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Abramov V.K.

The geophysicists admit the regular displacement possibility of the shell structure around the Earth, concerning its nucleus. One should think that the historians can make their own contribution to the time frames clarification of the similar cases. For example, it was said just in the Nichonovsky Chronicle, dated from May, 10, 1230: « the Sun having risen, had been seen from three sides, as the star and, so, in the same way, it had been set down and, then it had been raised, by its own way». Further, it has been followed, dated from May, 14 of the same year: «Many times, the Moon, having crossed the sky, had been appeared to be the inter - Moon period of time, but, in other times, when the Sun, having run back through the sky by the low orbit of the shell structure around the Earth from the dark - lighted sides were quickly running under the Sun, just under the afternoon side» [1]. Thus, there is the quite clear the situation on the displacement of the shell structure around the Earth, concerning its nucleus before us, which has been begun on May 10, 1230 (e.g. the whole Earth rotation is quite fabulous, by its half). The celestial body´s reverse motion has been registered on May, 14 of the same year. Then the extraordinarily fast air - masses transport just from the North to the South has been registered, and it is said on the fact, that the displacement has taken its place not only, concerning the Earth rotation axis, but also, concerning the ecliptic. The planet´s returning to its initial and primary state has been taken its place just in the opposite direction. It should be noted, that the similar phenomena in the history have, repeatedly, been registered. So, still in the V - th century B.C., the Egyptian priests informed the historian Herodot, that «the Sun four times had raised not at its usual place: namely, it had raised twice there, where it was setting down now, and it had set down twice there, where it was raising nowadays» [2] for the known 11,340 years of the Egyptian history (certainly, the period itself can give the rise to be doubted) for them. One is quite able to comprehend this phrase in the different ways, just after some consecutive translations from the different languages, having supposed the phenomenon for the above - indicated period in one, two or four cases, but it is difficult to be disputed the fact itself of the considerable displacement of the shell structure around the Earth, especially, in comparison with the Russian chronicle´s data. Thus, it is quite enough and clearly to state, that in addition to the known Earth motions (e.g. by the elliptical orbit around the Sun; around the axis, having inclined to the ecliptic´s plane; the precession and the others) the shell structure around the Earth, is being made the vibrations with some periodicity, concerning its nucleus, that is quite able to be caused, for example, the magnetic Poles displacement, having fixed on the surface and the others. This is the historiсal discovery, but the geophysicists and the astronomers will have to be investigated and to be examined just in the main reasons of the similar phenomenon.


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The work was submitted to international scientific conference «Present-day problems of science and education», Russia, (Moscow), May, 13-15, 2009. Came to the editorial office on 13.05.2009.