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European Journal of Natural History
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Gorelova I.S., Moldovanova V.O., Goulyaeva S. E., Goulyaev S. A.
By 2005 cerebrovascular diseases (CVD) had become making 21,2% in the blood system diseases structure in people living in Primorye Territory, having increased for seven years by 5,5%.

Their registration frequency in developed industrial cities (Artyom, Spassk, Lesozavodsk, Partizansk) reached 624,7/100000-1333,4/100000 people of the population, in rural area it was limited by 194,8/100000, that corresponds to the average statistical data of Russia.

The CVD incidence rate registration among adult population showed that among the hospitalized with the given pathology into the neurology unit of the City Clinical Hospital № 1, the patients with early manifestations of cerebrovascular insufficiency (EMCVI) make 2,2%; with insults (I) - 76,2%; with chronic CVD forms - 17,1%; with insults sequela (IS) - 4,5%. In the structure of cerebral accidents the ischemic one (II) prevails (66,9%) being ahead of the hemorrhagic insult (HI) by 49,2%. The transient ischemic attacks´ (TIA) development level is ranging from 15,4%; the specific weight of subarachnoidal hemorrhages (SAH) makes 54,7% of the apoplectic shocks.

The seven-year long (2000-2006) dynamics of hospitalization of persons with the enumerated CVD forms is indicative of the reflecting them indexes´ growth irregularity and of the maximal increase of such forms as II, SAH, TIA and chronic CVD forms by 2006.

Among the hospitalized persons with EMCVI men prevail; with insults, their sequela and chronic CVD forms - women do. The quotient of different insult forms development and chronic CVD forms frequency in men and women differ in the fact that TIA, II and chronic CVD forms (1,8, 1,14 and 2,17 times accordingly) progress in women more often than in men, and HI - 1,02 times as often in men than in women. The CVD development duration fall primarily on the age of 60-69 years old.

36% of the admitted to the hospital were sent by their Medical and Preventive Treatment Facility, 58,8% - Emergency Call Service, and only 5,2% came themselves. The MPTF sent primarily patients with EMCVI, chronic forms of CVD, IS, and ECS - with MCVI, HI and II.

Totally 804 persons died, 1,4% of them have fallen on the age category from 20 to 40; 6,9% - 40-49 years old; 17,9% - 50-59; 29,9% - 60-69; 43,9% - from 70 and older. There were 1,7 times more men than women among the died at the age of 40-49; 1,4 times - at the age of  50-59. After 60 years old there became more women: in the age category up to 70 their quantity exceeded the number of men 1,2 times, and after 70 - 2,3 times.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Fundamental and applied research in medicine", China (Beijing), 26 November - 4 December, 2007, came to the editorial office on 09.11.07.