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European Journal of Natural History
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Ulyanovskaya S.A. 1 Bolduev V.A. 1 Basovа L.A. 1 Dolbanenko V.S. 1 Khvorostininа T.S. 1
1 Tver State Medical University

The study of the pancreas in the process of ontogenesis is very important in connection with the increase of pathology among children and plenty of congenital anomalies. The purpose of research – to reveal the peculiarities of the structure of the pancreas fetuses with congenital malformations organs and systems. The study was carry out on autopsy material (pancreas of 139 fetuses from 16 to 40 weeks of growth). Causes of death 139 fetuses were different conditions appearing in in the perinatal period (n = 91; 65,5 %) and congenital anomalies (n = 48; 34,5 %). Autopsy material was climbed in one day after death and fixed in 10 % solution of the neutral formalin. And then we carried out morphometry (measured mass of the pancreas (gr), examined versions of pancreas to its contour, determined the shape of the tail and head of the pancreas). Paraffin blocks were prepared according to the standard technique, histological sections were stained with hematoxylin and eosin. Using ocular test systems we determined the following characteristics: the volume of nuclei cells of the pancreas, nuclear-cytoplasmic index, specific gravity (Aai) of stroma, exocrine and endocrine components of gland, Aai of large islets. Were compared obtained data with mid latitude standards and the results of earlier studies. The data were statistically processed using SPSS software, version 19,0. The critical level of statistical significance was accepted 0,05 (p).

Peculiarities of the structure of the pancreas fetuses with congenital malformations of organs and systems can be considered:

1. Prevalence of glands curved shape with cut tail and quadrangular head.

2. Dependence on the age of the mass of the pancreas, perimeter, length, volume and width in the area of head, body and tail, thickness in three departments (p = 0,0001).

3. Dependence on causes of death the form of segments in the head and body of a gland, specific density of organ, stroma (p = 0,0001)

The obtained data dictate the need for further detailed study of the morphology of the pancreas and its structural components depending on the cause of death of the fetus.


The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Modern Problems of Experimental and Clinical Medicine», Thailand, February, 19–27, 2014, came to the editorial office оn 23.01.2014.