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European Journal of Natural History
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Glazistov A.V.

Up to J.A. Shulika (2004), all techniques of hand-to-hand fight in the special literature and self-defenses are known for a long time and nowadays the most effective system of preparation is only to be set.

Up to I.A. Bushin´s (2005) opinion, the program of long-term preparation in hand-to-hand fight (1997) and methodical manuals (1998; 2003) do not provide high-grade technical-tactical preparation of fighters fully.

Therefore we developed the method of the base technical-tactical preparation in sports and offered original sequence of studying the material.

E.M. Chumakov, S.F. Ionov (1978) is marked the two main basic ways of sequence of studying of technics of wrestling:

  • Linear studying - engaged all technics from the first group and then all technics from the second group, etc.
  • Concentric (circular) studying, i.e. consecutive studying of technics from various groups of technical actions while studying the basic technics from all groups, coming back to initial group and studying in the same sequence but another technics of these groups.

We define following basic sections of base technical-tactical preparation on sports technics of movement, technics of impacts by hands and legs, technics of protection against impacts, technics of laying wrestling, technics of standing wrestling and technical fighting.

The presented sections of base technical-tactical preparation are allocated in a week microcycle consistently to study it they based the education on a principle of concentric (circular) training.

The stage of initial preparation has three times a week employment. Each educational employment includes two sections of the base technical-tactical preparation.

The first lesson the technics of movement, technics of impacts of hands and legs are studied of the week microcycle.

The second - technics of laying wrestling, technics of standing wrestling.

The third - technics of protection against impacts and technical fighting.

Next week microcycle sections repeat. Studying the new material is under construction on the basis of earlier studied in each section.

Thus, this scheme of construction of educational process allows to learn shock technics, technics of wrestling, tactics of learnt material in parallel and to master harmoniously.

In a basis of the technique developed by us the principle of training to base movements lays. The program material is given in parallel in all sections of technical-tactical preparation and becomes complicated at each subsequent level by a principle of concentric training.                

The technique of base technical-tactical preparation of young at the age of 10-12 years lets us to increase the quality of studying the technics and efficiency of competitive activity of young fighters.


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