Scientific journal
European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Trusov V.V., Schepochkina T.E.

The point of this research is the evaluation of the results of course modified cryopheresis (patent №2245167 of 27.01.2005) implementation within the patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) under the increase in the process activity and the impossibility of the traditional therapy implementation in its fullness.

72 patients with RA were involved into the research, 50 of them formed the major group and 22 of them formed the control group. The inclusion criterions were also defined. RA was in its active phase within all the patients. 4 or more ACR criterions for RA were registered. Laboratory showings of the rheumatism process activity were being defined according to unified methods with the «Labsistem» complex. The dynamics of immunological indexes and the microcirculation condition were estimated according to the data cognunkival biomicroscopy. In average within the crioapheresis course that consisted of 5-6 procedures (every other day), 3500 ml of plasma went through the processing. Night and morning joint pains reduced and ended under the impact of complex therapy, the volume of movement widened more comparative to the control group. Richie index reduced from 26,2 ± 1,1 to 16,2 ± 0,9 (р < 0,001). Within the control group - from 24,1 ± 1,2 to 20,1 ± 1,0. VAS index - from 72,3 ± 4,6 to 35,3 ± 2,9 (р < 0,05). Within the control group - from 68,4 ± 3,7 до 58,4 ± 2,7. Statistically-significant decrease in blood sedimentation rate, seromucoid, sialic acids, fibrinogen, CRC, rheumatoid factor, proline and oxiproline, glucosamioglycans fractions in blood was registered (р < 0,01). Significant positive alterations were registered also in the immunity indexes (the increase in T-lymphocytes number, CRC decrease and all the immunoglobulines classes decrease, р < 0,05). The procedures of cryoapheresis have improved the indexes of microcirculation condition that displayed in the decrease in intravascular and perivascular indexes (р < 0,01). The cryoapheresis procedures have increase the efficiency of the following medicamental therapy. The positive impact of cryoapheresis has also displayed in rheocorrection, hemodelution effects, and the alteration of inflammation mediator concentration.

Cryoapheresis is an effective auxiliary pathogenetic method of the RA patients treatment. It allows us to achieve the decrease in the disease activity under the impossibility of the adequate basis therapy implementation in its fullness.

The work was submitted for the international scientific conference «The introduction of integrated educational institutions models that realize the educational programmes of various education levels», came to the editorial office on 09.11.2010.