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System of values, as condition of innovative modernization processes development

Beljakova G.J., 1 Batukova L.R. 1
1 Institute of business processes and economy,of the Siberian federal university

The sustainable development of the Russian society in strategic prospect in the conditions of globalization of the commodity and financial markets, the global innovative development, being accompanied redistribution of major factors of production on a global scale and weakening of the traditional relations, communications and society institutes at regional level, is possible only on condition of the balanced development of economy and the sociocultural system, leaning on fundamental preconditions of activization of investment and innovative processes and their direction on complex modernization of productive forces on the basis of the advanced technological ways, and also preparation of the welfare environment for perception and use of again arising organizational and technological capabilities.

In a complex it is possible to solve these problems only on condition of the creation the special mechanism of innovative modernization including system of adoption of administrative decisions, leaning on naturally arising driving forces of social and economic transformations

The analysis of experience carrying out successful modernizations in post-war Germany, Japan, Turkey, China and a number of the countries of South East Asia [1–5] and as well the analysis of experience of pre-war modernization in the USSR allowed to draw a conclusion that for successful carrying out modernization reforms it is necessary that administrative decisions leaned and appealed to values and internal and external subjects of economy needs, created on their basis and sociocultural system. Therefore the problem of a complex of values formation becomes the most important task of modern innovative modernization management at the level of the state and its regions.

Basic values which are formed in the course of society activity, are synthesized and accumulated by its main institutes and they can be shown as public requirements to the development of these institutes. Institutes during functioning unite into alliances, seeking to strengthen positions and to provide performance of the requirements. Fight for limited resources leads to formation of 2 groups of values of two resisting systems – innovatively developing economy and sociocultural system. Values of innovatively developing economy are focused on increase of efficiency of the production sphere on the basis of innovative development of technical and economic system, and value of sociocultural system – on achievement of social justice and social development for the concrete region. It is obviously that these specified groups of values can conflict. When forming strategic administrative decisions in the field of innovative modernization of the region this problem has to find the solution.

The complex of values development of sociocultural system of the Russian society consists of a group of traditional sociocultural values (historically developed traditional values forming a social and moral basis of the Russian society), and also values of society development (public progress) which are formed in the conditions of globalization and innovative development.

To number of historically developed traditional sociocultural values created under the influence of history, traditions, expectations, and also strategic aspirations of considerable part of modern Russian society, belong, the following: kindness, humane outlook, self-sacrifice, social responsibility, need for historical participation, traditional character, openness, patriotism, the strong majestic power (it is made with use of proposals of A.M. Novikova [6, 7]).

Values of society development are: active personal and collective creativity (intellectual and spiritual and moral); aspiration to innovation, as to a way of the solution of problems, the answer to modern global challenges of development; aspiration to a new, modern way of life, a thoughtway; need for the «honest» and lawful state; need for «the moral right» and need for the effective mechanism of institutional development and self-regulation.

The approximate package of values innovative economy development, taking into account globalization, includes the following main values groups of subjects of economy:

– needs for creation of innovative, improved production and services;

– aspiration to the technological development aimed at creation and application of essentially new or improved technologies;

– needs for improvement of the organization of production of its structure, for expansion and/or diversification;

– improvement of working conditions, change of its character;

– the administrative development aimed at improvement of management style, methods of decision-making, motivation, information processing.

Values of innovatively developing economy and the sociocultural system, leaning on objective needs of operating subjects, form the mutual demand for the appropriate strategic innovative resources.

As strategic innovative resources we will understand the resources formed within these systems and societies critically necessary for innovative development in the conditions of globalization and transition to the new technological way. So, within a complex of values of sociocultural system the demand for innovative technologies and production, acting as a strategic innovative resource of development of sociocultural system is formed. And within this complex of values of innovative economy the demand for the intellectual and spiritual and moral development of workers providing their high creative potential and acting as a strategic innovative resource for innovative economy is formed.

The mechanism of interaction of supply and demand for strategic innovative resources acts as a driving force to innovative modernization. Therefore, effective interaction sociocultural and innovative economic systems at the level of mutual satisfaction of values through granting strategic resources to opposite system put a basis of effective innovative modernization of social and economic system as a whole.

1. At the stage of values identification and analysis, their extensive discussion can be organized that will allow to consider requirements of public institutes most fully. The idea of development created thus and the relevant system of values is automatically legitimized. If it is also is fixed legislatively, it creates new logic of decision-making concerning large national projects.

2. Developed on the basis of the accepted system of values the portfolio of the strategic directions of development will provide continuity the course in the conditions of selectivity of the power, will allow society to exercise more effectively control of integrity of actions of the authorities, and also will serve as protection to the state from extremist reactions to lawful actions in the field of management of development.

3. Involvement of citizens to the system of innovative modernization values formation will mobilize public energy for realization the corresponding projects and allows to explain to the society the needs many unpopular measures.

Offered approach is flexible and adequately technological as allows to create mechanisms of monitoring the change of the valuable system of society condition and is timely, reasonable, according to the established changes, correct the portfolio of the strategic directions development, projects and programs.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Economic mechanism of innovative development», Australia (Sydney), March 26 – April 6, 2013, came to the editorial office оn 25.02.2013.