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Rasteryaeva T.V.
In the contemporary society human capital is the determining factor of growth and economic development. Public health is the most important sphere of the market economy, in the process of activity of which occurs the restoration of human potential for the expanded reproduction by redistributing the temporarily free cash resources of all participants in the reproductive process - state, the economic subjects and population.

Public health, demonstrating during the last few years the high rates of development and the specific stability of functioning, acquires the gradually new qualitative level, characteristic of the subjects of the market system of relations. The development of medical science and pharmaceutics becomes one of the most important tasks of the modernization of the domestic economy.

Meanwhile under the conditions of world financial crisis, the important significance have problems of financing public health. Their substantial part is connected with the serious deficiencies in control of the finances: making administrative decisions without their necessary economic study; the absence of systems approach in the realization not only tactical missions, but also of strategic purposes of development; the underestimation of the role of innovations and market technologies of control of financing.

The market economy manufactured the extensive system of financial methods and market technologies on the innovation basis. These methods make it possible to reveal at the early stage and to remove the negative factors of development, to outline the basic directions of improvement.

Analysis of the system of financing the sphere of public health is impossible separately from the theoretical-methodological and practical developments of the domestic and foreign authors. At the same time, it is necessary to note that the foreign experience is now and then seldom applicable to the conditions of the contemporary Russian economy, or it needs essential adaptation.

The reasons pointed out above led to the updating of the problems, connected with study and improvement of the system of financing the sphere of public health on the innovation basis.

The work was submitted to the International Scientific Conference «Economics and Management», Thailand, December 20-30, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 13.11.2009.