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European Journal of Natural History
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Zozulya G.G., Leonenko I.G., Malyshev S.G., Mozharov S.N., Ovchinnikov A.S., Petrov N.Y.

At the beginning there was Word, and God had Word, and Word was God (1:15). So Sainted Blagovestvovanie begins from Ioanna in New Testament. The first Russian Nobel laureate on physiology of I.P. Pavlov (1904) on the basis of long-term study of higher nervous activity considered also, that Word from all variety of living organisms inherently only to the man, and named his second alarm system.

Appearance of the written language many linguists also consider the no less important stage of development of Humanity, what appearance of Word, because in exposition and writing sense-organs and different departments no less participate nervous, endocrine and other systems of organism of man.

Further study of zoophysiology and man in the second half 20 ages and beginning of a 21 age grounds not only to talk about the third alarm system but also search the mechanisms of management this system. So what is it possible to designate as there is the third alarm system? If Word and written Language can be named the second alarm system, and it is done Cyril and Methodius much for development of Humanity, by the third alarm system, in our view, it is necessary to count spirituality.

Conception of spirituality as well as concept of morality, closely associated, from old times used people in the different types of activity. Why, in our view, can spirituality be attributed to the third alarm system? I.P. Pavlov, as an elder of the world physiologists, examined a word as signal of signals voice, visile (writing word), vivid, concept, like vasa vasorum (our formulation), as complex system concepts and signals. The concepts of shower and spirituality are also CPLD between itself as an anatomy and physiology, structure and function, is two sides of one medal or coin, to one universe.

Examining these concepts is necessary deeply and widely, in ontogenesis and phylogenesis, in space and in time. A bioreceptivnyy genetic code can help herein. If on morphology of chromosomes presently we have much scientific information, maps are developed even with localization of genes in chromosomes, in area of the soul we have dim and litigions morphological presentations.

Spirituality it is the physiological state, related to education in ontogenesis and culture, presenting the process of onto- and phylogenesis development anymore. This development is passed on an inheritance in which bioreception, bioreceptivnye or bioenvironmental reflexes and bioreceptivnyy genetic code co-star. Therefore 3 transferred komponenta of any bioenvironmental system it is possible to consider the basic mechanisms of development of the bioenvironmental systems, their co-operation can be named the third alarm system in physiology.

For whom and is the third alarm system for what needed? For education of people. For what education? For patriotic education on all planet. It is important to love a planet as Motherland is Mother, to save it as Child, to protect it as Homeland. Is it possible to be engaged in patriotic education in one separately taken country? It is possible, but it will remind the construction of communism. Therefore patriotism is nearer to socialism and communism, what to nationalism or nazism. It is possible the center of patriotic education and it is needed to leave Volgograd. It is simultaneous large responsibility.

UNO executes the functions, but consider not always by it, also however were quits with the referendum of people for the maintainance of the USSR. Therefore UNO is needed help. And creation of World folk front and Center of Patriotic Education must not prevent work of UNO.

02.06.2011-150 year of Incorporated Italy. Parallell: CSV = Caricyn, Stalingrad, Volgograd = Central Advice of Education on a planet.


The work is submitted to the international scientific conference «Modern science technology», Spain (Tenerife), November, 18-25, 2011, came to the editorial office on 19.10.2011.