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Goncharov V.N.

The important both perspective characteristic and tendency of any power, as well as any area of a science about the power, is the aspiration to definiteness, accuracy, clearness. We will note those areas of a science which can and should promote strengthening of the power and its realization: the mathematical knowledge, and now in growing degree - is information - mathematical knowledge. In the foreground there is a mathematics (from arithmetics to higher mathematics) here again and the computer science which has had for the last half a century huge development as a science.

Arithmetics of the power - figurative judgement, and also a statement of the beginnings giving in to the theoretical description, bases of the power which should be well familiar to each citizen and allows it to understand the existing real political power.

In case of serious allocation of sciences about the power, system of its areas, undoubtedly, it will be a question and of arithmetics of the power as primary complex area кратологии just as the reference to the power alphabet is lawful also. Arithmetics, mathematical judgement and classification of knowledge of the power, about a society as a whole - the procedure which is going back to sources of the ancient world, to thinkers of the last centuries. «Art of building and state preservation, like arithmetics and geometry, is based on certain rules, and not just in practice» [1, with. 162].

In centuries pass attempts of promotion and considering of philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics, geometry philosophy, and after them and philosophies of the power, policy and legal philosophy philosophy. The Netherlands philosopher B. Spinosa, being the consecutive supporter of the French philosopher - the mathematician and the scientist R. Descartes and following its method, considered that only the mathematical way of thinking conducts to true. It allows the person to learn better own forces and a nature order, helps it to supervise over itself, to establish for itself rules and to abstain from useless things [2, with. 434]. These ideas penetrate B. Spinozy´s main work «the Ethics proved in a geometrical order» [3, with. 350]. By the such matematiko-geometrical analysis B.Spinosa came to a conclusion that «the society can affirm only in the event that it will assume the right everyone to revenge for itself and to judge that is good and that badly. That is why it should have the power to order the general way of life and to establish laws, doing their firm not by means of reason which to limit affects not in a condition, but by threats. Such society which is based on laws and the power of self-preservation, is called as the state, and the people who are under protection of its right, - citizens» [3, with. 391].

The theory of the power from positions of its social understanding and a role isn´t completely comprehended yet. The algebra of the power (algebra of power) is a formed area of knowledge, a trope characterizing complexities of knowledge and functioning of mechanisms of the power, and first of all the government, difficulty of development by political leaders of the duties, findings of experience of use of the power. In the long term the algebra of the power can and should be issued as one of complex fields of knowledge about the power. In it application and use of mathematical apparatus and mathematical modeling is lawful.

Algorithm of the power - the concept borrowed in higher mathematics allowing with reference to difficult sphere of the power and public service to characterize a set corrected, leaning against knowledge, experience and intuition of the dominating subject and giving the chance to it practically without additional efforts to solve this or that state (political) problem from some class of the same problems. Power geometry - the interbranch applied discipline, a formed science about spatial distribution and power distribution, its volumes, and also ways of their studying and measurement.

Scientists of different epoch and directions addressed time and again to a geometry problematics at judgement of the public and natural phenomena and processes. So, about geometry in «the treatise D. Jum talked about a human nature» [3, with. 589-590]. In «philosophy Bases» T. Gobbs, directly named geometry a philosophy part [4, with. 123], told and about the physicist as philosophy parts, about philosophy of morals and state philosophy, underlined importance of geometry and physics for understanding of philosophy of the state [4, with. 125].

There are bases to believe that sooner or later this problematics will promote deeper and detailed knowledge of a phenomenon of the power. On the basis of mathematical knowledge, its methodology and procedures the most serious prospects for the power are opened by the computer science representing largest социокультурный the phenomenon of the present.

Now the information, computer science, information becomes the major condition of successes of the power. Information development, realization of information of various aspects of life of people, formation of a new information society create absolutely new, special conditions and prospects of life of a society, development of its economy, the power, formation, a science, culture and as a whole movement to the future. The information and computer science play an increasing social role [5].

The information (from an armor. informatio - an explanation, a statement) - one of fundamental concepts of a modern science and a policy. In the mass media especially working in interests of the power, it is accepted to distinguish the information the authentic, reliable, objective, political information with the analysis of events. The purposeful information is important for creation of image of the power, a policy and politicians, it is capable to organize and direct behavior of the big groups of people.

Last years in Russia problems of the information, computer science, information are allocated at the state level. The numerous information (information-analytical) centers, managements, divisions in imperiously-administrative, scientific, educational structures are created and function. The computer science becomes a part of social sphere of a society, its role constantly increases. At the head of process of introduction and computer science development there should be main operating subjects of a society and the states personifying real (including information) the power.

Great value information security - protection of the information, programs and information networks against unapproved access to them, carried out for the purpose of disclosing gets, changes, uses or destructions of that or other data. Such safety is necessary in government system, especially in its higher spheres and power structures. It is reached by means of application of program, hardware and cryptographic methods and protection frames, and also by use of a complex of corresponding organizational actions and measures.

The computer science as the major field of activity demands thorough legal registration. The information, information, computer science, the information right for a society, for the government is an area priority. It is necessary to notice that information represents organizational, social and economic and scientific and technical process of creation of optimum conditions for satisfaction of information requirements and realization of the rights of citizens, public authorities, local governments, the organizations, public associations on the basis of formation and use of information resources.


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The work was submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Modern Natural Scientific Education», France (Paris), October, 15-22, came to the editorial office 26.07.2011.