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Apeeva G.S. 1
1 Central-Asian University

Today there are great tasks before the humanity and its natural phenomena. In the XXI century when everything is developing rapidly it is impossibly to follow old ways of teaching. Therefore, the goal of the new advanced technologies is to provide a variety of teaching methods. This is a requirement of time. For implementation of the state president’s program of education some work done in the field of language learning. Among the different methods of language learning information and communication technologies are more important. The use of information and communication technology in the classroom is based on the use of computer, e-books, and interactive media and Internet resources. If the computer is the main instrument in this area, currently one of the additional devices, software and hardware complex “Interactive screen” plays an important role in this direction. In Kazakh language learning we can use the interactive whiteboard in the course of the following three modes.

The first is well known “Whiteboard mode”. As its name implies, this is to use a simple writing on the screen as with chalk or marker on the simple board. Peculiarities during the lesson one can use different colors for denoting basic concepts of the theme. On the interactive whiteboard we can use several model exercises for the assimilation of the same theme. Here are some of them: For example, the following slide is for mastering the possessive endings. We paint the endings with the help of the pen and when necessary, we will immediately move the paint to another place.

The second mode of interactive whiteboard is Office mode. Pre-prepared materials should be opened in this Office mode. These materials may be the materials of Word text editor or Excel and Power Point presentations. You can create slides and show them on a simple screen. But Interactive whiteboards are more powerful rather than using such a ready-made images. You can work directly with the ready documents and over the same time to change them or add additional information. Such exercises which are prepared in advance increase the efficiency of the use of class time. Each listener comes to the board and with the help of the router connects the words with the same endings and paints them in the same color.

When presenting the classification of pronouns it is good to use ready materials as on this slide.This is the only reason to transfer the attention of the audience, and secondly it is good decision for those who has an excellent visual memory.

The same with any subject, one can collect materials and prepare slides in advance or use them creatively with the help of interactive whiteboard. For example, while presenting lexical-grammatical themes such as medical clinic and chemists, at the hospital, at the bus stop, in the dining room or seasons we can consolidate pictures and carry out different tasks. That is, the appearance of the word information with a view.

The third mode – the interactive mode of the board. Projector and screen shade are the main instruments. Projector is for drawing learner’s attention to one object. If there are multiple objects or different data on the screen, we’ll highlight one and close the others.

And we cover a part of the screen with a screen shade. In other words, it will be an anonymous data for the learners or the correct answers of the test. During the Kazakh language classes the glossary of the text or the translations of some words and correct variant of endings may be covered. Performing the task, teacher removes the screen shade for the learners to check their answers.

The use of the interactive whiteboard is of great importance in the course of its library fund. Library has a variety of images, pictures, drawings which we can use any of them in the classroom.

Achievements in the use of interactive whiteboards:

– it allows to present materials effectively and gives an opportunity to discuss it with the learners;

– all the learners in class will be involved;

– learners can see materials with a view;

– it helps to save class time. It is not necessary to copy the data, because the tasks performed on the interactive whiteboard screen are saved automatically. Teacher can use them for revision.

– it gives fan for the students who are tired of the traditional form of lessons

– it has more advantages than simple blackboards: rich color and different marking makes it easy to present materials;

– it proves the conception “Said is forgotten, shown is remembered” Saturated colors, a variety of images, video and audio materials support to remember the lesson theme for a long time;

– by preparing lesson materials in advance we save enough time and make changes during the class period.

– learners can act cooperatively, control themselves, perform tests and other ready tasks for self-evaluation;

– it is possible to read the material again going to the next page or back to the previous one. There is no need to turn off the interactive board.

– we can use many materials at the same time: video or audio materials, pictures, texts and internet resources, etc. We can develop all the speech skill of the learners with the help of audio and video materials.

– using Activote we can conduct testing system.

Today, all schools are equipped with multimedia resource rooms. Each of them is equipped with an interactive whiteboard and electronic books. In this way we have achieved the most advanced levels of state language learning. Today, as a result of the use of information and communication technology, telephone, Internet and interactive whiteboard we are able to teach distantly, to consult distantly. These communicative and information technologies play an important role in Kazakh language learning.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Computer modeling in science and technology», Andorra, March, 7–14, 2015, came to the editorial office оn 15.01.2015.