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European Journal of Natural History
ISSN 2073-4972
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Zenkina V.G., Karedina V.S., Solodkova O.A., Yufereva A.L.

At present reasons, bring about breaches of the follicle development, shaping the anomalous gametes, remain to be unclear at many moment. More studying importance in origin anomaly follicles, which growing is realized on background long frustration of hormones regulation of the reproductional process.

In connection with foregoing, we researched morphological and functional condition gonad rats after one-shot subdermal introduction 25 mkg of Testosteroni Ptopionati on the second day of the lifes (the model E.M. Kitaeva, 1986). The Overview study preparation has shown that cortex material gonad was reductioned in contrast with gonad of the checking group. Mikroskopiya of serial cut gonad has shown that total number of generativ element is vastly reduced in contrast with checking group. It Herewith is realistically reduced amount of primordial follicles, rising and mature yellow bodies. Many of follicles already on stage of primordial follicles bore the marks of atresia, which ruin begins with ruins of the ovule. The nucleus of the ovule shrivels, is subjected to pyknosis. Follicular hutches first save its wholeness, then disappear. Sensitive to action of the preparation turn out to be the increasing laminated hutches. The amount their is realistically reduced in contrast with checking (the table 1). Herewith main mass of rising follicles is found on the preantral stage. Amount of cavity forms is beside 7%. On this background in many secondary follicles is noted mass ruin follicular epithelium, bulge of the brilliant shell, granulations and internal tegmen shells are not organized. On preparation, painted metil-blue, is defined condensation of chromatin, expressed fragmentation of follicular nucleus, in cellular cytoplasm big amount of invagination, but in some area are formed apoptosis bodies. All are these processes characterize the different stages of apoptosis in follicular epithelium, which well stand out on background of additional androgenisation. The Amount of atresik follicles beside androgenic animal in neonatal period realistically in contrast with checking group more. The Correlation rising and atresik follicles in given group animal has formed 0,18 that in 2,5 times less in contrast with checking group. Mature definitively formed follicles in gonad of the females we have not revealled. Yellow bodies are revealed on middle cut in amount before 3-4 on one gonad, having type isle amongst intersticial fabrics. The Data of the structure, on our opinion, are not full-fledged yellow body, but imitate them, since we have not found the consequent stage of the development of yellow bodies on preparation, as well as were absent the preovular follicles, being their predecessor. Thereby, introduction of androgen rat in early neonatal period causes the long breaches of the growing and maturations of follicles, absence to ovulations, as well as hypertrophy of honad´s strome with centre of luteinisation lasts.

The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Basic and applied problems meditsyny and biology», UAE (Dubai), 15-22 October 2008. Came to the editorial office 07.06.2008.