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Ulyanovskaya S.A. 1 Basova L.A. 1 Serebrennikov A.D. 1 Shumakova A.S. 1 Smirnov P.V. 1 Rogacheva O.D. 1 Stepyreva A.A. 1
1 Medical University SSMU Russian Ministry of Health
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The Conversion to a new educational standard requires the using of modern educational technologies and the forming of professional and general cultural competences. The Case-technology is applied in educational process at the Department of Human Anatomy during the summary sessions. It allows to check and fix the knowledge of a studied section of anatomy. The application of the Case-technology during the summary sessions on the topic of blood supply and innervations of the limb promotes to forming of students` knowledge of Anatomy and Topography. This ability helps to use them in the future professional activity of the doctor. Moreover, it allows to form an integrated approach in the study of anatomy and topography and the ability to accurately determine the location and projection vessels and nerves to the skin surface.

The Case in Anatomy for students 1–2 years includes the clinical situation, which contains five exercises with missing initial data. To resolve this exercises students need to get additional information from the medical history, instrumental studies, etc.

During the training students should repeat the previously studied material, which is directly related to the theme of the class. All students of the group should take part in the solution of the case. The lesson lasts for 100 minutes.

1.  The group is divided into 2 or 3 subgroups and 3 experts (5 min.).

2. The students acquainted with recommendations to the decision of the case (2–3 min.).

3. The teacher presents the case. (5 min.)

4. Each member of the group individually studies the case. The discussion of options for individual solutions in each subgroup.

The preparation for discussion and debate
(10 min. * 5).

1. Debriefing and evaluation (10 min.).

2. Concluding remarks by the teacher (2–3 min.).

Experience of using Case-technologies in studying of Human Anatomy promotes the formation of clinical intellection of students and introduces an element of competition. It also motivates the students, gives a sense of satisfaction from their work and shows the great interest of students and a solid knowledge of the studied section.


The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Modern education. Problems and solutions”THAILAND (Bangkok, Pattaya), December, 20–30, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 08.12.2014.