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Shaping cultural tolerant beside future teachers as one of the prospects of the development of the higher education

Ahmedov F.M. 1
1 Tashkent pedagogical university of the named after Nizami
Given article is dedicated to problem of the shaping beside future teachers in system of the higher education. In connection with than in the article is described new approaches and requirements, necessary modern future teacher

The Majority state whole world, including Republic Uzbekistan multinational, consequently, the most important condition to toughness state is a shaping the friend multinational relations on base flexible national politicians, first of all, in the field of formation.

Importance problem of the deepening the interaction folk and their cultures, tolerant, respects to one another, to people other accessories. So on modern level in condition world integrations necessary education in spirit of the tolerances to culture different, but this possible only within the framework of cultural of the formation. Cultural formation is called create in educational institutions such favorable social-psychological ambience, in which each training, regardless of its, has alike with all possibility for realization of its constitutional right on reception of the equivalent formation, for realization of their own potential possibilities and social development at period of the training.

One of the most important integer of the formation – an orientation child on human of value. So today so it is important to find the efficient mechanisms of the education in spirit of the tolerances, respects of the rights of the people of all races and folk. Much massive problem – a teacher and his role in education tolerant to personalities. It is Difficult to present that in tolerant to the other teacher will be able beside schoolboy attitude to the other people, the other culture. Considered by us ways of the education tolerances to personalities only then will be reproducible, when their will realize the teacher, intelligently pertaining child to particularity in his dialogue with other culture.

In pedagogical practical person much often appear to situations, when teacher inadequate, values to abilities, level of the knowledge’s people only on the grounds of accessories people to other culture. The Teacher must know how to take into account not only individually-larval particularities people. National-psychological particularities can promote or prevent adapting the representatives to one or another nations to requirements of the teacher. So teacher is necessary to get acquainted with disposition, custom, tradition of folk, who representatives fall into people group. The Ignorance national-psychological particularity brings not only to reduction of efficiency to scholastic activity, but also appearance nationality friction, to mutual estranging.

So very important is a shaping tolerant beside future teachers already in step of preparation to professional-pedagogical activity in high school. For development beside future teacher’s cultural tolerant necessary to introduce them with varied culture, углубленно study them. Thereby, students will learn to value and respectfully yours pertain to representative of other cultures.

Preparation skilled teacher, ready to realize the educational strategy must begin as far back as pedagogical educational institutions: pedagogical high school, college. Follows to note, as beside student themselves not is always formed an tolerant relations. Moreover speech goes not only about intolerances of the future teachers to representative some national or social group, but about intolerances to personalities child in general. The Headwaters this in incomprehension of the nature child; in not developed to keenness’s in absence of the pedagogical directivity. Here, the decision of the problem dares the positions of the future teacher social and psychological service in goal-directed correcting.

Symptomatic intolerances of the teacher to child are: the irritation; raised sensitivity; the sharp emotional blasts behavior; the tactics; aggressive and hostile position to child, to person, unalike on teacher.

The Similar manifestations impossible and don’t compare with activity of the teacher, with one of the most humane, peaceful type to activity -a forming the person. The students must form the following skills:

– a contacts with pupils different ethnic a group;

– a finding the problems when adapting pupils, turned out to be by blame ethnic a group;

– a rendering help in adaptation such pupils;

– a forecasting’s appearing ethnic a group to confrontations in baby group and rendering preventive help;

– a provision of protection pupils from violence, mockery, humiliations on the part of and peer, and adult;

– an organizations of the public playing leisure; the organizations of the leisure public holiday.

In modern pedagogics is worded new exploratory problem – ethnic a group competency teacher and the public, which reflects not only determined level to preparedness’s for entering in national contact, but also provides to a considerable extent possibility to optimization of the relations with representative other этнокультурных tradition [1; 2; 3]. Is it herewith provided accessibility and receivership all type formation to pupil of any nationalities and faith in religion, democratization are taken into account cultural and ethnic factors [3; р. 43].

The system of the training of the teacher for work with pupil include the following components: mastering by student by professional culture; preparing the teacher-researcher; shaping to personalities of the teacher; fundamental formation; provision broad humanitarian formation; technology humanitarian formation; provision high level practical holdings by professional skill; the integration course pedagogic, psychologies and methods of the foreign language; the possibility individual realization; the differentiated estimation not knowledge’s, but professional skills, professional skill. The development of the contents and methods to realization of the principle in larval-oriented system, having lumpy on national composition contingent pupils, revealing the requirements to preparing the teacher for functioning in such system.

In context larval-oriented formation education is considered as humanitarian practice, directed on care and help pupil to feel itself unique personality regardless of national accessories. Cutler larval-oriented ambience is a necessary condition of the reduction and partial reach social-psychological tension, existential vacuum, awe, hopelessness’s and other stressful conditions, in which are found pupils.

The Study of the discriminating particularities, development of the general scheme mintalitate creates the premieres for shaping larval significant quality pupil and national ideal. Creation for learning cultural space, orientating child to ideal of the person, striving to самореализации and possessing feeling to responsibility, knowing how critically think and value spiritual and material wealth, dug by mankind, respect the personality keen to constantly changing world and promote creative to enrich his – here is main of the problem, which must adopt the future teacher.