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The main directions of virtual methodological association of Computer Science teachers activity under the conditions of integrated information educational environment

Fedorova G.A.

Modern level of computer telecommunications technology development broadens abilities of teachers in their professional training and creates conditions for accessible and open support of tutors directly at their workplace. Virtual methodical explanation (VME) is one of the forms of professional interaction between teachers [1]. VME activity among teachers of computers study in Omsk and its region realizes the following forms of methodical work ( scientific-practical online conference, network seminar; creation of open banks, archives of methodical developments; thematic forum, remote consultative support; remote competitions of methodical works; informing union participants about new normative documents; virtual master-classes.

Effective VME activity is provided by the system of scientific-pedagogic and methodical support of teachers. Omsk state pedagogical university (OmSPU) is one of the biggest scientific and methodical centres that possess powerful educative resources that are based on headmost pedagogic technologies and modern information facilities that were developed by tutors, postgraduate students, masters, and students. These resources have a great theoretical and practical potential and are demanded from pedagogic society. They must be implemented by practising teachers.

An innovation project, aimed for creation of integrated information-communication educative environment (ICEE) «school-pedagogic institution». Participants of the innovative project are tutors, postgraduate students, masters, and students of OmSPU, teachers and pupils from schools of Omsk and the region. The project objective is to create the system of scientific-pedagogic and educative-methodical support of training process in educational institutions. Within the project an educational source «School» was created. It allows us to widen virtual presentation and some forms of teachers´ work in VME. The source is allocated on the web-site of OmSPU ( [2].

The creation of integrated informational educative environment of a pedagogic university or a school allows us to unite our information resources of the link «school - pedagogic institution» and organize centralized access to information resources, involve students, tutors, and teachers into joint scientific-research and creative activity that unite higher pedagogic and general school to provide for a permanent development.


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The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Present-day problems of science and education», Russia, (Moscow), 27-28 February 2012, came to the editorial office оn 07.02.2012.