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In contemporary conditions of management researches dedicated to perfection of methodic approaches in sales administration are especially important. As the aim to increase sales result under the condition of financial crisis is responsible for a great quantity of problems, centre goal of which is to find priorities in management that will answer condition and tendency of marketing development and that are based on strong sides of a company.

In this regard, creation and development of complex system of marketing logistic controlling(CS MLC) appears an important factor of further increase of work efficiency. In author´s point of view, a complex approach for information system formation, including profiles "production" and "economics and finances" is necessary to come to a decision in CS MLC.

Creation and implementation of CS MLC supposes fulfillment of five important functions:

  • sales planning, canvass;
  • end product stock managemet;
  • sales budget approval;
  • scheduling production and shipping of commodities and materials;
  • sales and logistics controlling;

The most perspective branch of companies´ sales logistics is formation of CS MLC on the basis of CRM system (consumer relationship management), which includes consumer relationship management tools.

Special attention is given to the strategy of product stock management that includes:

  1. budget planning;
  2. "sales manager reserve" management according to the market character: keeping minimal value of reserve at a "falling" market and maximum- at a "growing" market;
  3. choice of strategic clients depending on consumer category estimation according to the following factors: volume of purchases, due day failure, cooperation period, "profitability" per hour, constancy of monthly volume of purchases.

In conditions of growing market the choice of consumer category allows receiving maximum profit. In conditions of falling market and financial crisis applicability of this method doesn´t lose as it allows optimizing machine load while making of production program.

All company´s expenses connected with organization and function of CS MLC, in author´s opinion, may be defined the following way (1,2):




where EMLC -expenses for the complex system of marketing logistic controlling; ETr - expenses for transactions (search of new consumers, new contracts formation); EDI (... for definition of income) -expenses for sales volume estimation; ES - expenses for storage of commodities and materials; EDC- expenses for delivery to the consumer; EC&O - expenses for the control and optimization of CS MLC; AMLC - amortization, the integrated process of procurement; MMLC - material cost necessary for CS MLC; WMLC -wage of those who work in CS MLC; WTMLC -wages tax; SMLC - services from third-part companies necessary for CS MLC; TMLC - taxes and other similar payments necessary for CS MLC; PMMLC - payments that can´t be related to any of the above expenses necessary for CS MLC.

We should mark that the expenses amount necessary for CS MLC (EMLC), determined by functions (see formula (1)) or by cost items (see formula (2)) allows getting the same dependence on business scale of the company.

Taking into consideration that the main aim of CS MLC is decreasing logistics losses while realizing products, goods, services. In absolute terms the result of CS MLC functioning is represented by logistics losses decrease (3):


where RMLC - is a result of CS MLC functioning; ; L0 - losses without CS MLC; L1 - losses with working CS MLC.

Without regard to investments for CS MLC creation company´s economy from its implementation represents difference between CS MLC functioning result (RMLC) and cost of its support (EMLC) (4): 


where EfMLC - is efficiency of CS MLC.

Obviously, application of CS MLC will be profitable only in case the result of its functioning will pass the cost of its support EfMLC>0 or RMLC>EMLC.

We should mark that it is more difficult to organize CS MLC in holding companies while creating it we should take into consideration not only industry characteristics, company´s size and range of its activity but also other factors, due to occurring integration processes.


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The work is presented for International Scientific Conference "Economics and Management", Thailand (Pattaya) - Cambodia, February 18-22, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 20.01.2009.