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Shamionova N.S.

Because of the lack of the good fixative the morphological description of the and subsequent identification of the ctenophores were very difficult, because researchers have to worked mostly with living material.

Study of the preservation of ctenophores was the subject of many studies. But until recently, it was impossible to keep samples ctenophores for a long time.

The most successful was the fixation of Mnemiopsis leidyi in cognac [1] and in an alcohol tincture of oak bark [2].

Experiments on the preservation of the ctenophore Mneniopsis leidyi, conducted in the laboratory of Hydrobiology Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, have shown that the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi may be preserve in an alcohol tincture of tea leaves (black and green).

Alcohol tincture of leaves of tea (black, green) has specific properties defined by the content of tannins, essential oils, alkaloids, amino acids, pigments and vitamins in it.

Fixation of mnemiopsis in the alcohol tincture of tea has several advantages. First of all, Mnemiopsis leidyi is well preserved in alcohol tincture of tea. Decomposition of the body of mnemiopsis was not observed. The alcohol tincture of tea is inexpensive and available fixing substance. The alcohol tincture of tea not poisonous.

However, this fixative has its shortcomings. First of all, the body of the ctenophore having a translucent milky color, colored in various shades of brown or green, depending on the variety of tea kinds and strength of spirit. Paint is resistant. In addition, muddy sediment can be appeared.


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The work was submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Environmental monitoring», Italy (Rome), September, 11-18, 2011, came to the editorial office on 23.08.2011.