or properly having dosed the load during the development of the movement and the development of the physical qualities. To do both – this or that, we must so, that it has the positive educational impact.

This is implied, that further doubts on the lesson educational orientation priority is looked, like the nonsense, because, as too similar to the doubts, – whether there should be oil like oily.

The Delusion on the Issue of Essence Understanding of Educational Orientation for Physical Culture Lessons.

In a number of the directive documents of the Ministry of Education of Russia it is referred to the need to be implemented the educational orientation of the training classes in the physical culture in the school. On this basis, there is the perception, that the supporters of this kind of the educational orientation: the educational work in the physical culture “are bursting through the open door”.

The essence of the delusion is consisted in the domination of the extremely simplified understanding of the concept essence “the educational orientation”, when, in the best case, it is meant the motor learning priority, in relation to the development process of the physical qualities. Along with this, there are the statements, having literally emasculated of all this concept, which would at least to some extent to indicate the presence of this education itself. As the example, we can reduce the statement, that “in the realities of two lessons per week” the educational orientation can be treated to “a more narrowly”, and that, “as the fulfillment of a large number of the movements”. [V.Sergeev, 1995. – P. 6–7.]. Even more impressive is the statement, that at such treatment of the educational orientation and for the training movements should not be paying attention, as “in the framework of two lessons, – it is useless”. [Ibid.].

Against the background of such ideas and representations on the educational orientation, the attempts to be introduced the truly educational means, forms, and methods of the educational process organization, not only are supported, but they are stopped and recessed.

For all this, the main argument is reduced to the already above – noted assertion, that the studies of the theory in the physical training classes may exacerbate the schoolchildren health challenge and that “…in the physical training classes the children have to be moved, and not to be engaged in the conversations”.

Thus, the assertion, that the education orientation supporters “bursting through the open door” does not correspond to the reality. The facts are testified and the evidence is suggested, that there is no reason to be attributed this challenge to the category of the solved ones. The process of its implementation, and if there is, it is not everywhere, and now, it is only in its very early (e.g. “embryonic”) level of the development.

The Delusion on Issue of Main Reason of Low Efficiency of Schoolchildren Physical Education.

In the social consciousness, there is the belief, that one of the main reasons for the low efficiency of the school physical education system is the imperfection of the technology, – the double – entry (e.g. or three times) school training sessions.

One of the most serious delusions is associated with such presentations and attitudes, which, in particular, is reflected in the rather often – sounding calls for the developers to deal with the concepts not to engaged in fabulousness on the introduction of the theoretical lessons, technology development of the 4–5-th single lessons per week, attempts weapons knowledge and corresponding skills, which could be become the fundamental base for traditions emergence of the self – study exercises throughout the people individual life.

According to the authors’ opinions, such appeals “In the concept should be included only what, is really led to the result in the context of two lessons per week”. [V. Sergeev, 2000. – P. 2–5]. For all this, it is questioned the need for the mandatory implementation of the program’s section, having assumed the teaching of the theoretical material. “In any case, at the expense of studying the theory of the physical education, one cannot”, and, mainly, because in order to “Do not waste time on the projects, that do not promise the final success”. [Ibid.].

Thus, the theory is appeared, as something foreign, in relation to the physical education. Actually, it is almost completely ignored the fact, that the knowledge, information – that’s the main thing, that should be the content of the “Physical Culture” general education school subject, as we have already named it such status.

The detailed analysis of such views has already been implemented by us for quite some time, even in the paper “On the Edge of the Challenge of the School Physical Education”, where they are presented, as deeply erroneous [V.P. Lukyanov, 2001. – P. 39–44]. This should say with full certainty, because without recognizing this fact, the correct definition of the future prospects of further improving the educational process on the physical training at the school is appeared to be quite impossible.

The whole depth of the delusions, on this reason, convincingly is demonstrated by the realities of the practical life, having testified on the fundamental and principal impossibility of the complete solution to all of the main objectives of the physical education within the curriculum only training work in the schools (e.g. especially, within the framework of only 2 lessons per week). There are reasons to believe, that their efficient solution is quite impossible, even under the conditions of the six(!) lessons per week. For this purpose, it is enough to remember the old and well – known experts and specialists in the research results, having testified, that to meet the needs of the physical activity for the children of the school age, it should be about 12–14 hours a week of the active, organized training by the physical exercises.

Against this background, it should be aware a very long time ago, that the efficient method of the double – entry trainings is still has not been developed, not because of the negligence reason or the lack of the talented people, who could be coped with this challenge, but because its solution does not exist in the Nature.

Against this background, it has become quite obvious, that the dreamers are not those, who “think out” before the introduction of the theoretical lessons, before the proposition of the five – entry trainings structures, but just the opposite. These dreams are being based on, at least, the common sense, and, at least, some prospects in the future. The level of the authors’ fabulousness, having offered the five – time technology trainings is being paled, against the background of the attempts to find the challenge solution in the framework of the double – entry classes per week.

Against this background, it has become clear and that awkwardness the appeals are looked to the scientists and scholars not to be engaged in “theorization”, “look around”, “down the earth”, etc.

Not the scientists’ and scholars’ “pulling down” from the “godly” heights into the bosom of the “sinful” reality, and the attempts to use them to be raised above it, and together, having helped each other, to find the most productive ways to resolve the system character challenges, should be the main content of the joint activities of the scientists, scholars, and specialists – practitioners. Without such a mutually beneficial, coordinated, having based on the decent assessment and mutual respect, efforts combining, we will not able to resolve the challenge of process designing of the young students’ physical training to the new qualitative level, but also just to get them out of that state of despair and hopelessness, in which they are now almost everywhere.

Thus, the self – respecting scientists and scholars should not accept the offers to be participated in the concepts development and the double entry – classes of the high efficiency justification, because the further participation in this matter is the specific professional incompetence and irresponsibility manifestation. To do so, then slow down the challenge solution, to promote the further stagnation of the school physical education, virtually useless expenditures of the public funds.

The Delusion on the Issue of Self – Study Role by Physical Exercises.

Another deeply delusion is found its expression in the rather skeptical attitude towards to the independence idea and presentation. “…it should be borne in the mind, that there are no any real ways to go to the mass productive and efficient self – study exercises by the physical exercises. If they were, everyone knew about them for a long time”. [V. Sergeev, 2000].

In my opinion, it is high time with the whole certainty to declare, that no matter how the skepticism was deep about the self – study exercises, but the other challenge solutions to be further improved the physical education efficiency of the population, it is no existing in the Nature. And, since, we are talking much yet about the education, then how we can not recall even proclaimed by G. Hegel, the most significant principle, which is characterized by this process, as becoming, self – propulsion, the special independent “sculpting” of the personality.

After all, “…the learning, as the pedagogical process – is the controlled self – development by the person”. [L. Klinberg, 1984]. In order to be achieved this quality, it should be concluded the main effect of the educational activities in the field of the physical culture.

From this, it is followed, that the real way to be solved this really complex and strategically significant challenge is being existed(!), and, moreover, it has long been known – it is the schoolchildren’s and students’ arming by the necessary knowledge, methods and ways of their rational and efficient using in the process of the further physical self – perfection and self – improvement. This is the formation of the relevant convictions, needs, value – motivationally orientations on the special information base, that is, the very personality traits, that are made up the intellectual component, the fundamental basis of the true and genuine physical culture of the personality.

This approach is fully consistent not only with the education challenges in the field of the physical culture and physical education of the studying youth, but also the entire system of the general education, throughout upbringing – educationally society’s system.

One can only wonder, what these truths are yet remained to be left “the closely guarded secret” for the majority of the specialists – practitioners in the field of the physical education, as well as the paradoxical fact, that against the background, having given the seemingly genuine concern for the school physical education, the proponents and supporters of the purely pragmatic approach to its challenges solving, allow themselves to completely forget about the existence of these basic methodological positions and regulations, or openly and deliberately to be ignored them.

The Delusion on the Issue of the Main Factor, Having Caused the Leading Role of the Physical Culture Lesson in System of the Physical Education Forms.

Many people believe, that such a factor is the potential possibilities presence for the successfully solving of all the major challenges of this process (e.g. learning the movements, the development of the physical qualities, health promotion, and the others), which is totally unrealistic.

In my opinion, the whole essence of the physical culture lesson, having exalted it to the rank of the major and nothing irresponsible form of the physical education, has been conditioned by its strongly pronounced didactic orientation, having assumed the educational challenge priority solving priority in the broad sense of the word. Without this feature, the lesson is no longer a proper lesson, and it is being turned from the primary one into the quite ordinary form. The lessons, having endowed by this trait, will never get lost in the general mass of the physical culture arrangements, but on the contrary, they are usually fulfilled rather the function, as a kind of the rod, integrator, which does not give the separate and individual links of the holistic physical education system, neither “to fall apart”, or “stringy” in the chaotic and inefficient phenomenon.

For a variety of other characteristics and parameters (e.g. volume, intensity, total time of the classes, etc.), and, hence, the possibilities of the efficient impact on the physiological, adaptation mechanisms, the lesson is, clearly, inferior, to many other forms. Therefore, the emasculation its educational content is, inevitably, led to the lesson, being relegated to the level of the ordinary, mediocre, and very inefficient form of effects on the schoolchildren’s and pupils’ organism, and this is led to the doubts about its leadership and need for its presence in the curriculum of the school.

The Delusion on the Issue of Health – Improving Orientation Challenges Solving.

The insufficient awareness of the difference between the care on the main concern for the value of the human life, which should always be the priority, and the specific objectives of the “Physical Culture” general education school subject is laid in the basis of this delusion.

The detailed analysis of the factors, having contributed the futility and hopelessness of attempting to be solved the children’s health challenge, due to the motor activity at the physical training lessons, should be the subject of the specific serious debate. Here, it should be recalled, that, despite the existence of the completely fair aphorism: “Movement – this is life”, the children’s health is depended not only on the level of the physical activity. In particular, the negative influence are exerted on it: the violation of hygienic regime of the day, the learning process, diet, its insufficient calorie content, the training program complexity, the adverse environmental factors, health deficiencies, unfavorable and aggravated heredity, bad habits, and much more.

The complex effect, impact and influence of all these factors, which is, unfortunately, one of the characteristic features of the modern life, is able to be completely erased any whatever positive effects from the physical training facilities use, even under condition of the ideal setting process of the physical education in the school, not to be mentioned on that situation, when schoolchildren and pupils have nothing, except two – three lessons.

Therefore, those, who suggest there is the direct and defining relationship of the children’s health status, having depended on the motor activity at these lessons, or cunning, or do not present and realize themselves the whole depth and large scale of this challenge. Apparently, exactly, it has been the lack of understanding the whole depth and complexity of this challenge, which is of the strategic significance, largely it determined the state’s security, is the main reason often sounding (by the way, frequently, from the teachers themselves) very strange statements, that the wages should be the teacher of physical culture put directly dependent on the level and dynamics of the schoolchildren’s and students’ health of this or that school. Moreover, what is the challenge understanding put the teacher in the role of “the scapegoat”, responsible for the fact, that he, clearly, cannot afford, but also he “covers” the inactivity a number of the state and public structures, from which, in fact, the successful solution of this significant state challenge is depended on.

Having returned to that aspect of the challenge, which is really in the direct competence of the physical education teacher, it is the principal significantly the crucial awareness of the fact, that the effective help address to the health – improving challenges in the course of the academic work on the physical training at the school, the basic condition for the positive outcome achieving is not to take the lessons by the recreational activities, but the successful solution of the educational challenges and tasks, having provided knowledge of the practical and reasonable use of the physical culture methods, in order to maintain and further promote the human health.

The role understanding of the physical culture and training means in the health – improving promotion, the knowledge of how to use them correctly for this purpose, the ability to be implemented the acquired knowledge into practice in the process of the self – perfection and self – improvement – in the achievement, exactly, of these final results, is the main function of the sports education, in relation to the challenge of the tasks solving of the health – improving orientation tasks and challenges.

In the context of the physical culture lessons, there is no more efficient way of solving them. The education, here, is acting in he role, as the significant incentive to trigger the start the physical self – perfection and self – improving, as the significant and essential condition of the health preservation and further promotion. In this position, all the strategy and tactics of the further improving challenge solving orientation in the process of the academic work on the physical culture in the school must be based on.

This circumstance is not enough yet aware, by both, as the specialists, well as in the society, in general. At the same time, it is just and is the major factor, having contributed to the very special, the continued and permanent significance of the “Physical Culture” school subject for any of the general secondary school graduates, making it necessary to give it the status of one of the most significant general education disciplines and subjects of the general education system.


The above – presented delusions are completely discredited the existing system of the general education in the field of the physical culture. Moreover, they are led to the conclusions, that the full education on this school subject is practically absent.

For all this, it is crucial to the realization of the fact, that in the nature there is no simple and straightforward solutions to such large – scale, strategically significant and complex challenges, as: the formation of the physical culture of the individual and personality and society; the health – improving of the nation; the further level increase of the physical development and motor fitness of the people, and as well as the permanent and enduring role in their decision to the genuine physical and sports education.

The ignoring or misunderstanding, that is, inevitably, led to the stubborn, but no sound and completely futile attempts to find the simple recipe for solving these challenges, having designed for the fix – term effect. And, here, it should be emphasized, that this, in no small measure, are contributed to the results of the numerous studies (e.g. up to the doctoral theses), in which the materials and information are presented, having testified, supposedly, on the real possibility of its achieving.

For all this, extremely, it is confused by only one circumstance – practically the almost complete absence of any noticeable significant – socially effect for the already past many decades.

During this period of time, thousands and thousands of the attempts were not able to help, including in the form of the hundred of dissertation researches, having dedicated to all sorts of the justifications for the various ways and approaches to solving challenges of the health promotion, further physical development, motor fitness in the framework of the training classes on the physical culture in the school.

Having paid the attention to this, I want to be understood correctly. All these carried out investigations, have, undoubtedly, been brought some benefit. Many efficient approaches have been substantiated with them, having addressed many of the issues, privately. However, practically, almost of them are presented themselves are nothing more than a forced “tug” inferior and the thin blanket (e.g. which is acted, as the conditions of the academic work implementation on the physical training in the school) to be addressed some issues on the others. In the overwhelming majority, it appeared, the getting positive experimental results has been only possible, due to increase attention to any one of the challenge’s aspects and the partial or complete neglect of others equally significant.

Thus, all these attempts throughout its mass are, precisely, irrefutable experimental justification and basis of the fundamental and principal impossibility of the successful challenge solution of the health – promotion, the levels increase of the physical development and motor fitness by organizing some particularly efficient (e.g. miraculous) physical activity at the physical training lessons.

Along with this, it must be remembered, that whether we like it, or not, but the development processes in the purposeful – contently relationships are not always subjected to the direct pedagogical influence. Exactly, that is why, many complex social challenges are not be able to be solved only at the pedagogical level (e.g. drug addiction, criminality, health – promotion, the proper level of the physical development and the others), even though, to the teachers, in the first place, the society raises the claims, about the quality of the human imperfection. [E.A. Kolesnikova, 2001; V.A. Ponomarchuk, 1994].

In this context, perhaps, it is appropriately to be cited the opinion of the Professor at the University of Michigan (USA) R. Malina, who in his report at the World Summit on the Physical Education [Berlin. 1999] has noted, that “…the growing body is being adapted to the physical activity, but the response is not enough, in order to be changed the growth and development processes of the organism, having embodied in the genotype”. [V.P. Mochenov, V.P., E.V. Ugolkova, 2000, – P. 56–63]. According to his opinion, “the physical activity does not have the single clear effect on the growth and further development of the body, as it has been described in the most of the researches and studies”. [Ibid.].

Thus, there are rather good grounds and bases, having allowed with all certainty to declare, that the widespread presentations and understanding on the possibility to rapidly obtain the positive effect in the attempts implementation to be solved these complex challenges, by such the simple way, as the increase in the motor activity at the physical training lessons in the school, are deeply erroneous and totally groundless.

The misunderstanding, or blatant disregard for the above – presented of the quite obvious facts, voluntarily or involuntarily, is indicated the unwillingness to consider with the actual reality, the laws of Nature, as well as completely unfounded and undeserved is presented the teacher of physical culture in the role, as “the scapegoat”, responsible for all the failures in these challenges solving, and, thereby, it is removed the responsibility from a variety of the social Institutions, which, in reality, should be responsible for it. [V.P. Lukyanenko, 2005. – Section 1.6.].

Unfortunately, this situation is not yet found the proper understanding not only in the ordinary consciousness, but also among the experts – practitioners, the teachers of physical education, heads of the education bodies, as well as many scientists, and scholars, having dealt with the challenges of the school physical culture.

Perhaps, only this, it can be explained the proceedings under their way for already past many decades, and especially active recently, absolutely fruitless “frontal attacks” on these challenges, having based on trying to be implemented the purely pragmatic approaches, designed to receive the direct, momentary effect.

This fact is precisely the bright evidence of the clear indication absence in the society should understand, that the rising challenge up to the level of the socially meaningful indicators of the physical fitness and people health cannot be resolved without the significant increase in the level of the physical culture of the people, which, in its turn, is quite impossible the challenge solving of the radical transformation of the general education system in this sphere, is able to provide the proper level of the sports scholarship for majority of the country population.

In this connection, it is high time to, finally pay attention to the truly egregious evidence, having testified, that, despite the very significant (e.g. in terms of the total volume) amount of time, having spent on the teaching of the “Physical Culture” school subject, constituting over 11 years (e.g. 132 months) (even, under the conditions of only 2 single lessons per week) more 700 (!) lessons (e.g. much more, than in many others school subjects), the overwhelming majority graduates of the general secondary schools are left completely illiterate(!) in the field of the physical culture. Is this possible by any other school subject?

In this respect, that fact is very significant, that even many of the journalists in the regional, provincial, and republican Olympiads – competitions on the “Physical Culture” school subject exhibit the dense ignorance, not knowing how to formulate at least two – three articulated suggestions in response to the questions about the role of the physical culture in the modern society life or about the nature of the concept of “the physical culture of the person”.

It is my deep conviction, that it is in these and other similar facts, and he main causes are lied unacceptably low level of the physical culture of the people, inevitable and one of the most severe consequences of which is the low level of the health and motor fitness of the young and learning youth and the entire population of the country, in general.

The promote elimination of the presented delusions and shortcomings is one of the most significant goals, that is aimed to be promoted the concept, having developed by the author of these lines. [V.P. Lukyanenko, 2007. – p. 95].

A lot of and many other delusions have already been in the theory and practice of the physical education of the schoolchildren. However, overwhelming majority of them is more specific and entirely due to the existence of the above – considered delusions of the methodological nature, the removal of which will be inevitably led to the disappearance and many others.