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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972
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Levenets S.A., Nachetova T.A., Perevozchikov V.V., Novokhatskaya S.V., Kulinich T.M.

The performances of the last years testify to high frequency of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism deviations from the age norms in girls with menstrual function disorders (MFD). However, these researches were mainly carried out in patients with polycystic ovarian syndrome, anorexia nervosa and Turner´s syndrome. At the same time, the most commonly encountered MFD forms among teenagers are oligomenorrhea (OM) and pubertal uterine bleedings (PUB).

The purpose of the present work has become the study of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism features in teenage girls with OM and PUB depending on body-weight index (BWI). For the objective implementation 68 teenage girls were examined, 25 of them having OM and 43 - PUB. In 40 patients the BWI was contained within the confines of age norms (in 13 with OM and in 27 with PUB). 28 patients had an increased BWI (12 with OM and 16 with PUB). The glucose loading was carried out according to the standard practice, the lipid metabolism state was valuated on the content of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDLPC) and triglycerides (TG) in blood. The age deviations frequency of the studied factors was found out. For the evaluation of authenticity of the results the method of Fisher´s angular transformation (Рφ) was used.

It has been established that the lipid content ratio, the character of which is evaluated as atherogenic one (the HDLPC level decrease and the TG level increase), in patients with normal BWI was registered in 17, 5 % (equally frequent at OM and PUB). At the overweight the specified disorders were revealed 2, 5 times as often (42, 9 %; Рφ<0, 001). The Analysis of glucose tolerance test results has revealed a flat character of the "sugar curve" in 40% of the examinees irrespective of the BWI, that is indicative of carbohydrate metabolism disorders in a significant part of the teenagers with MFD.

The carried out research results testify to a high frequency of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism disorders in girls with MFD not only with an increased, but also with normal BWI, that can be considered as a risk of the metabolic syndrome early formation and it should be born in mind when carrying out a complex of medical and preventive treatment measures.

The work was submitted to V international scientific conference «Present-day problems of experimental and clinical medicine», Thailand, February, 20-28, 2008, came to the editorial office 18.01.2008.