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Zholdubaeva A.K.

Political and economic reforms in Kazakhstan have encountered serious problems of public regulation of social processes. These problems are caused by other principles of the organisation of life and activity of people, occurrence of other social phenomens assuming expansion of individual freedom, growth of the importance of the human person, increase of responsibility of the person in definition of own destiny, adequate comforts and to an optimum of its individual life.

The changed welfare circumstances do essential a substantiation of variants and possibilities of human individuality in modern conditions. There is a necessity of theoretical judgement of conditions of the reforming, those ways of self-determination of the person which they assumed, and also attempts to think other possible variants of search and individuality finding. Therefore objective public necessity demands qualitative change of character of a modern civilisation, its transition to higher step of social progress.

For the decision of this problem essential change philosophical World visions understanding of appointment of the person and its place, knowledge of the person, its individual qualities, dialectics of interaction of personal and public interests is necessary, first of all. At last, it is expressed in more weighed approach to the analysis and an individuality estimation in modern conditions. On this basis it is necessary to comprehend laws of human behaviour at transition of a society from one condition to another, transformation of social and individual consciousness in the conditions of political, economic, moral and spiritual reforming.

Depending on treatment of individuality various theories of historical process, political and economic doctrines are created, the choice of a social ideal, social development prospect is predetermined. In this connection the requirement for researches of dialectics of social and individual ability to live for aspect of a parity of the public purposes and requirements with valuably -target and semantic concepts persons in which formation the important role is played by specific features of the person is staticized. Thus, researches of social and individual ability to live, valuably - semantic co-ordinates of consciousness of the person, a problem of revealing of invariant structures individual and social appear logically interfaced. Thereof search of the theoretical and methodological context, allowing to study these problems, is actual both for the theoretical description of the allocated phenomena, and for overcoming of some isolation of socially-philosophical researches.

The future of Kazakhstan, variants of its development can be considered and estimated in the most various planes. We will stop only on prospects of development of Kazakhstan from the point of view of evolution of interrelation of the person and a society where as the basic link of process of updating reconsideration of the settled approaches concerning a parity individual and public should act.

Assistance to individuality disclosing is a basic condition of development of modern Kazakhstan. In search of the new social and economic and political structures adequately reflecting realities of the changing and updated social validity, the main reference point, on our firm belief, the idea of individuality should act. The practical importance of judgement of possible variants of the decision of tasks in view goes deep character in a modern society of the most spiritual life, where problems of national, civil or legal identity as sharply standing today, are closely connected with, how much reflexed personal search of how much it is stimulated with society how much the individuality problematics, finally, is worked. And only in such context we consider prospects of development of the future Kazakhstan.

First of all, it is necessary to notice that the future of the Kazakhstan person in this light sees at all as one road. If social development in general always includes a certain set of variants degree of this plurality, distinguish at different stages of public evolution. There are periods concerning quiet, a sustainable development when the number of these variants is rather limited, and there are periods important-critical when the set of possible forthcoming lines of development sharply increases. As we believe, the today´s transition state of the Kazakhstan validity is that that it is fraught just with an abundance of the most various prospects. If with reference to our theme to reduce this set to certain poles they are reduced or to tendencies of restoration of the past, or to cardinal breaks to a new condition.

Political programs, economic projects, educational courses can become really useful only when we are guided by the accurate and given reason knowledge of the nature and essence of the person, instead of foggy formulations, abstract descriptions or naive theories of a role and a place of the person, its mission and sense of existence. In other words, attention to the person, its needs and expectations, problems and pleasures - not minor (and consequently unessential) addition to important and serious affairs, and that main basic condition without which any social progress is impossible.

Recently there were many works devoted to problems of a humanisation of our society, to creation of reliable system of guarantees of social, economic, political and legal security of the separate person. Round these problems disputes do not cease, the points of view face on how to combine a personal freedom and responsibility of the person before a society, equality and dissimilarity of abilities, social justice and encouragement of not ordinary, creative decisions. Meanwhile, in our opinion, movement in this direction is extremely limited by underestimation of a role of individuality in carried out process of modernisation of the Kazakhstan society.

From our point of view, as the base, a basis of the modern concept of the Kazakhstan society, one of necessary conditions of its construction organic inclusion in it individuality concepts acts. Degree of development of last - here the main thing in the person that, finally, defines, causes and determines all social processes occurring in a society. For this reason the measure of development of individuality of the person represents the major criterion and the form of an estimation of social progress. Such understanding of a place and a role of individuality of the person, reconsideration from this point of view of all primary goals of a science and practice will allow the Kazakhstan society to take a worthy place in the history of a human civilisation. In turn, the named positions assume preservation and reproduction of innovative potential in a society, maintenance of a necessary parity of traditions and innovations in social communications, development of poly alternatively and different orientations cultures, tolerance in public relations, attention strengthening to processes of social self-organising.

Inclusion of a problem of individuality of the person in the developed concept of a society, has a number of the major theoretical aspects.

First, present position of the person in the theory and practice of a modern Kazakhstan society obviously does not correspond to its basic function and appointment. Time when at the decision of any practical questions of social and economic, political and spiritually-moral character it is necessary to make initial human wants and interests has come. Hence, the reformed society should be the public system to the full working on the person and integrally including it in the structure as actively operating the subject. Methods and means for realisation of the program of transition of the person in other structures and forms of the existence it is necessary to search mainly in spirituality sphere, and not just in external displays economic, social, political, etc. for lives.

Following major aspect of inclusion of the theory of individuality of the person in the modern concept of a social system is its consideration not only as subject or the factor of development of a society, but also as the main and its higher purpose. Thus person conducting approbation and examination should act as the basic criteria and reference points at acceptance of administrative decisions, in working out of perspective programs, in definition of conditions and preconditions of spiritual revival of the Kazakhstan society.

Thirdly, everything, as to basic questions of reforming of existing model of a society, in particular education of the person with new qualities, with new thinking, with new approaches to life, demand constant theoretical judgement of the various changes occurring in structure of the individuality of the person. In this quality it (individuality) acts as the live reality being and operating in system most various social generalities, being the carrier of internal interests of the person and acting as the consumer of the material and spiritual blessings.

Working out of the concept including listed positions, acts as a fundamental problem of a modern science and practice for all history of development of mankind is, finally, history of individual development of the person. Without such work and until then while the developed deformations of individuality will not receive the due scientific analysis, all theoretical designs about offered models of a society will appear speculative schemes and the put forward purposes and problems on transformation of the person into the central figure of public progress, will hang in mid-air.

Thus given process should be carried out not on the basis of radical revision of basic principles and methods of knowledge of the person, and on ways of their revival and the further development of all positive, saved up in this area by human thought by means of critical judgement of the historical past. Besides told, the clear understanding of individuality is required and for practical need, successful «amortisation» of dangers and the accidents trapping human community in the future.

And orientation to humanism with its variety and alternative development of public forms of communications should become the first step in a direction of tasks in view. Opposing destructive tendencies in a society, destructive activity of separate persons, various forms of misanthropic ideology, the humanism becomes more and more active and effective factor of diverse polysystem vision of the world. The humanism allows a society to set a corresponding orientation to all processes, to carry out universal base values, to act as the original shock-absorber of arising pressure, to smooth a sharpness of separate negative tendencies. Methodological character of humanism, its tolerance and internal freedom give to the person a way and a measure allowing it to live by personal preferences and ideals, to fill the private world with the concrete individual maintenance, without fear to enter into the conflict to own principles.

There is a question: what means to establish a humanistic society? It means that in a society it is necessary to provide an unconditional recognition of the person as the higher social value. It means, that the purpose of activity of a society, its social institutes there was a person. It means, the appeal to the importance, egoism of individuality, to realisation of the individually-personal beginning, display of in self-disclosing, self-realisation, in free orientation and ability to develop in a creative impulse the internal spiritual potential.

The new form of humanistic outlook only then can be truly humane if can promote realisation of the unique nature of each individual in all completeness that will allow to integrate variety of various individualities in uniform truly human. The correct understanding of problems, an establishment of the purpose and result of human activity, comprehension of an essence of values and meaning of the life, a measure finding between them necessarily conduct (and will result) the person in its complete, intrinsic display and development, to returning to the person of humanity. Thus, than individualities will be more diverse, is especially positive-productive maintenance will fill historical space of the XXI-st century.

Proceeding from told, activization of workings out of individuality is connected with necessity of comprehension of a crisis situation, creation of programs, the theoretical models specifying to a way of an exit from developed position, revealing of those spiritual bases, national-cultural roots, in a support on which it is possible to accelerate process of revival, occurrence in a new stage of planetary existence and softening of consequences of global crisis.


The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Priorities for Science, Technology and Innovation», Egypt (Sharm el-Sheikh), November, 20-27, 2011, came to the editorial office оn 01.12.2011.