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Parkhomenko E.A.
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The growing up man´s education, as the multiple personality formation is being made up one from the contemporary society central tasks. The formation in the historical society development process is not being happened automatically. So, it is constantly needed the definite efforts from the people´s side, and all these efforts are being directed at the means and the objective social conditions making, as well as at the new possibilities realization for the man´s moral and spiritual improvement and his further perfection, having opened at the every historic stage. The man´s development real possibility, as the personality is usually being provided with all the society´s material and the spiritual resources aggregate in this process [2, 3].

The objective social conditions presence, of its own accord, is still not be solved the multiple personality formation challenge. For this purpose, it is necessary the process personality systematic development organization, having based on the knowledge and the objective regularities record keeping, the upbringing, the education and the training, which is being served this development necessary and the universal and the general form. The educational process goal set is being consisted in order, that the every growing up man should be made the humaneness and the humanity fighter, that is constantly being needed not only the children mental and the intellectual development, not only the skills to think independently, to refresh, to renovate and to widen their knowledge, but and the way of the thinking and the mentality development, the relations, the views, the senses development and the further maturing, the participation readiness in the social, the cultural, and the political life, the social - personality formations, the abilities and the mentality development, the nurture of the mind, and the self - realization, the central place in which is being occupied the capability to be the social and the public relations subject, the capability and the participation readiness in the socially necessary activity [1, 3].

So, the child is constantly being included in these or other social practice forms; and if its special organization is quite absolutely absent, then the traditionally formed its forms are being had the educational influence upon the child, the effect result of which is quite possible to be appeared in the contradiction with the upbringing, the education and the training goals [2].

The historically formed education system is practically being provided the taking possession of the capabilities, the moral standards and the spiritual orientations, which are being corresponded with the specific society´s demands by the interested group children, but, over some time, the organization means and methods are being become the quite unproductive ones [4].

If the contemporary society is being needed the new group capabilities and the needs formation at the children, then, for this purpose, it is needed the upbringing, the education, and the training system transformation, which is quite capable to be organized the labor and the work activity new forms efficient functioning. For all this, the developing upbringing, the education, and the training system role is being come out into the open, having made the analysis object and also the purposeful organization [4].

The man´s formation, as the personality, is being needed from the society the constant and consciously organized public and the social upbringing, the education, and the training system improvement and the further perfection, and also the traditional and the spontaneously emerged forms overcoming.

Such transformation practice of the emerged upbringing, the education, and the training forms is quite impossible without any basis on the theoretical - scientifically psychological knowledge of the child further development regularities in the ontogenesis process, as there is the distortion danger of his genuine human nature without any basis on such kind of the knowledge [3].

The humanistic relationship essence towards the child upbringing, the education, and the training has been come out just in the personality activity, as the competent subject, having enjoyed full his rights, but not the upbringing, the education, and the training process object. So, the proper child activity is being the educational process necessary condition, but, at the same time, this activity itself will have to be formed on the basis of the historically emerged standards creative use [2].

Therefore, it is much significant how to be built the pedagogical and the educational process, in order the teacher would direct the whole child activity, having organized all his active self - bringing, the self - education, and the self - training by means of the independent and the responsible actions by the improvement and the further perfection [4].

The educator - teacher, as is quite able and is being obliged to help to the growing man to be passed over this - the always unique and the independent - the moral - ethical and the social development way. So, further development is being happened, in the result of the socially selected forms and the activity methods taking possession - the children orientation formation on the defined and the specified values, the complete independence in the complex moral challenges solution. Thus, the independent choice or the content and the activity goals awareness by the children is being come out by the educational process central condition [1, 2].

So, the upbringing, the education, and the training is usually presented by itself not the children, the teenagers and the juveniles, the young people adaptation to the social being forms, and also to the defined and to the specified standard. The educational process is usually being presented by itself the growing up man´s purposeful development, as this man the unique and the unprecedented human individuality, the moral and the creative forces improvement and the further perfection through the social and the public activity building [2].

Thus, «to be brought up - this is meant to direct the man´s subject world development», on the one hand, having acted, in accordance with that moral standard, and also with the ideal, which is being personified the society demands just to the growing up man, but, on the other hand, having had for the object of the each child individual peculiarities and the special features maximum development [4].

The man´s personality - this is the different and the various factors effect result and also their interaction. Some of them are being acted, more or less, independently from the people´s will and their consciousness. The man´s biological nature, the social and also the public relations, the social and also the community psychology phenomena, the way of the life, the geographical environment, and the micro environment conditions are being related to them. The other ones, in the more or less degree, are being depended from the people´s will and their consciousness. This is - the ideology, the state´s activity, and also the social Institutions, the public and the community offices, and the public establishments. The factors´ third group is being assumed the further organized development. Practically, all these factors, as the whole, are being provided the personality formation [1].

Consequently, the man´s personality formation - this is its formation process under the numerous and the various natural and the social and the public factors, the external and the internal ones, having acted spontaneously and in accordance with the definite and the specified rules and the guidance, with the definite and the specified means and the methods use [4].

Such kind of the approach to the upbringing, the education, and the training process building - as the active purposeful personality formation - is being coordinated with our methodological guideline for the society role estimation and also the growing up man just in his personality formation. So, the up to - date and the contemporary science achievements, including the domestic philosophers, the psychologists, the teachers and the pedagogues labors, and so on, are being testified on the fact, that only in the social environment and the public environment the man´s social behavior programs making out is being happened in the purposeful upbringing, the education, and the training process, the man, as the personality is constantly being formed. For all this, the personality development social conditionality is being borne the historical - specifically character. But the personality historical - socially formation itself is not being presented by itself the social and the public relations passive reflection. Thus, having come out, as the object, well as the social and the public relations result, the personality is being formed through its active the social and the public actions, consciously having transformed, as the ambient environment, well as the personality itself in the purposeful activity process. The most significant and the important in the man, having defined him, as the demand and the need the developed personality in the other´s well - fare and the well - being just exactly in the purposefully organized activity process [2, 4].


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The paper has been presented for the Scientific International Conference «The Education Actual Challenges, the Scientific International Conference», Greece (Lutraky), October 16-23, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 14.10.2009.