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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Chizhik L.Y., Aleksanyants G.D.

Nowadays, much importance is being attached to the functional condition of the ventilation system of sportsmen, which is a factor reflecting body´s physical characteristics and its ability for prolonged intensive muscle activity. The interest is determined by the fact that high training loads can cause additional pathologic changes in the organisms of unprepared disabled sportsmen.

The aim of the research was to study how powerlifting influences some of the characteristics of the respiratory system in disabled sportsmen with diseases of musculoskeletal system (DMS).

To analyze the external respiration parameters, we used diagnostic spiroanalyzer Spirolab MIR III with the SpO2 function (Italy). The breathing capacity (BC), inspiratory and expiratory reserve volumes (IRV, ERV) have been measured.

21 disabled sportsmen, aged between 17 and 25, took part in the observation. The research participants had the following sport rankings: I sport category (5), sub-master sportsmen /SMS/ (6), master sportsmen /MS/ (9), master of sport of international level /MSIL/ (1).

Our control group included 27 apparently healthy people of the same age, who did not do sports.

The comparing parameters of the static lung volumes in both groups has revealed that the BC of the disabled sportsmen was 18 % higher than in the control group (reliability p < 0,05).

Inspiratory and expiratory reserve volumes of sportsmen with DMS, who did powerlifitng workouts, differed from those of the control group. For instance, ETV of non-sportsmen was several times higher than that of the disabled sportsmen: 1315 ± 3,8 ml and 1190 ± 6,3 ml correspondingly (though these figures did not exceed the average statistic physiologic values). As for the IRV, the disabled sportsmen proved to have higher values than the apparently healthy persons (1867 ± 5,3; 1613 ± 8,2; p < 0,05).

Upon the obtained data, we came to a conclusion that there is a certain trend in characteristics of the ventilation system in sportsmen with DMS, connected with their professional activity.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Priorities for Science, Technology and Innovation», (Egypt), 15-22 August, 2010, came to the editorial office оn 04.08.2010.