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European Journal of Natural History
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Petrenko V.M.

Today while waiting for the publication of International Embryological Terminology I propose to preserve the division «Lymphatic System» in its project, excluding lymphoid organs (thymus, spleen) and mesenchyma, but introduce lymphatic trunks. In classical interpretation mesenchyma exists in human embryos of 3-4th weeks and at the beginning of anlage of lymp sacs on the base of primary veins (6th week) it loses network construction transforming in different types of connective and muscle tissues.

Lymphatic System

Lympf sacs

Jugular sac

Axilar sac

Retroperitoneal sac (unpaired)

Iliac sac

Thorasic ducts, right and left

Cisterna chyli (unpaired)

Lymphatic trunks

Jugular trunks

Axilar trunks

Lumbar trunks

Cisternae of lumbar trunks

Intestinal trunks

Lymphatic vessels

Lymph nodes (anlages)

The work is submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Innovative Medical Technology», Moscow-Paris, March 18-25, 2011, came to the editorial office оn 19.01.2011.