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Bondarenko V.P. 1 Ponomarenko E.V. 1 Kozybaev E.Sh. 1 Parmankulova P.Zh. 1
1 M. Auyezov South Kazakhstan State University
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In the modern world of knowledge and an innovation are the main criteria of economic development in the modern world and improvement factors socially – public life of the world community. However transformation of economy can’t be initiated only by knowledge. It demands a complex of structures and system actions by means of which knowledge is formed and the personnel study. In this regard the universities are considered as the institutions playing the vital role in social development of the country. They provide professional development of scientific and educational, technical, administrative and cultural elite of the country. Today the world research universities are not just higher educational institutions of quality education, intellectual and cultural development, and pride objects as the countries consider the education status in comparison with others and lean on competitive human assets. The corporate culture of a higher educational institution forms human assets, and her improvement defines economy of knowledge. In article formation of corporate structure of the university on the example of Southern Kazakhstan State University Southern Kazakhstan State University Southern Kazakhstan State University is considered.
corporate culture
higher education accreditation
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Cardinal changes in the modern world require from the knowledge system deeper understanding of topical problems of humanity. With regard to topical problems teachers/professors and students cannot sit idle. It is not a simple task to graduate demanded specialists in the progressive innovative social modernization all the while positively effect on youth through decent ideal approaches. Correctly selected university strategy as well as development of corporate culture is that what help to accomplish the task.

What is university of the future? This question is in concern not only of academic society but whole intellectual social corp. Not by coincidence State Education Development Program of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2015-2020 strongly emphasizes on establishment of research universities based on corporate management model. Now universities have a specific status entitled them to develop own educational programmers. It has become possible to create partnership with business structures, commercialize innovations and develop state/private cooperation.

Corporate culture of any organization plays a key role in its management structure and represents a complex of opinions, anticipations, values, relations and staff policy. For example, American universities applied a synthesis of democratic traditions brought by early medieval universities and pragmatism of German university school.

The American approach to higher education initially differed by academic freedom and was oriented to society. Therefore leading American universities in the middle of 20 century turned in powerful educational, research and scientific/production corporations closely connected with business, industry and management systems [1-2].

Nowadays world research universities are not simply higher institutions of quality education, intellectual and cultural development, but subjects of pride as countries consider their own educational status in comparison with others and base on competitive human assets.

Research status of universities is an adequate form of integration of science and education into the current production process; it has been strengthened all over the world thus increasing number of such universities. In USA there are already over 100 research higher institutions and more than 70 in Great Britain and Germany. China has commenced program on establishment of 100 research universities with the annual budget of each in $1bln. To meet such objective Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan initiated democratic manner of management through corporate structuring of higher institutions.

Materials and methods of research

The study used the following methods: Empirical – the study of formal and normative documents, observation, conversation, the method of expert assessment, questioning, exploring the views of employers, theoretical – analysis, synthesis, generalization, classification, formulation of conclusions.

Results of research and their discussion

It well corresponds with our strategic objectives in higher institutions to prepare demanded graduates. To this extent a number of serious reforms are planned at the Southern Kazakhstan State University after M. Auezov (hereinafter UKGU). Being the largest multidisciplinary institution in higher education in the country the university is in the top of national ranking, positioning itself as well-known brand in sphere of higher education in Kazakhstan. The university has passed institutional accreditation in MoE&S, RK; 13 educational chemical and technological programs are accredited by ASIIN (Germany). 4 bachelor chemistry and chemical technology specialties of the university is entitled for Euro-bachelor award assigned by ECTNA European Association. The university is 2nd in the General ranking of Independent Kazakhstan Agency on education quality insurance (NKAOKO). All the above said attracts more students, increasing number of undergraduates and doctoral candidates.

We tend to involve into scientific and educational process top management of large companies, leading scientists and experts thus transferring the university itself into main production process representing this or that scientific field. At present UKGU are proud of those top managers and leaders who graduated from the university and are employed by well- known national chemical and petrochemical companies

Perspective development of education system depends on integration into the world educational space. UKGU achieved 98 Agreements on international cooperation through international scientific and technical cooperation and foreign economic affairs. The university is the member of such international agencies as European Association of institutions in higher education (EURASHE); International Academy of Education Sciences; TEMPUS Universities Consortium; Eurasian Universities Association ; Board of CIS Network University ; European Association of Universities of hospitality (EURHODIP); signatory of the Magna Charta of Universitatum; is the one the Basic higher institution of SCO universities alliance [3-4].

Above said achievements constitute recognizable brand of the university, its acknowledgement in academic field and demonstrate its importance to the society. Annually over 100 people are sent for training abroad under study exchange programmes, i.e. IAESTE, AIREX, DAAD (German academic exchanges unit), British Council, American Board of American Education Council. Participating in different grants and programs, young teachers strengthen image of the university thus leading to Intellectual nation concept.

The university in course of future corporate structure forms its budget not only out of public funds; it attracts finance from different organizations and business structures. The research component of the university is developed at the expense of grant financing. Under NATO Science Program for Peace and Security the university in association with scientists from Norway, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan commenced international Project ESP.EAP.SFPP 983945 on Assessment of contaminated transboundary water basins in Central Asia.

Today yet there is no uniform comprehensive approach or magic formula for “manufacturing” world-class university. National features and institutional models are highly variable. Among these different development ways each country can choose the strategy which is mostly corresponds to its capability and resources.

For this reason, applying the best practice (benchmarking) UKGU develops principle ways for establishment of corporate culture purposed to create a model of successful organization. In achieving this we have planned new mission, policy and strategy for university development based on partnership with main region authorities and justified the transition of university to innovative business – structure management.

UKGU development strategic plan 2015-2020 is based on an approach that represents a university as alliance aimed on education, the scale within which its faculty and students share common ideas; work jointly over uniformity of education and research and integrate possessed knowledge into students’ secular education. In the light hereof we consider higher institution as an open, fair, orderly alliance adhered cultural traditions; it is the area wherein specific training and worldview are effectively united into holistic philosophy.

We are forming an academic field for development of intellectual, social and physical competence. As the result a student learns how to control emotions, understands its independence, individuality, sense of purpose, to be tolerant. Through early involvement of students into scientific process we knowingly define their interests, intentions and preferences and create conditions for development of personal system of values and encourage their innovative initiatives.

Main vectors of the strategy are oriented to modernization of top management system applying international standards of corporate management, as well as to high quality skills and university’s self-dependency. Innovative technologies became usual techniques in everyday training reflected in increased teaching in English, academic and scientific mobility of students and faculty.

It is common for ideal agencies to perform comprehensive measurements of their work. To remain valuable for consumers of education services, its clients and society is the main priority in UKGU policy and strategy. The university is oriented to individual way of study process, selectivity of education programs, courses and teachers, and to most transparent educational process. We work making programs unique corresponding to three rules Just in time, Just enough, Just for me [5-6].

By virtue of e-learning students and undergraduates conduct independent work and research using advanced software and IT technologies. Established Institute of distance learning effectively provides with full range of education services in form of on-line interactive information.

Today’s training cannot be beyond a focus on a consumer; life-long learning can be achieved by an integral approach. Towards improvement of students’ skills we have established partnership with such well-known companies as PetroKazakhstan Oil Products LLP, Kazfosfat LLP, Yuzhpolimetal JSC , South-West Scientific Research Institute of plant growing and animal husbandry, Agroinnovatsiya JSC, Ontustik Munay Gaz LLP, Avtobusservice LLP, Kazakhstan Temir Zholy NC etc.

UKGU cooperation with industrial sector /companies indicated that in addition to traditional engineering staff there is a need in multiple-purpose professions, such as engineers – managers, experts of innovative projects as well as in international marketing, patent law, risks assessment experts for innovative projects. Taking into such demands educational programs were developed complying with research university status. We have created institutional background for integration into the world education space and for the complete incorporation into Bologna Process.

Programs, projects, ideas and services rendered by UKGU are the components of corporate structure and oriented to needs of the region. Scientists of the university fulfilled a complex analysis of social and economic development of the Southern Kazakhstan area for the last 10 years. It has allowed to define not only priorities of scientific and technical development but also to assess level of competitiveness of the region, to arrange partnership of those have been involved into innovative process, to develop targets for manufacturing of products taking into account both internal and external market demands.

UKGU performed monitoring to assess current condition within the region. Future development was viewed from different sides and defined sectors of priority such as agro-industrial complex for food security; industrial economy sector and its numerous advanced technologies applied to make a breakthrough in innovation-technological field; tourist cluster and its obligatory adherence of cultural traditions and natural specifics of the region.

During the meeting held by Oblast Akim jointly with all managerial sectorial agencies it was noted that the extent and intensity of innovative targets within the region depend on close relations open by state, business, education, science and industry. It has been concluded to amend South Kazakhstan Development Programme 2015-2020.

UKGU have created innovative infrastructure to involve entirely scientists into modernization of national economy. We are cofounding South Kazakhstan regional science park where new laboratory devices are centered and a basis for trial industrial tests is established, business incubator, design and planning divisions are functioning. The science park is the solely one center within South Kazakhstan where a technological transfer is arranged.


Corporate culture of higher institution forms human assets and improvement hereof defines knowledge economy. Corporate university must have high-ranking officials and donors in the name of known businessmen, companies’ top management who are ready to support university in implementation of its mission. We have established a Trust Board entered by top management of leading national and transnational companies, businessmen and South Kazakhstan Oblast administration.

We have been worked over establishment of an endowment using outsourcing and fundraising. Meantime the main management resources are not represented by finance and other traditional means but intelligence of professors/teachers and young scientists who are business-tenanted and possess leadership practices are attracted.

This article was prepared for grant of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan to conduct research work on “Building the qualification structure in the system of higher education in Kazakhstan competency-based approach and innovative training, result-oriented”.

This research is carried out within the framework of the project AP05131906 “development of transition of system of continuous pedagogical education in cluster model of development”.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Fundamental and applied research. Education, law and Economics”, Italy (Rome-Florence), September 9-15, 2018, came to the editorial office оn 16.08.2018.