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European Journal of Natural History
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Savin E. 1
1 Tula State University

Introduction. In the previous article we touched upon the comprehensive study of the effects sanogenic «mediated» DAT – therapy, the first results of their research on laboratory animals [1], which is now based on the established equipment complex correction of the functional state of the body (AK (DAT).

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of sanogenic and identify possible side effects AK (DAT) on the body in pathological processes that cause multiple organ failure.

Materials and methods. Investigations were carried out on adult mongrel rats of both sexes. As models of pathological processes were used cytostatic defeat organism fluorouracil (7 series of experiments) and toxic substances carbon tetrachloride (7 series of experiments). In each series of experiments «donor» and «acceptor» [1] were exposed in the complex AK (DAT), all animals, including the control group, according to standard procedures carried out taking for issletovaniya indicators blood tests (in vitro and in vivo), and of bone marrow, spleen and liver, lungs, stomach, intestines, heart, brain, testes or ovaries, pancreas, kidneys, both before and after irradiation.

Results and discussion. It was found that irradiation in combination AK (DAT) provides sanogennykh effect on pathological processes (dystrophy, inflammation), emerging in the digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine, urinary, reproductive, immune system, diseases of the blood and of the blood and consequently , in blood.

Conclusions. Thus AK (DAT) is recommended to use in the science and practice physical therapy in the treatment of diseases other than cancer involving degenerative, inflammatory changes of the above organs and systems and, respectively, disturbance state levels of total and biochemical blood tests.