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European Journal of Natural History
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Nikolayeva O. N., Mjuristaya M. L., Andreeva A. V.
Advantages and opportunities of development of animal industries are limited to a lot of factors, one of which are gastroenteric diseases of animal early postnatal period noncontagious etiology. Therefore the problem of searching new medicines which are influent on immune functions of the organism is actual. These medicines are helpful in adaptation mechanisms of newborn animals to a new inhabitancy. For this purpose we approve compositions phitoprobiotics and polysalt microcells. Phitoprobiotic is a complex preparation on the basis of a probiotic lactobacterin and prebiotic (water extraction of a grassy part of plants, stabilized in a nutrient medium on the basis of dairy whey). Polysalt of microcells is a complex of copper and zinc

Efficiency of the preparations tested in conditions of the state farm-factory «Dmitrievskij» (republic Bashkortostan) on 56 newborn calves black-motley breed and 56 pigs one month old of large white breed. Animals by a principle of analogues have been divided into 7 groups on 8 heads in everyone (1 control and 6 skilled). Calves and pigs of the 1-st control group contained in usual conditions. First skilled group (the control of polysalt) with a forage received polysalt - 50 mg on a head (calves) and 120 mg on a head (pigs) within 30 days; second skilled group (the control lactobacillus) - «Alive weight lactobacillus» with the first portion of colostral milk (calves) daily on 20 ml and with water on 8 ml (pigs) daily due 10 days with an interval in 10 days within 1 month; for calves and to pigs of the third skilled group feeded under the same scheme «Alive weight lactobacillus on a nutrient medium with addition of lucerne of 2%» and polysalt of microcells; to the 4-th skilled group feeded «Alive weight lactobacillus on a nutrient medium with addition of 3% of a celandine» and polysalt of microcells; to the 5-th skilled group - «Alive weight lactobacillus on a nutrient medium with addition of a barberry of 4%» and polysalt of microcells; to the sixth skilled group - «Alive weight lactobacillus on a nutrient medium with addition of a barberry of 2% and 1% of lucerne» and polysalt of microcells.

Efficiency of preventive maintenance of gastroenteric diseases of the calves above-named compositions of preparations in skilled groups has made 87,5-100%, whereas in the control-50%. At control animals attributes of the gastroenterit disease appeared for 2 days, and illness, despite of undertaken intensive treatment by traditional preparations, last 7-8 days. Calves of skilled group, as a rule, fell ill on 3-4 day of living and recovered on 4-5th days. The daily average gain of the experimental calves was on the average 587-633 gr., whereas at analogues of the control-458 gr. Compositions of phitoprobiotics with polysalt of microcells have allowed to increase daily average additional weights of pigs on 209-220 gr., whereas in the control they have made 194 gr. Average duration of illness at pigs control group were during 5-6 days, and animals of skilled group recovered already on 3-4th days. Safety of pigs one in all groups has made 100%.

Thus, use of compositions of phitoprobiotics and polysalts of microcells provides the expressed preventive effect at gastroenteric diseases on a young growth of animals noncontagious etiology.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Priority orientations of agricultural technologies development", China (Beijing), 26 November - 4 December, 2007, came to the editorial office on 09.11.07.