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Ainabek K.S.
The article «About Einstein´s mistakes in apprehension of the Universe development nature laws» reveal the necessity of the information meaningfulness that correct light speed in space and influence the energy power consideration in the physical laws. Information consideration in the explanation of the universe development natural laws will allow us to systematize and form the correlation between «Nothing» and «Something», define the formula of «Everything» and the «God Substance», scientifically explain the presence of information system and ultrathin and thin energy as a Higher mind. Further in this work a correction of the Einstein´s formula is made which allows us to explain the correction of the light speed and the existence of the ephyra, string theory and parallel worlds.

Australian magazine «New Scientist» published an interesting information about Australian astrophysicist John Webb who discovered a fact that requires a revision of the modern astrophysics basics - Einstein´s relativity theory [1]. Thus, A. Rykov wrote, that «much in the Einstein´s theory and also modern theoretical astrophysics can be understood by a clear mind. Even Einstein pointed out that peculiarity of the modern astrophysics» [2].

J. Webb and his colleagues studied the light origin from the faraway galaxies through the space clouds that consist of metal solutions. Their research result led them to a conclusion that light speed is dependent on where in space a numeration takes place, in other words, the light speed is not a constant. This gives us a reason to decline the Einstein´s theory and move on to the next research level, where physical laws have relative nature and alter in dependence on the studied object location in space and also to accept the existence of parallel worlds, basing on confirmation of the string world-creation theory [1].

These ideas are pre-defined by the existence of the Universe basics as an information and energy interaction and integration (Ie) and (Ei), as «in the beginning there were word and light», according to the sources of holy books [3, p. 111, 191; 4, p. 653]. Here we can outline, that modern scientists recognize energy as a basic component of the whole material world [2].

The recognition of information (Ie) and ultrathin and thin energy (Ei) as the Universe fundamental principle, in other words, «God Substance», puts away the question of the God denial. However, the God existence denial can be observed within astrophysics and mathematics.

S. Howking testifies: «Since the gravity law exists, the Universe can and will create nothing out of itself. ...There is no necessity to call for God to fire the fuse and start everything» [5].

Further, the hypothesis of J.A. Poincare assumes that three-dimensional Universe sphere can be pulled into a single point by hypothetic «hypercord». It was confirmed by G. Perelman in his calculation and developed a hypothesis into a theorem. According to it in the scientific literature says, that G. Perelman and J.A. Poincare have upset supporters of the divine world creation origin [6].

All the discoveries described above are subjects of the material world, and ultrathin and thin world («Nothing») stays out of their research field. It is why the statements of God existence denial as a characteristic of the ordered information system and ultrathin and thin energy proves to be unfounded.

Here we would like to outline that even British astrophysicist James Maxwell in 1867 theoretically described energy receipt from information for the first time [6]. This idea was experimentally- proved by Tokyo University scientists in 2010 under the lead of Masaki Sano. In this experiment Japanese physicists for the first time achieved the inner system energy increase an basics of usage only the data of its condition, that was pointed out by the «Natural Physics» magazine, where, according to their calculations, the efficiency of the information into energy transformation equaled 28 % [7].

Considering this statement about the information transformation into energy we can correct the famous Einstein´s formula:

E = mc2 (1)

according to the information consideration. Then it will look as follows:

IemEi = eimIm⋅c2; (2)

Eim = eim[ki⋅c2 ], (3)

where Iem is the energy and matter information; Ei is the information energy; Eim is information energy in matter; eim is body mass information energy; Im is body mass information; ki is the light speed correction coefficient; c is the light speed.

In the second and the third formula the information presence can alter the light speed in dependence on the passage environment density and the studied object location in space. It is why the physical laws must have relative character that is testified by J. Webb and his colleagues.

Astrophysicists are in search for the God Substance that could allow us to explain numerous secrets of the Universe. From our point of view, the God substance could be explained in the following way:

G = IeEi, (4)

where Ie is the information that discharges energy; Ei is an ultrathin and thin energy, that has been formed out and is coming from information and creates a new information flow.

Ultrathin and thin energy (Chi) later formed positive and negative energy types, such as Yin(+) and Yang(-) that conditioned the gravity, magnetic field, energy fractions, ephyra origin that predetermined the material world emerge in the traditional apprehension.

The Universe develops according to the general cyclicity law, where out of «Nothing» arises «Something» and then this «Something» comes back into the initial «Nothing» condition, while under «Nothing» a system of ordered information and ultrathin and thin information that have traits of the Higher mind is implied.

Further, out of the God Substance we can define the formula of «Everything» as follows:

f (5)

where GА is the total basics of everything that is in the Universe, (+∞, -∞) are the development directions, f is the information function(Ie) and ultrathin and thin energy (Ei) integral.

About the Universe «awakening» modern scientist astrologists and astrophysicists, cosmologists point out that it starts with the bug blast of the information-energetic superdense sphere. Thus, the model of A. Freedman shows us that the Universal evolution can go two ways:

1) endless substance recession from the blast point;

2) a recession phase is replaced by the compression phase back to the collapse, when the Universe will transform back into a single point [8].

Further on, an alternative Universe development variant exists. In says that «the initial condition of the nowadays cycle was not the Freedman´s singularity point, not the space egg waiting for the big blast, but homogenous and cold space - matter. At some moment it started to warm up..., forming galaxies, stars, and planets. As it reaches maximum, that warmup should be replaced by a cooldown that will lead to the «death» of the Universe, and then a new cycle will start...» [8].

Another hypothesis about the Universe as a hologram strengthen the position of the information including into the basics of its existence. Physicist David Bohm of London university was the first one to introduce such idea in 1980-ies. He came up with this idea after Alain Aspect had experimentally shown that elementary fractions can instantly exchange information on any distance. Moreover, D. Bohm supposes that if our world is a hologram, then every its part contains an information about the whole - the Universe [13]. In this direction scientist Craig Hogan from the USA represents the Universe as a sphere which surface is covered with little fractures of plank length, and each of them carries a piece of information in it - the bit, and everything that is inside is the hologram that they created [9].

Physicist according to «The physical vacuum theory» [10] came to a conclusion that «... the main concepts of the physical vacuum that take starts from Total «Nothing» and creates all the structure of informative and material worlds led to the confirmation of the Divine Origin» [11, p. 102-103]. V.V. Popova, L.V. Adrianova, E.A. Savelieva testify that God is outside informative-energetic system: «The God creates Total «Nothing» [11, p. 104;123]. They write: «The God is an absolute and single being that does not have any components» [11, р. 125]. But such saying does not only contradict the Bible and the Koran text, that say that «IN THE BEGINNING there was a Word; The Word was God; God is the Light», but also the logics of the system approach. God cannot be an empty concept without components and out of the world creation system. If one accepts an incorrect concept of the single world by the mentioned authors, there is a danger of falling into a total mysticism area.

Thus, in physical laws we should consider the information meaningfulness that corrects the light speed in space and influence the energy. Information consideration in the physical laws of the Universe creation explanation will allow us to systematize and establish the relation between «Nothing» and «Something», define the «Everything» and «God Substance» formula as well as the basics of information system existence and ultrathin and thin energy as a Higher mind.

According to the mentioned above a display of a general development cyclicity law is discovered, when «Something» forms out of «Nothing» and then «Something» transforms back to «Nothing». And such alternation can be endless. It is why the cyclicity nature is in the permanent restoration into its initial condition of an ultrathin and thin world (ultrayhin and thin energy of the corresponding informative field) in the Universe development from the material forms and, on the contrary, to provide for the continuous process of the information field, ultrathin and thin and material world development and renewal.


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