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Ospanova B.R. 1 Iskhan B.J. 1
1 RSE PVC “Kazakh National Pedagogical University named after Abai”
Latin inscription (graphics) communication have a priority of the modern worldcommunication. Modern technologies are based on this graphics. This is only one aspect of the problem, it is, i.e., the transition to the Latin script importance in the context of national goals and interests. Area of our country, political, economic, etc. from personal identity and independence, but did not have access to the full range of spiritual independence still. The main reason for our graphics is based on the Russian alphabet. Because of the Kazakh alphabet that has permeated many of the elements of the Russian language. They are lucky to Kazakh language of the twentieth century, many thousands of years, there are still not change the nature of the natural peace and create a change in the national consciousness, national knowledge and understanding of the national tradition, influenced the formation of the national mentality and religion in a different direction. This article is about the formation of the Kazakh language scientific and technical terms. Kazakh language audio feature of the modern Kazakh without spelling analyzes in detail the problem of Kazakh terminology. Kazakh eliminating does not belong to the language of sounds and sound combinations, as well as the Rules of orthographic adjust the legitimacy of the Kazakh language by the elimination of these difficulties will be emphasized.
vocabulary about the spelling of foreign

Any terms that play a great role in the development of the field of science known. But still did not find the right solutions to the problem of the term, did not get the full sequence of medicine can not be considered a branch of science. There are many reasons for this. Among them, the most important thing is that the structure of their sound. The structure of the foundation of his sound in any language. To the sound structure of language no differentiation, no quotation, in which the formation of the term, the development of science and huge damages. Unwanted in the walls and roof of the house to the foundation never missing vision is upright. And now the question is what prevents the formation of the Kazakh language terms before moving Kazakh (Turkish) Let’s make history writing a few reviews.

Attracted the attention of scientists for the first time in the second half of the XVIII century Orkhon-Yenisey inscriptions key could not be found for a long time. Scientists considers that some of the old Celtic legend, now considered some of the old Gothic writing, even if it was to consider the Finnish legend. “What’s left to analyze their key scientist in Denmark V.Thomsen accounted for. He is the first expression of the characters in the monuments of the second characters, and features that do not want to. After V. Thomsen written record referred to in connection with their use of the vowel in the thick and thin noted that there are two different features. Because, in common with the Turkic languages are thoroughly convinced that it is necessary to know the specifics of the law” [1, 21]. Scientist sounds characteristic of the Turkic language dialogue with each other due to the correct interpretation of the law could read the monument. Turkic languages words evenly and uniformly thick or thin spelling, connected to the vowel harmony with each other.Writers harmony with each other, especially connected with the Kazakh language and stored in the system. If that is the end of the word strictly consonant more strict starts with a consonant, the end of the speech and voice, tone or rough ends with a consonant, in the rough or Indian starts with a consonant. This is not strictly about the rule of law in most of the Turkic peoples. For example, Uzbek or Uighur, Tatar languages at the same time to the voiceless consonant words will connect the sonorant consonants (for example: ат-лар, ит-лeр, etc.). The reason is the father of knowledge of the Kazakh language A.Baitursynuly can be explained by the following words: “in the absence of writing, the only one who law of nature. Other raped by nature, spell dawn, language ruined” [2, 248].

VIII century Muslim religion spread Kazakh steppe with Arabic writing. Leather Arab origin, religion mullah taught in madrassas and mosques in order to disseminate. Most educational institutions in the Turkic peoples settled, semi-settled Uzbek, Tatar, Nogai, Bashkir, such as peoples. And the spread between the Kazakh Muslim religion is primarily oral. Of course, open the mullah school children in rural areas to teach and opened their literacy, the mass of the population was literate and writing was not in urgent need for the guy. Therefore, included in the spoken language as a result of science, literature, and culture of the Arabic words to obey the laws of the Kazakh language sound changes. As a result, they each made plans to hear that some version of the above. In fact a lot of different access most of the words, that to the extent that it has a personal meaning to each. For example, only one Arab “хукуматун ” [3, 136] the word “γкімет”,

“θкімет” made of two words, one of “the state, the state building”, one of the “means” the executive body of state power in the country are being applied. Other language the word can not be the people who can not. But they say the same words are turning to language difficulty. Say their legislation to make feel their languages. Strange to say the words do not create a special sound-case letters. It is used in all the languages of the world, one of the ways to the development of the vocabulary of the language.

The youngest of writing it was kept clean the rest of the Kazakh language as a result of these qualities be lost in the course of it into the language of the target was one of the people A. Baytursynuly. Company, for the development of science understands the importance of a great scholar writing in 1912 on the basis of the Arabic Kazakh alphabet. Arabic script, including defining characteristic of Kazakh language sounds the letters in the spelling of the Kazakh A.Baytursynovformative. In 1913, “Shora” magazine “Kazakh writers” the correct spelling of the game in the article said: “Correct spelling error spell I think he may be deprived me org: tailor language, depending on the nature of the spell? No, tailor the language depending on the type of spell? I do not think, spell – to write something, write something for the language. So do not suit the language, breaking the spell, spell should tailor language. Regardless of the nature of the language, agreed bandaged raped spell, it will be unintelligibly” [2, 247]. Unfortunately the purity of the national language of the Soviet Union, the specificity of the Keeper “conservative routine, nationalists” slandering innocent punished. Finally, in order to A. Baytursynuly alphabet, first in Latin, then moved to the Cyrillic alphabet, “a variety of recording, the elimination of promiscuity” on the grounds that, “Russian language, Russian as the language with English words into Russian with punishment, say” to rule out. It is a little further bottom, Latin, Greek, English, French, and that is the word, but the legislation of the Russian language audio sounds of the words “international terms”, he said, are not translated in terms of the international” invented to rule again. The sound system of the language laws to protect it under the influence of other languages “immunity” effect of the loss of immunity that language would be easy, russianize a thorough knowledge of the fraud aimed at politicians. Poisoned our minds, in violation of the legality of the language sound script give specific examples to show the imperfections. For example, in our day-to-day use often “test” take the word. Russian language “test” cited in the Kazakh language, some “testing”, others “testing” is written. Kazakh language at the end of a word or phrase at the beginning of the two does not sound hard, but the end of such a combination of sound words appearing in that nouns, verbs (respectively, -la, -le, at the Emirates) suffix can not connect. Kazakh language “friend – дос”, “true-рас” in the words of Persian origin “Friend – дос” and “confirmed – раст” that a lot of people may not know. Not subject to the laws of the language audio sound would have fallen, it became Kazakh According to his own words. Similarly, the “test” to conquer the legality of the Kazakh language “tes – тес” Let’s get this problem would not have arisen, “testeu – тестеу – testen”, “the results of the test’s – тестін нәтижелері”, “responsible teacher to the test – теске жауапты оkытушы” would apply.Language embedded by forceв, ф, ц, ч, и, я, ю sound-letters are in the Kazakh language, such as бр,нх,ст, нк, кл, кр, пм, кс, пт, пк there are numerous combinations of sound. In the end or the beginning of the sound is a combination of words such Kazakh language (Turkic languages) or in the middle of the front or back, or will be connected to the voice sounds. One example of such sound effects on epentheseprofessor K. Akhanov writes: “Two sounds between auxiliary audio sound epenthesephenomenon is called integration. For example, words meters, liters Kazakh will be метір, литір. Tractors, tramof the words (тырактыр-tiraktir), tiramvay (tirambay) – тырактор (тырактыр), can serve as an example to refer to it. Russian language the word “bed” Uzbeks (карават – karavat) and is pronounced Kazakh (кереует) script combination (кр – kr) is a vowel between” [4, 364–365]. As well as a work of prostheses (two consonant with a vowel at the beginning of the word spellingsfor example, стакан – ыстаkан, шкаф – ышkап), epenthese (to speak with a vowel at the end of the end of the two-consonant words (for example, kiosks, stalls, tanks-tank) as well as phenomena [4, 365]. And now the same medical terms of sound the combination Kazakh Consider howsounded. Kazakh language dentistry, stomatitis, bronchial, words such as thrombosis ыстаматолгоия, ыстоматит, быронхы, тырамбоз. How the rule was enforced addition, she will not comply with the law and the language of our writing alphabet (orthography) will include the access on the legality of the Kazakh language sounds of words.

Kazakh language is classified as a voice sounds thick and thin, and can be influenced by a vowel consonant sounds completely. For example, the word sounds on both sides of a thick sound consonants b and c is expressed as a thick not labialized, бeс is a thin not labialized the word sounds, the sense of the word босand thick lips, speak the word бeс thin lips. After the thick of the Kazakh language voice can not be subtle vowel pronunciation. Vowel and the Russian language can change the meaning of words to speak as thick or thin, and therefore change the meaning of words in Russian is called a phoneme sounds. As for the Kazakh language, the meaning of the word is pronounced as thick or thin as disabled.Taking into account the specifics of the Kazakh language professor A. Zhunisbek: “Kazakh language (Turkic languages) Indo-European languages, there is no specific phoneme. So that there is no language-specific allofon. Because the Indo-European languages with accents (accent) and Kazakh languages (Turkish) Harmony (synharmonic) language. Turkic (Kazakh) up to the analysis of the languages of the Indo-European languages in the footsteps of previouslinguistics Euro-lovers (еurocentric) position is the priority” [5, 45–46], I want to say, and Harmony (synharmonic) languages sinegma to use the term and allosingemabelieves that it should be [5, 47]. An entire generation of the Kazakh language can be thick or thin, thick voice can not be in a thin voice. “Kazakh language descriptor”: “The thicker mark the end of the multi-syllable words leave Kazakh language level dialogue is false, that is the last word on the link in the thick thick, thin voice is the sound of the latest generation, thin false: ла-герь + ге, ла-гер + і, банде-роль + га, фести-валь + га”, as a rule [5, 32].But this will be connected to the possessive suffixes are thin and in such case, the thicker sign warns [5, 32]. “Such a supersonic, the following additional false, but said the following after the sound false” to write as many notes on our rule disadvantage is that there are a lot of events. The main reason stated above, if a lot of sound is not typical of Kazakh language combinations. For example, “lateral”, “Vertical” Kazakh partial to the “lateral”, “vertical” is connected to the thin end of the same sound as “Horizontal” word more “horizontal” is connected to the thick [6, 22]. According to the above provisions, it must be connected to additional bold words. There are many such examples.

If there is not language-specific sounds of the alphabet, not in the non-language-specific sound combinations, i.e., there is no problem and no additional connection such things. In terms of science and education in developed countries and is spreading to other countries, and they in turn will be able to fit it into its own terms. Kazakh intellectuals this issue back in Orenburg in 1924, “Kazakh first Congress experts as” wholesale. Congress words, the term “subject words” E. Omaruly the report said: “The course could not find the word in their language every day, you can get the words used Europe Latin thing. But these words are, it should be changed to the language law. After all, the word document, without prejudice to the bottom of the precious predicted: This is the word of the Kazakh language that does not; The new word is not the law of the Kazakh language, Kazakh suffix, you can not change the endings. Such can not be absorbed by the word of his speech, the Kazakh language, Kazakh, one word remains to be politically incorrect. A foreign word into the Kazakh language originality do not have to be the Kazakh word meaning clear, easy to say, at the ear must not be politically incorrect. This is not a contract can not be the Kazakh word for word, not only is the word book. Book language if the language is not otherwise will not benefit book country”, the foreign language word making the best ways [7, 97]. Of course, his views E. Omaruly and A. Baytursynuly “Language is the tool” made on the basis of the textbook. Kazakh legend, the term considerations A.Baytursynuly problem in Baku in 1926, “the first Turkic Congress” to develop further in his report. Speaking of which many of the tactics of the term, science-education focused on the question of the term of the developed European languages.European languages derived from the terms must comply with the laws of the Kazakh language, however, he showed the following principles: “All non-Kazakh words that do not agree with the nature of the Kazakh language, just have to be changed accordingly Kazakh speak. This means, first, that all non-Kazakh words with alien Kazakh language sounds are replaced by the last right sound, and secondly, suffixes non kazakh words are replaced Kazakh , thirdly, double sounds are made in the ordinary form, fourth alien language Kazakh end must change within the desired language ease of pronunciation” [2, 282–283].

European languages derived from the terms must comply with the laws of the Kazakh language, however, he showed the following principles: “All non-Kazakh words that do not agree with the nature of the Kazakh language, just have to be changed accordingly Kazakh-sky speak. This means, first, that all non-Kazakh words with alien Kazakh language sounds are replaced by the last right sound, and secondly, suffixes non Kazakh words are replaced Kazakh, thirdly, double sounds are made in single form in Fourth alien language Kazakh end must change within the desired language ease of pronunciation” [27, 282–283].

Of course, every year there is no dispute that it improved the quality of spelling dictionaries. However, the Kazakh writing, especially writing words borrowed failure to comply with the law of harmony, breaking the sound of the word Kazakh speaking, write to the many problems can not deny that the price of housing.

So, in other words in the language to conquer the legitimacy of the Kazakh language – is one of the most productive ways to make the term. But based on the laws of the Russian language subscription, you are Kazakh language audio-humor-filled letters in our alphabet and is not in harmony with the nature of the Kazakh word spellings hindered. Incompatible with the nature of the language of sounds and can be avoided by replacing the alphabetical index to Rules not only limited to the replacement dwelling. But the term has not dealt with the issue of self-selection. Its kind of approach (combining words with different suffixes, Double) could not convey the ability to use language that does not mean that the internal approach is used, and only in this way is the future of Kazakh language clean so that you can let a hostage.