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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972


Bondar М.S., Devederkin I.V.
Today digital processing of signals is impossible without preliminary analog-digital transformation. Analog-digital converters (АDC) provide direct communication and transfer of the measuring analog information from object of measurements in the computing or managing digital device. Thus, reliability of the information about meanings measuring of sizes, and, therefore, productivity of the decisions, accepted on their basis, or quality of management of processes, are defined by accuracy used АDC. From here follows the importance of study of the reasons influencing accuracy of transformation, and also realization of researches directed on increase to accuracy of transformation.

In practice for the decision of a task of increase the accuracy of process of analog-digital transformation, use only precision АDC, in perfection and which creation the modern firms - developers of electronic components are engaged. However, it completely does not decide the put task for several reasons. First, high accuracy of the characteristic АDC yet are not a guarantee that in conditions of influence external damage of the factors, at which equipment given АDC all also usually works will be exact. Secondly, the process of analog-digital transformation is complex and provides besides the basic operation of analog-digital transformation which is carried out АDC, also performance of a number of necessary accompanying operations substantially determining accuracy of transformation in whole. It is operations previous to analog-digital transformation: samples and storages of entrance signals АDC, formation of absolute meaning of entrance bipolar signals АDC; and subsequent operation of correction of errors АDC.

However, neither in the technical literature, nor among the developers, to these operations (subsystems) is not given of sufficient attention. This testifies to necessity of realization of additional researches for this area. Therefore on our sight, the task of increase of accuracy of process of analog-digital transformation should be reduced not only to perfection of integrated microcircuits which are carrying out transformation, but also to complex increase of accuracy of process of analog-digital transformation, in view of subsystems, included in him. We are engaged with development of methods and devices of their realization directed on increase to accuracy of operations of analog-digital transformation.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Actual problems of science and education», Cuba, March 20-30, 2010. Came to the editorial office on 28.01.2010.