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European Journal of Natural History
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Lesovskaya M.I.

Nowadays, more than a third of the world´s population lives in big cities. Socially meaningful and professionally conditioned stressogenic diseases manifest themselves more acutely in a megalopolis. At the functional body reserves decreasing the priority value is acquired by dyscrasia diagnostics for a complex and effective sanitation of the internal environment. A non-specific resistance cellular link functional-metabolic reserve evaluated by means of chemiluminiscent (CL) method on Tono-Oka et al. (1983) in the modification of Zemskov V.M. with co-authors (1988) can serve one of the body´s adaptative potential criteria. On the basis of the analysis of hemophages´ "breathing outburst" kinetics parameters in 1252 persons of various sexes, ages and health states the reserve coefficients RCS, RCI and the prooxidant shift evaluation index were calculated. The norm is characterized by the values RCS≥3, 8; RCI≥10; EI=0%; a disease - RCS≤1, 5; RCI≤2; EI>33%, a pre-existing disease - 1, 5<RCS<3, 8; 2<RCI<10; 0%<EI<33%. The parameters association of "apparently healthy" and absolutely healthy people testified that in 80% of clinically asymptomatic active working age adults of both sexes the non-specific cellular defence functions in conditions of chronic oxidative stress. It is fraught with adaptative mechanisms deterioration. Authentically, in 6% of the selection a phagicytic cells´ "functional palsy" has been found out. In children in conditions of constant urbanized environment chemical pollution an extreme adaptative mechanism with a higher prooxidant shift against the imbalance of mineral status and antioxidant components than in adults is realized. In 38% of pregnant women a double rise of cellular immune reactivity reserve capacity "is paid" by three-time intensification of the prooxidant shift and eight-time increase of the endogenous free-radical background. The reserve coefficient RCS increase adaptative price is the prooxidant shift increase manifested in men 1, 7 times more intensive than in women. The phagocytic functional response is characterized by a reversed quotient (overshoot) of activated and basal production of free radicals and the reserve coefficient RCI decrease 30 times at inflammatory, 3 times - at noninflammatory diseases and twice - at the pre-existing disease stage. The nonspecific resistance functional disturbances at the pre-existing disease stage are reversible when using the alimentary correction. The therapeutic measures efficiency enhances at their application with due consideration of the cellular immune reactivity original type and reserve corresponding to the body´s phase of adaptation to the effects of controlled and uncontrolled factors of the environment.

The work was submitted to the International Scientific Conference "Scientific Research of Higher School on Priority Orientations of Science and Technology", Savona - Hamburgh, May, 6-16, 2008. Came to the editor´s office on 29.01.2008.