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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Bgashev V.A., Solonkin A.V.

In favourable years a merry on Lower Volga brings overcrops, but while is not an industrial culture, as trees often fall out from damages in a winter period, not attaining the stage of the complete fruiting. For togo that in our time a merry became in a region a reliable and profitable fruit culture it is necessary to create not only undersized and skoroplodnye but also ustoychivye to winter stressoram of plant.

Practice testifies that trees more frequent than all perish from morozoboin and burns on shtambakh and in the grounds of skeletal branches. Much more reliable trees, created on the basis of inoculation of merry on shtamby of winter-proof sorts of cherry, but they also superfluously sil´noroslye. At defence of barrels reflecting a sunlight trees become screens steadier, but the same there is a problem on diminishing of force of growth of plants and a task does not decide on reduction of period to entering into the mass fruiting.

In order that to achieve objective on creation steady in a culture undersized and skoroplodnykh trees were the last years constructed and began to be created simbioty from the 2th and 3th biological components of including merry. In the first block of variants an of high quality merry is inoculated on shtamby of sredne- and undersized clonal podvoev of LC-52 and VSL-2 in 0,60...0,70 m high Experience rotined that resistance to cold of shtambov of these forms of podvoev on a level corresponded resistance to cold of cherry of sorts Vladimirskaya and Rastun´ya.

In the second block of variants an of high quality merry is inoculated on shtamby-insertions long 0,60...0,70 mcodes, formed the cherry of magalebskoy and sakhalinskoy, in same queue instiled on podvoi of LC-52 and VSL-2. Two standards of cherry sakhalinskoy attracted in work, to it used only in the decorative gardening. In the third block of variants an of high quality merry is inoculated on shtamby-insertions long 0,60...0,70 mcodes of podvoynykh forms of LC-52, VSL-2 and cherries steppe, graft on the cherry of magalebskuyu. As a control variant an of high quality merry, graft on the cherry of magalebskuyu, is used.

In the third year of carrying out tests all created forms of simbiotov develop normally, depending on subwar of form and graft is have different force of growth and predisposition to the speed-up fruiting. In a prospect will be exposed simbioty proper modern production requirements.

The work is submitted to the international scientific conference «Modern science technology», Spain (Tenerife), November, 18-25, 2011, came to the editorial office on 23.11.2011.