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Zhaidakbaeva L.K. 1 Suleimenova L.A. 2 Abdimanapova G. 1 Torekhan N.K. 1 Yessenkulova Z.Z. 1
1 South Kazakhstan State University n.a. M. Auezov
2 South Kazakhstan State Pedagogical University
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For today huge events on modernization of education system, which includes secondary education are held in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Learning appeared in the result of increased demands on level of foreign language proficiency at limited time which is built in for its study. Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages Informatics students will go to classes in three languages easily. At the same time, the lesson for the passage of light Kazakh, Russian and English word. Each topic included in the short-term plans and visual aids. This approach allows to carry out training in two subjects simultaneously, though the main attention may be paid either to language, or to non –language subject.
national culture
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great culture
future teachers
sciences-mathematical direction
three languages
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The relevance Nazarbayev emphasized that all the Kazakhstan citizens should strive to know their national language. “Lifting of one nation through humiliation of other nation is unacceptable. That is why I am talking about three lingual’s,” he said. “Kazakhstan has to know its official language – the Kazakh language. The Russian language is the language of our big neighbor and one of the six languages. This language enabled us to access the great literature, the great culture. That is why we should not forget it, or put it aside, every language is wealth for a person,” the President said. “We need the English language to enter the global arena. Out of 10 million books published in the world 85 % are in English. The science, all the new developments and information – they are all in English nowadays,” said the President. He added that there were 3500 foreign companies in Kazakhstan and the local citizens needed English to communicate with them and use the equipment they bring into the country.

Management and Control. Taking into account the changes in the program in the ministry of education, language teaching changes and additions to the program of learning. Russian language schools by the Department of Education in Kazakh “History of Kazakhstan”, Kazakh language taught in schools “World” in Russian history; “Informatics”, “Physics”, “Chemistry”, “Biology”, in preparation for the introduction of English language training courses period.

Methodological and instructional support. Integration courses (computer science, physics, chemistry, biology and English language) to learn step-by-step methodical introduction of integrated. English early learning preschool classes offer additional paid services. Explanatory dictionaries and purchase of foreign, domestic, methodical, educational literature

Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages Informatics students will go to classes in three languages easily. At the same time, the lesson for the passage of light Kazakh, Russian and English word. Each topic included in the short-term plans and visual aids.

Therefore, the future teachers of computer science “in three languages – Kazakh, Russian and English languages” as a method of improving the level of students’ knowledge of modern electronic teaching the necessity of forming a complex topic “Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages” computer science teaching he then became the basis for the preparation of the complex.

The aim of the thesis: “Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages “ preparing information center.

Objectives of the degree work:

– Information medium and definition of requirements.- the implementation of the three-languages education.

– In the middle of the Dreamweaver “Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages “ create the information medium.

The practical value of the degree work:

“Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages “ on the efficient use of information medium in the educational process.

The scientific novelty of the thesis:

“Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages “ creation of information medium.

The object of the research: “Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages “.

State language and the country’s independence important . He is an independent national culture and national consciousness, the support of our spiritual being. Language of the population differs from that of other nations. Language is a sign of other things, determining the portion of the individuality of the nation. “Which only be the language of the nation and other related and unrelated nature of the nations of the population, can show its traditional natural” [1].

Kazakhstan is a multinational state. More than 135 people live in unity and peace. Representatives of every nation to preserve their languages, customs and traditions of all the conditions are being created.. All nations and nationalities living in Kazakhstan, language, culture and traditions will continue at the same time to create the best conditions for the development of the previous “[2, 3].

Each features will be an independent state. They are: coat of arms, anthem, flag and language.

Were provided to sit it out the status of the state language, Kazakh language, the Russian language is equally considered. There has been a priority in recent years, it comes to existing languages. State institutions, local self-government bodies and settlement of securities in Russian. Now, who was doing business in Russian state institutions.

Russian language than the language of the state for many years was going to be printed. 90 percent of the population speaks fluent Russian. Kazakh language is different from the address. It was only on paper. Existing condition worse. In this regard, the various programs in order to increase the activity of the state language, the design began to be accepted. One of them is the “trinity” of the state program.

President Nursultan Nazarbayev, which was built to start a program that provides a significant advantage in the Kazakh language. Since 2011, the project is firmly taken today started its work and has given a positive result. President XVII session of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Kazakh language that unites the peoples living in the territory of Kazakhstan noted that language must be clear:

“Kazakhstan, a Kazakh family friendship holy balanced, various ethnic groups like the golden lion rays. At the same time, vast areas have common values that unite all of us. It is the core of our vast cultural heritage and solid state language “[3, 4].

In his messages for specific purposes. He drew attention to the increase of the state language, Kazakh language in 2025 should be 95 % of the total population, who says:

“Language should be a unifying the people of Kazakhstan. This is a healthy and consistent language policy, no one should be without prejudice to the language spoken by Kazakhstan. By 2025, 95 percent of Kazakh citizens must learn the language.

The future of Kazakhstan – Kazakh language.

Kazakh as the dominant language in all spheres of life by 2025, has become a day-to-day language of communication in any environment. So the independence of the nation’s most important asset – organized by the native language will become “[2, 5].

“Three-languages” on the basis of the program

1. Kazakh language

2. Russian language

3. English language

Russian language – a historical advantage. Kazakhstan via the Russian language for several centuries, additional education and within the country and abroad to expand and communications environments.

English language proficiency – will be the key to understand the youth of the world. Fluency in English opens up unlimited opportunities for our young people. He is the guarantor of globalization.

Kazakh language – the state language. A symbol of the independence of the country. The future of Kazakhstan – Kazakh language, Kazakh language – the language of the future.

The study of the languages of other ethnic groups, each know the specifics of the language by creating conditions for learning, will be familiar with the traditions and customs.

“One of the programs aimed at improving the function of languages in the state program of functioning and development of languages for 2011-2020”. The project prepared by the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Mukhtar Kul-Muhammed.

The main objective of the program:

  • The improvement of the status of the Kazakh language;
  • clerical Kazakh language in state institutions;
  • mastering the English language;
  • Excellent knowledge of Russian language;
  • The development of languages in every nation, to preserve them;
  • languages open the way to the unity of harmony.

The period of implementation of the project:

The first stage of the year: 2011-2013

The second stage: 2014-2016 years

The third stage: 2017-2020 years

The project will result in:

  • 100 % of public high school graduates who have mastered the language;
  • 95 % of the total population – have mastered the state language;
  • State institutions of the Kazakh language paper in -100 %;
  • The share of citizens who speak Russian in the country – 90 %;
  • 20 % share of the population is fluent in English;
  • languages other nationalities – 30 %.
  • fluent in three languages should be headed 20 % of the total population;

As you can see, the Kazakh language is more and more attention. It is difficult to be a priority. This is caused by the lack of knowledge of the language of Kazakh citizens.

State language – the main route. 100 % of the next ten years, the school graduates were required to learn the Kazakh language. Its implementation task of the family and the school. If taught by the parents of children in family education and science and education, the school will absorb. They are compatible with the development of Kazakh language. Then the only Kazakh-speaking, think of the Kazakh society. Such education system in the formation of a special place in society.

Nearly every try the basis of knowledge will be able to start a family, parks and gardens. Child put it, see what the box “flight”, the first words, learn how to learn what language is close to that language. Therefore, Kazakh kindergartens in the family must pay attention to the speech. Primary class complements any child’s vocabulary, knowledge, systematize, seeks new knowledge and education. Children who learn the Kazakh language, wants to continue to further the knowledge of this language. In other words, at the age of kindergarten, the child must speak the language of Kazakh routing. In this way we are educating the citizens 100 % fluent in Kazakh. She wanted ten, twelve years later, will be the guarantor of the Kazakh-speaking society.

Russian language and English language school age to start training. In addition, not only taught only grammar, teachers, students speak freely able to express their opinion, should close attention to the extent trained them to come. This event, to be effective implementation of all the conditions required. Fluent in English and Russian citizens abroad, education, economy, political situation in the country, will be able to learn about the traditions, nature. It can be achieved using different areas of the country. This is the feature of the language. Therefore, youth training, free to speak the language training in kindergarten, school, educational institutions, need to be taken.

The three walls of the school were taken to a different first started teaching the language. For example, in the city of Astana NIS trilingual education is underway. With regard to the specifics of this process:

1. the program is taught in different languages;

2. if necessary, to ensure that the material in the native language team training;

3. the optional extracurricular events: (drama club, choir, clubs, sports clubs, readers club, languages, etc.), integration;

4. the original training to allow the school to provide trilingual library resources;

5. all relevant documentation (policies, relations, web sites) in three languages;

6. The organization, which promotes the development of language competence language courses;

7. encourage foreign countries through training;

8. In accordance with the requirements of international standards for the development of international students, thinking that experience of language, culture, literature, etc. will be supported by considering as a path to “[6].

As you can see, in addition to teaching the language as a subject, and a variety of other subjects, Russian and English languages, is expected to be available in three languages by learning platform. In addition, the school library trilingual provide resources for students to read any text, for example, the original knowledge opens up the opportunity to store and create conditions for foreign writer’s work, will feel a deep aesthetic pleasure.

Optional extracurricular events, use the same language, the three clubs, the securities requires the use of three languages and knowledge of the language. These measures will create conditions for the development and use of the languages and the introduction of secondary schools in the trinity of this work will be the way of the implementation of the program [7].

As a result, the Kazakh languages policy priority – Trinity of languages.

Terms of the implementation of the three-languages education

The purpose of the program: Kazakhstan all the people and preserving the languages of national unity important factor in strengthening as the state language fully functioning which provides language policy.


  • improve the professional skills of teachers;
  • Foreign Languages disciplines of educational material connecting to prepare give;
  • foreign students Languages, as well the cultural and increase the level of education.

Expected result:

  • Together with the students in the 2015-2016 academic language teachers, language analysis, comprehensive development program Elementary conversation to a discussion Skill is carried out.
  • 2016-2017 academic year – language, history teachers and the cycle of natural science Together with teachers application integration course preparation, relationship remove all obstacles to the language of the program take an active part.
  • 2017-2018 academic year, language teachers, teachers of history and natural science cycle joint training, courses will be held, a trilingual education subjects at school learn the specifics of.
  • 2018-2019 academic year – language teachers and teachers of history, natural science cycle trilingual education research program in the field of Practical learn how to enter periods.
  • 2019-2020 academic year, Language teachers and history, natural science cycle teachers, their experience According to learn a trilingual various video issues classes, online classes, and master classes on site share information tools and publications, miss [10].

The content of computer science in grades 9 through training complex in three languages:

I. Name of the theme in three languages

II. computer science in grades 9 through 34 lessons designed for short-term plans.

1. Introduction Safety rules of computer classroom.

2. Means of Algorithm. Features of Algorithm.

3. Methods if imaging algorithm. Block diagrams. Means of executive.

4. Types of Algorithm.

5. Auxiliary Algorithm .

6. Methods of solving tasks. Structure algorithms, mathematical model of the task.

7. Control work.

8. Revision . Independent work.

9. Languages of programming. Program and its structure.

10. Orders and operators.

11. Expressions. Claim. Numeric functions.


Method of teaching informatics for sciences-mathematical direction in three languages

12. Types of data. Means of variable.

13. Practical work.

14. Control work.

15. Revision.

16. Independent work.

17. Input and output databases. Programming of linear algorithms.

18. Organization of the choice. Choosing operator.

19. Conditional operators.

20. Programming of cyclic operators. While, repeat, for cyclic operators.

21. Repeat cyclic operators.

22. For cyclic operators.

23. Programming of graphical objects. Coordinate plane.

24. Practical work.

25. Control work.

26. Revision.

27. Working with symbolic databases.

28. Massive. One-dimensional massive.

29. Models and meaning of modeling. Types of models.

30. Statistical and dynamical models.

31. Internet – World Wide definition. World Wide educational medium. Worlds informational society.

32. Surfing information in the internet. Sending and receiving information. Through email address.

33. Control work.

34. Revision.

III. drawings, presentations and how to work with the Pascal programming language in compliance with the themes of the video lesson.

IV. words in three languages depending on the term discipline. Located in alphabetical order.

V. Instruction tests for grades 5 to 9.

VI. Information about 6 people create electronic textbooks.

In conclusion, the results of the degree work using at the school and secondary school environment, “Method of teaching informatics for sciences – mathematical direction in three languages” information environment is created. Computer lessons Kazakh, Russian and English languages, prepared to go easy. Students in the English language was clear and perfect knowledge of three languages for word. In addition, videos and presentations. This theme “Method of teaching informatics for sciences – mathematical direction in three languages” protection of computer information systems and networks of the information through a secondary offer, thinking that students learn the lesson easily.