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Zakirov R.M., Naborshikova U.V.
In spite of some success of last years the achievements of Russian judoists at the international competitions can´t be considered as rather stable. There is no world´s leadership for a long time of Russian school of judo that is particularly visible standing out against a background of rising competition.

The base of national judo now is formed with the state sector (groups, sections and departments of judo at the composition of junior sport schools, colleges of Olympic reserve, schools of high sportsmanship, and also sections under the urban and municipal institutions). Organizations of this sector particularly concentrated at the big-time sport. The mass sport from their side is considered not as independent social meaningful activity but as the preparation of sport reserve for the high sportsmanship. In the private (commercial) sector (groups, sections and specialized clubs) the mass sport is not popular because of orientation of the club to the well provided client. The real potential have noncommercial organizations (federations, associations, partnerships), accumulated possibilities of state, social and private sector. Just exactly these organizations can successfully realize the interests of state, society and business, because their competence includes big-time sport, mass sport and also special directions of sport and sports and fitness programs.

Nowadays in Russia there are near 1200 physical-sport clubs for physically challenged people. The number of people who go in for adaptive physical education and sport reaches 95,8 thousands of people. There were created 8 junior sports and fitness schools for physically challenged children. At the same time in Russia there are more than 10 millions of physically challenged people and the great number of them needs the holding of rehabilitation event just by the means of physical education and sport.

Adaptive judo at the base of material arts is magnificent base for the solving the problem of development physically challenged children´s and adults´ strength, dexterity, coordination, satisfaction of need in motion, in the tactile and psychological communication for the rise of social adaptation, the strengthening of emotional-volitional sphere and the whole physical health.

The conversion to new qualitative forms of development of national judo, which is based on the law of transition of quantitative changes to the qualitative ones, presents the innovation, as new phenomenon, novelty at the frames of some system, which causes meaningful changes in practical activity. Such approach means stimulating not only of innovative activity but also creates key directions of activity for the judo´s development.

The interaction of sport of high achievements and adaptive physical education is cyclic. The cycle is represented as the inversion of force and counterforce at the sport of high achievements and at the adaptive physical education. This inversion consists in that the meaningfulness and influence of sport of high achievements and of adaptive physical education always changes their influence on the train process, providing the priority either one or another direction of activity of judo´s development. Meanwhile their diversity and integration occur. Thereby the influence of every direction intensifies.

At the judo the evolution of interaction of directions of sport of high achievements and adaptive physical education can be represented with the cycle family of S-shaped (logistical) curves, because at the defined point of this interaction the transition of influence of one direction to another occurs, as the result evolutional processes are accompanied with the irreversible changes (deep reconstruction of structure, replacement of federation´s leaders), which brings to the new formations.

As the result of evolution there occurs the conversion of influence of different directions of activity of judo´s development to the physical development and the level of sport achievements of judoists. Every direction corresponds the single part, but their interaction as the cycle possible only because of their overall behavior. Therefore it´s necessary to continually search stimulus of development not only of sport of high achievements, and also of mass and adaptive judo, simultaneously influencing on the overall behavior that have this directions for the rise of effectiveness of national judo in whole.


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The work is submitted to Scientific Conference "The Problems of International Integration of Educational Standards", England (London) - France (Paris), April 23 - May 1, 2010. Came to the Editor´s Office on 31.03.2010.