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European Journal of Natural History
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Abramov V.K.

In many publications that reflect the dynamics in number of Mordovian population in XX century, its decrease starts from the census of 1939 that shows general population of Mordovians that equals 1456 thousands of people and refers to the period of World War 2. The analysis of data of censuses shows that decrease in the population of Mordva started earlier - in 1930-ies. According to the census of 1926 this population equaled 1340 thousands of people, including 1196 thousands of people in the European part of Russia. The census of 1937 showed that the number of people who refer themselves to Mordovian nationality decreased down to 1249 thousands of people, including 1163 thousands of people in the European part of Russia. As we know, the census of 1937 was officially declared to be defective. The reason was that absolutely unexpectedly for Stalin leadership, it showed a sharp decrease in rates of the population growth. However, modern analysis gives us ground to conclude that the census results were «relatively correct». According to its data an absolute decrease in numbers of Mordovians took place in middle-Volga region almost of 200 thousands of people, and in their own autonomy - of 100 thousands of people. Considering the fact of high natural growth that took place during the period, direct losses of Mordovian nation exceeded the provided data considerably. Clearly, they were linked to great number of victims that occurred during collectivization and Stalin repressions and a sharply increased dispersion on the nation due to mass eviction of so-called kulaks, different massive recruitings, etc. The autonomy population decreased from 1389 thousands of people in 1930 to 1149 thousands of people in 1939, and the Mordovian part decreased from 40 % down to 34 %. The census of 1939, according to specialists, gave an «intentional stock-taking» of the USSR population at a minimum of 2,9 millions of people, including a minimum of 200 thousands of Mordva. The letter number comes from the comparison between the parts of urban population of Mordovians in Russia and USSR. In USSR it is higher than in Russia according to all censuses, except that of 1939, and it clearly shows how the problem of artificial increase in Mordovian population was solved in 1939.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «The problem of international integration national educational standards»», France (Paris), March, 15-22, 2012, came to the editorial office оn 13.01.2012.