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Rudnik S.Yu.
In our publications we repeatedly raised the problem of competence set formation which is the foundation of service specialties. Today, when all the professional communities found their position in the necessity and demand of creating Professional Activity Standards, it seems to be necessary and sufficient for us to carry out the selection of competences making up the foundation of Professional Activity Standards in the Sphere of Consumer Services. During three years in Khakassia State University on the basis of Service Technology College, we study the problems concerning the formation of competences which are necessary for our graduates of service specialties (hairdresser, technologist-esthetist). On the basis of the carried out work we marked a range of such competences necessary for a successful professional activity of the above denoted service specialties specialists. Thus, we described the following competence groups with their typical features: professional psychological competences (group of competences combining professional socially oriented features characterizing the personality of the specialist); professional polycultural competences (group of competences responsible for the introversiveness of the specialist in the international professional medium, the ability to transpose the international experience into his ethnic sphere); and finally, on the third place we´ve put professional competences proper responsible for the quality and the possibility of own knowledge and skills using in a concrete professional (or professional  pedagogical) situation. Such an order was defined by us from the position of understanding a) entering the speciality (profession), i.e. theoretical justification of the given individual opportunity to master the given speciality (profession); b) the availability of talents for mastering the given speciality (profession) in the wide professional diapason; c) the ability to study the skills necessary for being in the speciality (profession).

Analyzing the experience of the scientists dealing with the problems of competence approach in teaching (Khutorskoy A.V., Kolomiyets B.K., Zeyer E.F., Bordovsky G.A., Bozadzhiyev V.L., Zimnyaya I.A. and others) we came to the conclusion that the choice of competences determines the contents of the standard in education, the consequence of which can and should be the Standard of Professional Activity.

Besides, it seems to be important for us the observance of succession in professional competence formation. So, it becomes evident that the Standard of Professional Activity for service specialties in Higher Professional Education should be universal and successive for the group of specialties of secondary professional education: 2312 "Cosmetics and Visage", 2304 "Hairdressing", 2301 "Organization of consumer services".

In our opinion, the Standard of Higher Professional Education in the sphere of consumer services should contain a range of distinctive substantial peculiarities. We quote here a fragment of the standard elaborated by us.

1.1. Qualification characteristics of a graduate

The Bachelor of Services should be ready to fulfill the following kinds and tasks of professional activity:

1.1.1. The sphere of professional activity

The sphere of professional activity of a Bachelor of Services involves working in service offices of different fields´ and forms´ of property firms, in state agencies of federal and municipal value, teaching of service technologies at secondary professional and general professional institutions of various forms of property.

1.1.2. Professiogram

The description of occupations which a Bachelor of Services can master:

Manicurist of II skill-category, Cosmetologist of III-IV skill-category, Hairdresser of III-V skill-category, Make-Up Designer, Podiatrist, Secretary to the Manager (Administrator of Beauty Salon)

The description of specialties which a Bachelor of Services can master:

Technologist-Esthetist, Hairdresser-Stylist, Ministration Organizer on the service shop floor.

The description of positions which a Bachelor of Service can occupy:

Manager of the service office and its branches, Vocational Training Schoolmaster (according branches), Master of Industrial Training (by specialties and professions)

1.2. Competences of a Bachelor of Service

1. professional psychological competences:

honesty, prudence, ability to compromise, consistency, creativity, accuracy, duty performance, ability to work in team, employability,  wish to learn constantly, educability, psychological stability, communicativeness.

2. professional polycultural competences:

ability to take from the international space and adapt to one´s own professional activity new and advanced methods of labour organization in the sphere of consumer services, readily integrate into the international community widening one´s own proper professional competences.

3. professional competences proper:

professional knowledge, abilities and skills corresponding to the qualifying characteristics, professional rivalry, competitive ability, intelligent professional speech, educability.

The competences serve as the foundation for creating the Standard of Professional Activity, which will allow the graduate to orientate in labour market and be prepared to continue the education on the second (Magister) stage of the Higher Professional Education as well as in the sphere of supplementary and After-Higher-School Education, and the employer, in his turn, will be able to make the selection of professionally mature specialists.

The article is admitted to the International Scientific Conference "Problems of the international integration of national educational standards", Paris-London, April, 20-27th 2007г., came to the editorial office on 20.03.07