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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Donika A.D., Karpovich A.V.

Necessary condition of quality assurance of the maximum vocational training is diagnostics of formation professional competetions in dynamics of training. In this context the estimation of conformity of personal properties of the student criteral to requirements of a trade represents an element professiografical prospectation which basic purpose is designing professional growth of the expert on the basis of diagnostics of professional functions. A condition and dynamics of development of individually-typological properties of an individual during training in high school, certainly, it is caused by numerous factors of subjective and objective character. In particular, modernization of the maximum vocational training initiates development of creative and mobile personal qualities.

With the purpose of studying of dynamics socially-psychological discriptions professional competetions we have lead longitud research of students of medical high school with 2-nd on 6-th curriculum, general number 512 the person, taken in parity parities. Diagnostics of a condition of motivational sphere it was spent by a technique of an estimation of need for achievement.

According to the received results average value of parameters of motivation of achievement of students during all time of training corresponds to gradation «average» (12,35 ± 2,06). It corresponds also to data of the distributive analysis - at the majority of students (from 63,7 % on 3 rate up to 70,2 % on 6 rate) parameters of a considered attribute of an average level are noted. High levels of motivation during all period of training in high school are registered on the average at 5-10 % of students. At students-young men dynamics of a considered parameter consisting decrease of number of persons with a low level of motivation and increase of persons with an average level (р < 0,01) is observed. At students-girls the tendency to decrease in persons with average indices and to increase - with low (> 0,05) is opposite marked. Observable dynamics of parameters of motivation of young men positively characterizes process of formation of creative qualities. The tendency level of motivation of girls, probably, is connected with new social functions or girls expectations (formation of family, a birth or expectation of children).

Pays attention, that practically 30 % surveyed during all training in high school had parameters of motivation of gradation « a low level » which can be regarded as a risk factor for development creative socially-significant professional competetions at this part of students. Besides the low level of motivation complicates process of reception of a professional knowledge and purchases practical skills, and, hence, complicates social-professional adaptation on beforedegree stages.

The level of development of motivation of students, certainly, has influence on formation in the future of the social status of the expert, defining realization of the mobile and creative properties used for an estimation of its is professional-psychological potential.

The analysis of the received results allows to define actions of psychology-pedagogical support of vocational training during training in the high school, directed on duly diagnostics and correction of a low level of development socially-psychological competetions of students.