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Simonyan A.G. 1 Pirumyan G.P. 1
1 Yerevan State University
1. Simonyan A.G. Аnalysis of environmental status of the river Voghji with Armenian index of water quality // Proceedings of YSU, Series Cemistry and Biology. – 2016. – № 2. – P. 20–24.

Water Contamination Index (WCI), Canadian Water Quality Index (CWQI) and Specific-combinatorial Water Quality Index (SCWQI) are used for evaluation surface water quality in Republic of Armenia. It must be noted, that most developed complex characteristics of water object in one way or another connected with the existing maximum permissible concentration (MPC). In the last years we suggest Entropic Water Quality Index (EWQI) and Armenian Water Quality Index (AWQI) for evaluation surface water quality [1]. The aim of presented paper is evaluation of Rivers Sisian and Goris by Armenian Water Quality Index.

River Sisian – right tributary of the Vorotan. The river is 33 km. On Sisian river located positions: number 103 – 0,5 km above the Arevis and number 104 – at the mouth of the river. River Goris leght tributary of the Vorotan. Goris is 29 km long. Two monitoring posts located on the river Goris: number 106 – 3,0 km above the city of Goris, number 107 – 1.5 km below the city of Goris. It was established that the water of the Rivers Sisian and Goris regularly exceeded the value of BOD5 and concentrations of nitrite and ammonium ions, due to water pollution by domestic wastewater. It was shown that water of Rivers Sisian and Goris is also contaminated by some metals. Thus, in the river water is regularly increased MPC of copper, vanadium, aluminum, cobalt, manganese and selenium. For example, in the position № 107 of River Goris BOD5, simonyan07.wmf simonyan08.wmf V, Cu, Al, Cr and Se number of MPC increasing cases is 4, 12, 12, 12, 11, 4, 5 and 1 times, respectively. The amount of excess cases of MPC –

N = 61; simonyan09.wmf

I = 194,6/61 = 3,19;

H = log261 – 3,19 = 2,74, G = 2,74/3,19 = 0,86.

The total amount of the multiplicity of MPC exceedances –

simonyan10.wmf log2M = 5,37;

AWQI = 0,86 + 0,537 = 1,397.

Analysis of obtained data indicate that AWQI has liner dependence with WCI, SCWQI, EWQI and an inverse dependence with CWQI:

AWQI = (0,838 ± 0,215) + (0,079 ± 0,065)•WCI;

R = 0,65178; N = 4;

AWQI = (0,229 ± 0,554) + (0,514 ± 0,340)•SCWQI;

R = 0,73018; N = 4;

AWQI = (0,225 ± 0,154) + (1,290 ± 0,232)•EWQI;

R = 0,96899; N = 4;

AWQI = (3,082 ± 1,044) – (0,025 ± 0,013)•CWQI;

R = 0,81023; N = 4.

Thus, for the first time using AWQI the quality of Rivers Sisian and Goris water evaluate. It was shown that from the source to the mouth of the river there is an increase in the value of the AWQI, which indicates the decline in the quality of water of the rivers from the first to the second class of pollution.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Nature management and environmental protection», France (Paris), October, 19–26, 2016, came to the editorial office оn 26.08.2016.