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About the firmness of the universal values and the contribution to working out of the interdisciplinary approach in Elena Rumyantseva’s works

Skulskaya L.V. 1
1 Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Member of the Russian Journalists Union

The formation of the more perfect paradigm of the social development in the modern system of the alignment of forces is realized mainly among the high-ranking politicians. And they involve the capitals under this political platform and on this basis influence change of the public consciousness through popularization of the ideas through mass media and the state institutes. The given process is included today into the contradiction with those riches of the knowledge which collected centuries-old stories of the human consciousness and were comprehended in works of world famous persons.

By E.E. Rumyantseva (born 1966) it is published more than 50 books and more than 250 scientific articles, including more than 80 articles in the magazines from the list VAK ( = 654178&soch = 1). On the all significant works published since 1992, there are available numerous (more than 17 thousand) references in the lists of the references in the theses for the candidate and doctoral degree on the more than 20 scientific specialities in the all Russian Federation cities that testifies from its outstanding contribution to the history of a domestic science development and a propagation of the approaches and the knowledge maintaining to the criticism and the long-term scientific disputes within 20 years. In the first of the all this is concerned of the outstanding contribution to the propagation of the highly professional knowledge in her «New economic encyclopedia», sustained 4 editions for 2005-2012. It is quoted or used as the base of a knowledge propagation in the Russian Federation on the scientific specialities in the field of economy 08.00.01, 08.00.05 (on all specializations), 08.00.10, 08.00.12, 08.00.13, 08.00.14, 05.13.10 and other sciences – pedagogics, the rights, philosophies, political science, stories, sociology, philology, geography, engineering science.

How Elena Rumyantseva fairly allocates in her works, the system of the modern knowledge lags behind today use of the saved up the world intellectual heritage and settles in a conjuncture plane, political shocks, a race for power and a superprosperity, including property redistribution, and in the past century – for the new territories capture and an enthralled the people.

The science development as the process of the knowledge of the objective truth necessary for all mankind, for each known thinker whether it be the politician, the civil servant, the scientist or the millionaire is some kind of the sacrament and simultaneously test, the suffering causing admiration of the persons, the spent researches perceiving results, mainly not self-interested, as internal self-return and a civil feat of the researcher.

In our opinion, Elena Rumyantseva is already managed to prove in the works that the modern world of a science is inseparable from practice and from outlook, systems of the valuable categories of the citizens making a basis of the movement to defined, is possible out of a legal regulation to the development purposes. From here – questions of the advantage and the protection of the rights and freedom of the citizens, restoration of the eternal moral values that was the main theme of its researches last years (the trilogy «Happiness Economy», «Moral laws of economy», «If it is the Love in the World…», the monographies devoted to a combination of the matters of the law, morals and economy, to the questions of a counteraction of the corruption, working out of approaches to an estimation of the efficiency of economic policy and its directions, and also the analysis of the world heritage of economic thought under primary sources). We consider that the given approach has the international character and is a point of issue at the international level.

The list of the most significant books of Elena Rumyantseva from the point of a view of the knowledge propagation by the international public, their recognitions at interstate level and uses by working out of the international legal certificates is resulted more low:

«Methodology of the working out of priorities of an agrarian policy of Russia» (228 p., 1996; ISBN 5-900818-19-5);

«The mechanism of mass housing construction development without budgetary financing» (1999; ISBN 985-6320-50-X);

«A technique an the productivity estimation of the agrarian reforms. Calculations on 51 country of the world» (84 p.,1999; ISBN 985-6320-51-8);

«The ways of the food safety achievement of Union State and the CIS (the mechanism of the coordination of an agrarian policy of the states-participants)» (336 p., 2001; ISBN 985-6320-87-9);

«Strategy of the poverty overcoming» (288 p., 2001; ISBN 985-6320-88-7);

«Investments and business projects» (796 р., 2001; ISBN 985-6320-93-3; 985-6320-95-X);

«The finance of the organizations. Financial technologies of operation of business» (459 p., 2003; ISBN 5-16-001566-3, 978-5-16-001566-8);

«The unhealthy goods» (392 p., 2005; ISBN 5-94010-354-5);

«A property estimation» (111 p., 2005; ISBN 5-16-002475-1);

«The self-instruction manual on working out of business plans» (154 p., 2005; ISBN 5-16-002472-7);

«A housing-and-municipal complex: problems of the theory and management practice» (160 p., 2006);

«Moral laws of economy» (96 p., 2009; ISBN 978-5-16-003695-3);

«Happiness economy» (96 p., 2010; ISBN 978-5-16-003880-3);

«Moral economy»: the manual for comprehensive schools: In 3 parts. (2009. ISBN 978-5-85693-364-1);

«The economic policy analysis: the theory and the Russian practice» (174 p., 2009, ISBN 978-5-7729-0452-7);

«Corruption: the war against people, freedom and democracies (the book about our life)» (104 p., ISBN 978-5-16-004104-9);

«Moral economy: the Manual for development in schoolboys of flexible economic thinking» (193 p., 2010, ISBN 978-5-16-004271-8);

«A world economic science in persons» (with the appendix of a compact disc with 18 works of great economists, 4 books of the author in electronic form and 60 scientific articles of the author) (456 p., 2010, ISBN 978-516-003757-8);

«Whether there is on light a Love...» (37 p., 2010, ISBN 978-5-16-004481-1);

«50-days travel in the Italy and Portugal: we sow reasonable, kind, eternal» (132 p., 2011, ISBN 978-5-16-004774-4);

«The policy based on the knowledge» (444 p., 2011, ISBN 978-5-16-005072-0);

«Corruption as the alternative of the democracy» (78 p., 2012, ISBN 978-3-8473-9286-6);

«The right, morals, economy in conditions of counteraction of corruption» (102 p., 2012, ISBN 978-3-8473-9182-1);

«On a way to true: A. Smit, J.S. Mill, K. Marx, N.D. Kondratev, A.V. Chayanov, A.A. Bogdanov, L.I. Abalkin, F.A. Hayek, A. Sen» (506 p., 2012, ISBN 978-3-8473-9419-8);

«Efficiency of a financial policy of Russia in 1992-2012» (298 p., 2012, ISBN 978-3-8473-9519-5).

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «The cultural heritage of Russia and the contemporary world», the United Kingdom (London), 20-27 October 2012, came to the editorial office on 18.10.2012.