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Shanin I.I. 1
1 Voronezh State University of Forestry and Technologies named after G.F. Morozov
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In article the problem of innovative development at the industrial enterprises of furniture branch is considered. In modern conditions quickly growing scientific and technical progress gives prerequisites to the enterprises for updating and modernization of cars and the equipment. At the same time dynamically changing environmental conditions force the furniture enterprises to consider and make strategic decisions for a long-term outlook. The main objective at a research of problems of effective and innovative development of the enterprises consists in improvement and developments of new methodical approaches on formation and development of a control system of innovative development of the current activity of the furniture enterprises. Now the industrial enterprises including furniture, exist in fierce competition, on the one hand in the market there is a big stream of import production, with another, less qualitative production at cut prices at domestic market.

Effective innovative development of the enterprise depends on various factors including resources, external at use, energy, the personnel potential and also a consumer sector. During the determining and introduction of a control system of innovative development the enterprise has to react in due time to changes, reveal the factors defining these changes, find necessary ways of adaptation of to conditions of effective functioning.

The management of innovative activity at the furniture enterprises assumes development of market infrastructure which is characterized by stimulation and maintenance of all innovative structure of the enterprise and also to carry out the current changes in engineering procedure. Thus, the problem of rational and effective use of innovative developments in the social and economic conditions which developed in our country, is of particular importance and demands development of new alternative approaches for creation of a control system of effective innovative development of the enterprises. Also, It should be noted that innovative development at the enterprises is necessary for improvement of process of production in branches and increases in its investment attractiveness [1].

Creation of a control system of effective innovative development of the furniture enterprises for production of the furniture production new from the innovative point of view, to some extent can be based on the saved-up potential of the Russian innovative developments. At the same time there is a problem of shortage of the investment capital for bringing these developments to a resulting effect – release of innovative production. On the one hand, introduction and development of new innovative materials and more durable accessories demands investment of considerable money. And on the other hand, investment into the Russian innovative developments is characterized by certain risks in the conditions of constant intensive entry into the competitive market of the latest foreign innovative production which according to the characteristics is more attractive to the consumer.

Now act as the main directions at the organization and management of effective innovative development of the main directions of the furniture enterprises: development of a furniture plate, DSTP, accessories and finishing materials. New innovative materials have to be characterized by considerable environmental friendliness, durability, thermo and vibration resistance. As a result the finished innovative product has to receive consumer appeal, a number of new properties, such as: durability, loss of weight of a product, speed and simplicity of assembly.

Process of the organization of innovative activity for creation of new developments in the furniture industry demands coordinate joint efforts of experts which one furniture enterprise can not have. At the same time it is desirable to have a number of developments as it will give the chance to reduce risk of failure in a portfolio.

The groups for the solution of production problems created from workers and employees of different production divisions and staff services of the enterprise of furniture branch to whom the management of the enterprise pays constant attention and support become the most perspective form of involvement of workers to management of effective innovative development. These groups received different names in the different countries: groups of quality control, group on increase in productivity, group on improvement of production [7].

The strategy of development of innovative activity of the furniture enterprises is developed according to the purposes of its functioning, in this regard all scientific and research projects have to be considered as one of the main ways of achievement of a main goal at the studied enterprises.

Research process at the furniture enterprises is based on the basis of strategy of perspective development of its innovative activity developed with use of various productive and economic methods which in total make scientific and financial methodology of formation of this strategy of the enterprises. The production and financial methodology represents the system of the general rules principles and also special receptions and methods of economic research. They make theoretical base of the theory of innovative management.