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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Dementyeva T.A.

The pigs of industrial complexes are affected by many artificial stress-factors caused by man. The stressors give rise to peroxide oxidation of lipids, its level being determined by the formation of radicals, destruction of membrane and mitochondrial structures and condition of anti-oxidant defense. Thiols are referred to anti-oxidants as they possess anti-radical and anti-peroxide properties. Some sulfur containing low molecular compounds contain SH-groups, cystin being referred to the compounds.

An experiment was carried out on the SSF experimental training farm «Tulinskoye» of Novosibirsk State Agrarian University. Large White and Kemerovo pigs were the objects to examine. The animals were selected for the principle of analogues. Blood was taken from aural vein. The content of cystin in blood serum and that of hemoglobin in blood were identified in the pigs. Blood biochemical indexes were examined in the pigs aged 6 months. The content of SH-groups was examined in mitochondria and supernatant of liver in the pigs. Tissue samples were taken from 6 animals of each group during control slaughtering. Mitochondria were isolated out of 10 % homogenate in the 0,25 M solution of sucrose with the method of differential centrifuging. The mitochondrial fraction purity was tested by contrasting phases. To analyze, there was taken the number of mitochondria corresponding to 0,1-0,2 mg of mitochondrial protein. The protein was determined with bull serum albumin as a standard.

Statistical processing of the data was done with the package of applied software Statistica 6 and Excel.

The experiment identified that the concentration of general SH-groups in the liver mitochondria of Kemerovo breed increased by 12,77 % (p < 0,01) and that of hemoglobin went up as well in comparison with the gilts of Large White breed. This testifies to the protecting effect of the sulfhydryl groups.


The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Basic and applied problems meditsyny and biology», UAE (Dubai), 16-23 October 2011, came to the editorial office 19.10.2011.