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modern changes in Regulatory base of the educational process in Ukraine AS LEGAL FORMATION BASis of European standards of the SCIENCE AND EDUCATION

Ermolenko T.I. 1 Karnaukh E.V. 1
1 Kharkiv national medical university
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July 1, 2014 after the supreme Council of Ukraine took effect signed by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko new Law of Ukraine 1556-VII “of higher education”, which is the basis of the legal framework of the educational process in Ukraine. This law establishes the basic legal, organizational, financial principles of higher education, creating conditions for strengthening cooperation between governmental agencies and businesses with higher education institutions on the principles of autonomy of higher education institutions, combining education with science and industry in order to prepare a competitive human capital for high-tech innovation and development, self-identity, the needs of society, and the state of the labor market for skilled professionals.

First will be treated as a collective body – the National Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education. In the scientific and educational activities will be significantly enhanced antyplahiatni rules and responsibility for them. This provides for the mandatory publication of all scientific innovative developments, implementations and fundamental theoretical work on various forms of available review and discussion. Constituted a new mechanism for the election of rectors of higher educational institutions, with the participation of all faculty and students. For rectors, deans and heads of departments prescribed limit tenure to two terms of 5 years each. In the National Agency remains accreditation of academic councils and appeals to their decision, and the right of final awarding degrees will now be at most universities. Public universities will now be able to place their own revenues from its education, research and training and production activities in the accounts of institutions of state banks. Reduced workload: one teachers from 900 hours to 600 hours per year, and in a number of hours of credit changed from 36 to 30 for students. Starting at 2016 is to introduce a new mechanism for electronic entry to higher education and the automatic placement of places of public order. Created conditions for increasing the mobility of students and teachers. For specified in the bill transition from the system of higher education will be deleted level junior specialist, introduced an associate’s degree, canceled PhD, instead introduced the following higher education degrees: Bachelor Jr., BA, MA, PhD.

These new innovations pryntsipovi provided the legal framework of a constructive solution of actual problems that it is necessary at the present stage of formation of the system of science and education in Ukraine according to European standards.


The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference “Actual problems of science and education”, Germany (Dusseldorf – Cologne), November, 2–9, 2014 came to the editorial office оn 25.10.2014.