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European Journal of Natural History
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Rasteryaeva T.V. 1
1 Financial university under the government of the Russian Federation

The analysis of the special features of the development of Russian economy testifies about necessity of the rational participation of state in the economy with the market self-regulation. Of all possible versions of the guarantee of this combination with the assigned purposes and the resource limitations most acceptable is the model of strategy of the financial regulation of the social sphere, as basis of which comes out state-private partnership.

The formation of developed market relations on the innovation basis in the social sphere is to a considerable degree connected with the solution of the problem of effective financial regulation in the aspect of agreement and realization of the interests of its subjects, since the prevailing system of administrative relations, until now, to the insufficient degree considered promising economic interests and need for their realization, which entailed incomplete calculation and realization of the stimulating potential of strategy of financial regulation in the social aspect as the important tool of economic development in the present stage.

Systems approach makes it possible to design the integral system of the formation of the priorities of financial regulation in the social sphere, the totality of forms and methods, capable of ensuring dynamic qualitative economic increase, restructuring of the economy on the contemporary scientifically- technological basis, economic safety and solution of the complex of social questions.

Therefore for increasing the effectiveness of human capital becomes critically important the redistribution budget fund, and also of other financial flows in favor of financing, first of all the branches, which operate the processes of the growth of human capital (science, formation, culture, public health), whose purpose – maintenance at the worthy level of human capital of the country.

The work was submitted to International Scientific Conference «Fundamental and applied research in medicine», France (Paris), 14-21, October, 2012, came to the editorial office on 18.10.2012.