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European Journal of Natural History
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Naumova M.I., Bannikova T.N.

Higher school is the corner-stone in the development of science. In the universities of developed countries science is surely profitable.

Higher school science is seen as a strong innovative development resource in education system.

We understand that a traditional role of the institute to transfer knowledge to society, to teach and train specialists, to satisfy the needs of economics is rather scare.

Modern university can and must influence fundamental knowledge development and practical innovation.

Fundamental development of science and its support in university training is very urgent now.

Higher schools tries to attract modern information-instructive and teaching project to direct staff of a higher school in integration process and support fundamental scientific and university education.

The development of scientific-research work and profound training of students is a part of modernization of education.

Integration of science and education in intensive process of training promotes improvement of staff qualification, development of the youth creative initiative ability and its active participation in solving problems connected with inventive and rationalization activity, with search of effective nonstandard decisions of scientific and technical problems.

The epoch of innovative development of society in intellectual labour market demands the appearance not only specialists of high professional knowledge, but also people possessing teaching, organizational, management skills and their own scientific world outlook.

Scientific research in institutes ensures guarantees and conditions in training highly qualified specialists. Qualified training of specialists is raised by anew set departments of chairs of main specialties at the Kursk State Technical University.

These formations successfully solve problems of the fastest adaptation of future engineers at the expense of thorough registration of all needs of industry, their perspective development, the use of modern production equipment in training and research work.

Such approach attracts students to innovative activity.

It is very important to give all students the opportunity to take part in different competitions and projects.

We are sure that the main subject of any project is a scientific-educational part directed to the development of scientific research interest, to knowledge extantion.

Such approach helps our instructors to connect modern science and great experience of industry with the cognitive possibilities of future specialists.

The fulfillment of our project gives us the opportunity to realize some principles that are very important in creative upbringing of any personality.

- principle of cognition through the most advanced fields of knowledge both science-based and art-based

- principle of group integration and responsibility for everybody

- principle of cooperation with the ability to respect the work and achievements of colleagues.

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Vocational training and labour market», India (Goa), 16-27th of February 2011, came to the editorial office оn 27.08.2010.