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Simonyan A.G. 1 Simonyan G.S. 1 Pirumyan G.P. 1
1 Yerevan State University
1. Simonyan A.G. Аnalysis of environmental status of the river Voghji with Armenian index of water quality // Proceedings of YSU, Series Cemistry and Biology. – 2016. – № 2. – P. 20–24.
2. Simonyan G.S. Assessment of hydrogeological systems in the light of information theory synergistic // Proceedings of the All-Russian scientific-practical conference. Environmental safety and Nature: Science, Innovation, upravlenie. – Mahachkala: ALEPH, 2013. – P. 275–280.
3. Shannon C. Works on information theory and cybernetics. – M.: IL, 1963. – 830 p.

For evaluation of water contamination degree the comprehensive indicators are used which take possible to evaluate the contamination of water at the same time on a wide range of quality indicators. The study of ecological status of Republic Armenia Rivers is importance both for evaluation of water quality of that objects and for their further rational use. Development of water quality assessment methods using conventional indicators comprehensively taking into account various properties of surface water is an important issue. It must be noted that most developed complex characteristics of water object in one way or another connected with the existing maximum permissible concentration (MPC).

In the last years we suggest Entropic water guality index (EWQI) and Armenian water guality index (AWQI) for evaluation surface water quality [1].

The aim of presented paper is evaluation of Kechut Artificial Reservoir by Armenian Water Quality Index.

The following computational algorithm is used for determination EWQI and AWQI values:

1. Determines the number of cases of MPC excess of i-substance or indicator of water – n.

2. Estimates the total amount of cases the maximum permissible concentration (N) – simonyan01.wmf

3. Computes log2N, nlog2n and simonyan02.wmf

4. Determines geoecological syntropy (I) [1] and Shannon entropy (H):



H = log2N – I.

5. Then EWQI is determined: G = H/I.

6. Further, the total amount multiplicity MAC exceedances is estimated (M) –

7. Computes log2M.

8. Armenian Water Quality Index was obtained:

AWQI = G + 0,1•log2M.

Kechut Artificial Reservoir on the Arpa River, 3,5 km south of the resort town of Jermuk. Reservoir with an area of 145 hectares, the total amount – 23 million cubic meters, the average depth – 20 m, coastline length – 8,5 km [3]. Kechut Artificial Reservoir has one monitoring post: number 114. It was established that the Kechut Artificial Reservoir water of the regularly exceeded the value of contaminated by some metals. Thus, in the Reservoir water is regularly increased MPC of copper, vanadium, aluminum, chrom, manganese and selenium. For example, in the 2012 year of Kechut Artificial Reservoir V, Al, Cu, Cr, Mn and Se number of MPC increasing cases is 9, 5, 5, 4, 5 and 2 times, respectively. The amount of excess cases of MPC –

N = 30; simonyan05.wmf

I = 73,3/30 = 2,44;

H = log230 – 2,44 = 4,9 – 2,44 = 2,46;

G = 2,46/2,44 = 1,0.

The total amount of the multiplicity of MPC exceedances –


log2M = 2,82;

AWQI = 1,008 + 0,282 = 1,290.

Entropic and Armenian water quality indexes for Kechut Artificial Reservoir
















Analysis of obtained data indicate that AWQI has liner dependence with EWQI:

AWQI = (0,410 ± 0,112) + (0,882 ± 0,183)•EWQI;

R = 0,95956; N = 4

Thus, for the first time using AWQI the quality of Kechut Artificial Reservoir water evaluate. It was shown that the quality of water of the Reservoir from the first to the second class of pollution.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Ecology industrial regions of Russia», Great Britain (London), October, 15–22, 2016, came to the editorial office оn 26.08.2016.