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European Journal of Natural History
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Frolova T.A. 1 Danilkina I.I. 1 Frolov S.V. 1
1 Tambov State Technical University

The objectives of the study and forecasting of demand and sales are identifying prospects for development of the enterprise, competition, economic conditions and other factors affecting the sales of products. On the basis of these predictions the following processes are done: production planning and financial activities, decisions about the scope and targeting of investment, the need for production facilities, and, consequently, new sources of supply companies, engineering development, etc.

The demand for some products is easy to predict. This applies mainly to goods with stable or growing sales in a stable competition. But most of the markets in the different realities of the unstable domestic aggregate demand or demand for certain goods companies, so quality of forecast preparation may be a key factor determining the success of the enterprise. Poorly same prediction leads to the accumulation of large inventories, a drop in commodity prices, or, conversely, to the impossibility of sales due to the sale of goods and the rapid depletion. The greater the volatility of demand, the greater the need for accurate forecasting and the development of methods of forecasting the company is experiencing. In short, demand forecasting and sales should be considered as an important means of improving the control system engineering company, to optimize its activities, enhance vitality and competitiveness, which determines the manifestation of great interest in this issue at the Russian enterprises.

The problem analysis and forecasting of demand and sales of engineering production is relevant and requires new modern methods, approaches, methods and recommendations to implement the mechanism of sales management engineering production in market conditions.

The main purpose of the work is to study the problems of analysis and forecasting of sales and development of methodological and practical recommendations for improving the organizational-economic mechanism of forecasting sales of enterprise engineering industry.

Thus, it is necessary to solve the following tasks: development of a strategy of long-term market forecast of engineering products; a study of the theoretical aspects of the definition of current and future demand and sales in a market economy; analysis of the current state of the organization of research and forecasting of demand and sales in the mechanical engineering enterprises, identify common trends in the development of this sphere; identify ways to improve the existing enterprise technology research and forecasting of demand and sales of finished products.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «priority directions of development of science and technology», Italy (Rome), April 9–16, 2016, came to the editorial office оn 25.01.2016.