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Makarova S.V., Stepanova N.R.
According to the basic socio economic processes of modern development of a world civilization there was claimed such corporate administrative model, which in an optimum degree would take into account and could realize interests of all social groups, remaining in an equilibrium condition.

The results of activity of corporations are estimated on directions: social, economic, legal and ethical. The social responsibility assumes acceptance of such decisions, which realization raises a standard of well-being of the population and answers interests of a society and corporation. On the integrated standard parameters is capitalization of human resources and increase of quality of life. Such strategy here is inadmissible, when in a favour to momentary benefit the forecasts of rather probable extreme social explosions are ignored.

On other directions of activity of corporations the satisfaction of  paymentable demand for the made goods and rendered services to a society, maximum of the profit is supposed at observance of the current legislation without harm to an environment.

For an our times is characteristic the beginning and development of large corporations, in particular of global scale. Such corporations are capable to invite to work of the best experts of all world, guaranteeing them worthy payment of work, quality of life, and also protection of the intellectual property, created by them, and realized in process of innovation activity. Within the framework of such corporations the structural divisions work as independent economic units, and the central body carries out consultative and coordination functions, renders service of innovation character on removal of the internal conflicts, on creation of a confidential atmosphere.

Certainly, between independent structural divisions of corporation the collision of interests, rivalry is possible. But it not wearisome competitive struggle for a survival, in which compete party essentially weaken itself.

In connection with intensive development for last decades of the theory of the human capital there was a global crisis, during which on change to traditional market values there come social, and on change to financial gamble - real investments in industrial spheres of activity.

The achievement of the theory of human capitalism considerably promote to beginning and development of a civil society in the countries and in separate territories. The modern estimation of maturity of a civil society in any concrete territory and human capital in considered corporation determines model of its management: from initial (absolute submission) up to final (democratic), characteristic for corporations of global scale.

The beginning of the mixed economy in Russia is characterized yet not quite generated, insufficiently proved social and economic interests of labour collective. Therefore corporate administrative structures, basically, work in the interests, not worrying about a transparency of received results in socio economic sphere, not having trust of labour collective and not caring about formation of creative cooperation in corporation.

If earlier business basically was under construction on skill carefully to plan activity and consistently to carry out the developed program, ability in time now is more important to adapt for changes in external environment. There was a understanding of requirement of simultaneous development of a set of the most probable scripts of development. Thus the degree of probability of each script can change rather quickly with the purpose of achievement of an equilibrium condition of corporation.

In modern conditions of innovation development of the mixed economy is claimed and mixed strategy of management. Obviously, in conditions of high uncertainty of socio economic development of this or that territory the variants of the mixed strategy can be rather approximate. But their absence is much worse; it can result to loss of management, to chaos and confusion.

In two-measures (flat) models of management the rate is done on change only of one argument. At the correct forecast of process the greatest possible prize is achieved; at the erroneous forecast - maximal loss.

The mixed strategy is realizing volumetric model, allow to reveal the optimum compromises in a corridor of inconsistent restrictions.

On our sight, the realization of several variants of such strategy is possible.

The first variant: strategy of growth of corporation with criterion of an optimality - reception of the maximal profit and basic restrictions - on paymentable demand of the population, payment by results of work and enclosed capital.

The second variant: capitalization of human resources of corporation and increase of quality of life of families of internal groups of influence (hired workers, managers, proprietors). Criterion of an optimality - maximum of size of the human capital, restriction - share of financial resources directed on development to corporation. The ratings of the basic tendencies of development of a world civilization according to this variant of strategy are annually published by authoritative international organizations in mass media.

The successful decision of the put problems can be promoted by study of experience of work of rather authoritative World trade organization. So, the methods of the analysis of disagreements and mechanisms of the coordination of interests, perfection of the working standards and criteria of an estimation of results of works in view of evolutionary development of the world can appear rather useful.

The third variant: development of innovation technologies in the field of applied scientific researches. Criterion of an optimality - complete satisfaction of paymentable demand of the population in original competitive commodity production and rendered services, restriction -requirement for a highly skilled team, and also possible financial risks.

By development of the mixed strategy of innovation development of corporations the external groups of influence are taken into account: the imperious structures at state and municipal levels, civil society of territories, which are in sphere of influence of corporations. Besides the measures on a case of occurrence of extreme situations (acts of nature, technology accident) are developed.

Thus, the mixed strategy of innovation development of corporations provides presence of its several variants, which realizations is assigned on uniform, though and distributed authority. A possible task of the corporate lawyers is the achievement of trust of all persons interested in successful activity of corporation. In accessible to understanding of all persons the form should be given the convincing and well argued answers to questions: as well as at the expense of that grows capitalization of corporation; what principles of formation and distribution of the profit, social package; what stratification in the incomes of the persons having the attitude to corporation. Besides it is necessary to give the similar information on other corporations having the same sphere of activity and located in the given region.

What conclusions and recommendations can be made as a result of the analysis of the given information? The attention practice of the analysis and resolution of conflicts arising in the given corporation (what mechanisms of the analysis of disagreements and the coordination of interests) deserves. Rather productive the work on anticipation of events, instead of on traces of the come to pass facts is. In the educational literature there are many such examples.

In result the mixed strategy of innovation development of the given corporation will carry applied character, and the corporate administrative model will have an opportunity of the further perfection and development, in time adapting to quickly varied external environment.

The modern requirements showed to corporations on directions: social, economic, legal and ethical, - are to the full distributed and to its(her) employees. It is necessary in addition to make stress on an opportunity of self-realization, realization of the balanced healthy image of life, preservation of family values.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Mathematical Modeling of Social and Economic Processes", United Arab Emirates (Dubai), 16-23th October, 2007, came to the editorial office on 09.11.07.