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European Journal of Natural History
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Assimov M.A., Davletbakova A.Sh.
According to World Health Organization, in the developed world, the pain on the scale of its dissemination is quite comparable to the pandemic. The pain - a subjective phenomenon, not amenable to any objective.

In particular emotions and tolerance of pain may be influenced by ethnic characteristics, demographic factors, age and sex. Current studies of the age and gender differences of perception of pain, is one of the new approaches to this problem (Averkin N.A., Filatova E.G., 2000; Adashinskaya G.A., 2003; Veyne A.M., 2006).

We researched 3 group s of patients with neurogenic (such as neuralgia facialis vera and trigeminal neuralgia), somatogenic (postoperative pain, pain due to joint inflammation, abdominal pain) and psychogenic painful syndromes (Tension headache, vertebral pains), low-back pain, myalgias and migraines. We researched the peculiarities of pain perception and the emotionally-affective relation to it (alarm level and level of depression) in these groups.

Methods of reseach: Scoring by Numerical Rating Scale (NRG) scale from 0 - «no pain» to 10 - «unbearable pain», Hamilton scale for alarm and depression valuation (HARS).

Results revealed that men have more anxiety disorders (7-8 points) in relation to an expressed painful syndrome (6-7 points). Women prevailed over the depressive component (10-12 points) and the level of pain perceived was insignificant (3-4 points). In 3 groups - by lowering the alarm level - it will lower the pain perception. By lowering the depressive component, the pain reactions became stronger in group of men; in the group of women , no reliable difference was observed .

A combination of pharmacotherapy (Analgetics, Anxiolytic and Antidepressants) let to registration of considerable lowering of the pain perception and improvement of emotional condition.

The work was submitted to International scientific conference «Fundamental and applied research in medicine», Sochi, September 22-25, 2010, came to the editorial office on 29.06.2010.